Nitricum Acidum - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Acidum nitricum, the nitric acid, chemically HNO3, helps with ulcers or inflammation predominantly, where skin in mucous membrane passes over. The person shows a strong willingness to perform in critical situations. The person is obstinate, fighting hard for something, completely unyielding, even hard-hearted, angry and malicious, even to violence. 

A brief description: 
  • Name: Acidum nitricum
  • How often used: Frequently
  • abbreviation : Nit-Ac.
  • Alternate name:  nitric acid
  • Type of substance: acid
  • Typical potency:  D6 - D12
In doing so, she has a strong mistrust and is always in danger. At times of rest but also discouragement, lack of self-awareness, doubt and dissatisfaction. The person then does not want to do anything, even in a job.

It fits well to quickly irritated people who are quickly annoyed or get angry. They cursed and cursed, were afraid of death or disease, were quickly caught and weakened. A constitutional agent for irritable, dissatisfied people. They are dissatisfied with themselves but like to be in the center, tend to selfishness, are often tracing and quickly irritable. They think for a long time, they also worry about the past.

Acidum nitricum, for example, helps with warts that are large, moist, sometimes bleeding, they ache easily to strong. This remedy can also be used for warts on the anus, or for hemorrhoids and anal fissures that burn, ache, and bleed.

This remedy can also help with nipples, for example during breastfeeding, with acne, with furuncles, blackheads, and with skin ulcers, even in skin problems, such as in a split skin. Excessive sweating, mouth ulcers and catarrh with yellowish, burning mucus and sore nostrils are another areas of application. In addition, it can be used against bleeding.
Often the affected persons have complaints with/to:
  • Liver, prostate, salivary glands 
  • Bleeding is light red, like water. 
  • Severe exhaustion 
  • It comes to frost, trembling, strong pain sensitivity. These are then splinter-like, ulcerative pain.
  • Stiffness during pain. Pain as if the meat were scraped from the bones.
  • Acid and thin secretions. 
  • People tend to carious teeth.
  • The people suffer from a weak memory, they do not like mental work. They are unintentional.
  • They are worthless, have a weak will, are capricious. 
  • People tremble with anger. 
  • They are easily vulnerable, accept no excuse.
  • They are built near the water. 
  • Partly life tired with simultaneous fear of death. 
  • Especially anxiety caused by/after lack of sleep. 
  • A person is nervous as well as irritable. 

Typical symptoms by body region of Nitricum Acidum

Headache pain :-
  • throughout the head. Pain is oppressive. Aggravation by a head covering, but also by noise and noise as well as vibrations. 
  • The feeling of being a band around your head. 
  • There is inflammatory swelling of the scalp. 
Eye discomfort :-
  • sensation as if water would flow over the eyes when a person lies or bends back. Improvement brings cold water. 
  • The people tend to double. Often conjunctival complaints. 
Ears :-
  • Typical are numbness, kinking noises in the ears when eating. 
  • You can hear your own voice in the ear. 
  • Unpleasant odor in the nose, especially in the evening when lying down. 
  • Often times sneezing without reason. Dry nose, still stuffy nose. 
  • The person complains of dyspnoea. 
  • As soon as secretions emerge, these are watery, yellowish, foul-smelling. Itching in the nose. 
  • Pain burning and stinging. 
  • The nasal tip is strikingly red as well as sore. 
The face :-
  • yellow facial. The lips are swollen, they itch, they are rough. 
  • The person looks ill. 
The mouth :-
  • Yellowish teeth, caries, loose teeth. Feeling as if the teeth were lengthened, or feeling as if they were soft or spongy. The person tends to carious teeth. 
  • The person suffers from a swollen gum. This is swollen, sore, bleeding. 
  • The tongue is without covering and reddish. The palate is sore. 
  • Dryness of the mouth, the person has no thirst. The person has hot lips, a tendency to aphthous. 
The neck :-
  • The person has piercing, like splintered throat pain. 
  • Pain is so strong that even drinking is hard. 
Belly :-
  • the person wants salty, fat, or indigestible things like earth. 
  • The person suffers from a milk intolerance. 
  • Driving in the car will cause nausea. 
  • The person does not like meat or sweets. 
  • The person has no appetite. 
  • The person has burning, oppressive or pulsating pain in the stomach. After the meal a lump feeling in the stomach. 
  • The belly is open, loud noises are heard. 
  • The person is sensitive to frost as well as touches. 
  • In the abdomen, there are painful, cramping and burning painful states, which worsen in the morning and in the evening as well as by going around. 
  • The stool is bloody and slimy, the person often has diarrhea. In the case of diarrhea pain such as cutting, splinter-like. The person feels as if the chair in the anus stays behind. The chair can also be hard and lumpy, like sheep. 
The kidneys and the urinary tract :-
  • The urine "smells" like a horse. The urine flows alternately sparse or much. 
  • The urine appears cool. Burning when urinating. 
The back neck :-
  • stiffness in consequence of drafts. Aching pain between the shoulders. 
  • Aggravation by the cough. 
  • Pain in the back pulling the legs. 
The arms and legs :-
  • bruising sensation in arms and legs, trembling as well as numbness in the right lower arm. Pain from rheumatic discomfort. Joints of the fingers are swollen. 
  • People tend to black warts on their hands. Also typical are white spots on the nails. 
  • Stinging or drawing pain in the bones, especially at night. 
  • Calf cramps at night. 
  • Strong foot weld, Thereby sores between the toes. The toenails are yellowish and deformed, ingrown. 
The skin :- The skin is often dry, you see stains. Old wounds ache in the cold.

About sleeping :-
  • dread from sleep. Tired during the day. 
  • Person laments in his sleep. She has nightmares. Especially bad after midnight. Can not fall asleep at 2 o'clock in the night. In the morning therefore very sleepy. Especially bad after midnight. Can not fall asleep at 2 o'clock in the night. In the morning, therefore, very sleepy. Especially bad after midnight. Can not fall asleep at 2 o'clock in the night. In the morning therefore very sleepy.

Main applications of Acidum nitricum

Ulcers and inflammations, skin problems, vaginal discharge, nasal congestion, hemorrhoids, flatulence, flatulence, aphthae in the mouth
Proven in soft warts, warts or jagged warts (especially at the throat),
inflammation of the mucous membranes, nasal bleeding, stomach and duodenal ulcers, inflammatory diseases.

Applications of Acidum nitricum :-
  • Fear of upward movements,
  • Aphthae in the mouth,
  • Stomach ulcer,
  • Herpes vesicles at the lips Herpes labialis purulent, bloody,
  • Eczema on the hairy head,
  • Herpes vesicles in the genital area especially men, purulent, bloody,
  • Colon cancer pale exhausted,
  • Bleeding stomach ulcer,
  • Nose ulcers Superficial Corrosive,
  • Stinknase ulcers,
  • Eczema around the anus of rash,
  • Anal fissures,
  • Eczema at the hair borders and head,
  • Afterburning,
  • Cold sensitivity,
  • Eczema at the border skin mucous membrane wetting,
  • Wrinkles at the itching purulent eczema,
  • Ulcers,
  • Desire for salty,
  • Cracking on the nose itching purulent cracked,
  • Hemorrhoids,
  • Urethral inflammation pale dry skin,
  • Outbreak Evil, brownish, bloody,
  • Temporomandibular joint arthritis,
  • Corneal inflammation corrosive pain,
  • Mastoid inflammation chronic inflammation of the middle ear with abscess,
  • Inflammations ,
  • Hemorrhoids bleeding dripping splinter pain,
  • Outflow, bloodstained, greenish,
  • Skin problems Vaginal discharge,
  • Skin bleeding,
  • Craving for fat,
  • Mouth odor splinter pain,
  • Gait disorders, vascular laryngeal pain,
  • Ulcers and inflammations,
  • Cracked at the lips mucosal cancer,
  • Urethral inflammation chronic burning splinter pain,
  • Warts ,
  • Cuttings ,
  • After fissur splinter pain diarrhea,
  • Mouth mucous ulcer,
  • Breast cancer ulcers weakness,
  • Stimulus ,
  • Bladder polyps malignant,
  • Poorly healing skin ulcers,
  • Discharge burns burning desire for warmth,
  • Bloating,
  • Mouth angle rhagades,
  • Pain,
  • Being ulcer painful splinter pain,
  • After rises,
  • Tuberculosis Bloodshots before cavern formation,
  • Ulcers
  • Nasal sinuses,
  • Numbness of the skin numbness in the head,
Typical Symptoms (Lead Symptoms):-
  • Pricking pain
  • Pain is like the splinter.
  • Affected persons may generally find digestible, eg fat or fat fish.
  • Affected persons are sensitive to cold, are afraid of cold.
  • Those affected tend to have sharp, bad smelling, sometimes also bloody excretions.
  • The urine smells of horse urine.
  • The affected person has long-lasting energetic after the bowel movement. 
  • The person concerned has a smelly sweat.
  • Warts can bleed or soak.
  • Affected persons are very afraid, for example, to their health, they are afraid to die.
  • Affected persons have cutouts and ulcers at the corners of the mouth.
  • Those affected are often caught with a cold.
  • Affected persons have pain in the bones at night.
  • Affected persons have corrosive, strongly smelling exhalations, such as sweat feet or a nasty smelling urine.
  • Affected persons have warts on the skin mucous membrane transitions. These warts are sensitive to touch and bleed easily.
  • Affected persons are afraid of infectious diseases.
  • nausea
  • Secretions are sore.
  • Unpleasant mood 
  • Angled corners of the mouth.
  • Alternating bowel movements and hemorrhoids
  • Cracks at the anus
  • Stinging and splintering pain especially after eating 
  • Sweat
  • Belching
  • Stomach cramps
  • Strong salivation
  • There is a tendency to bubble formation in the mouth.
  • There is a desire for greasy and hard-to-digest food, even for salty food. 
  • Mouth odor
  • Fast feeling of saturation
Appearance of the person concerned: Irritable

Side Effects :- If pregnant or breast feeding ask a health professional before use.

Suffering worsened :- In the evening and at night, by cold and touch, by vibrations, by sound, by change of weather, by temperature change.

Suffering improves :-
  • In the case of passive movement, ie when driving by car, by rail or 
  • by horseback Through warmth and warm packing 
  • Afterdischarges of body kicks (after the expiration of Nasensekret)
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