Laurocerasus - Uses, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Laurocerasus : Best for heart vascular disease

Laurocerasus - homeopathic remedy which is made from laurel. The plant belongs to the family of pink, plum family. Laurocerasus causes fever, shortness of breath and heart failure. Another interesting effect - the nails on the fingers and toes become knotty look. Further, laurel poisoning leads to cyanosis of the skin and pain in the hip area and the area of the heels. Thicken the terminal phalanges, swell the veins on the hands.
Note: This remedy is a proven remedy in old people with heart failure and dyspnoea.

A brief description of Laurocerasus

  • Name: Laurocerasus
  • Raw materials: laurel officinalis, Laurocerasus
  • Family: ily, Liliaceae
  • Granules: C3, C6 and higher
  • Drops: D3, C3 and higher

When it advised taking Laurocerasus

The first and most important use of the homeopathic remedy laurocerasus - a cure spastic tickling cough, especially in patients with heart ailments. Also, the drug helps the newborn asphyxia, which plays a lesser role than the previous use of the funds.

If there are signs of fever with chills, or alternating chills and fever, you must assign all the same useful homeopathic medicine - laurocerasus. The drug is used to cyanosis and dyspnea. It helps with tickling, dry cough, especially being a symptom of heart disease. The need also indicates reception laurel cough with abundant phlegm consisting of blood blotches or jelly-like consistency.
Laurocerasus prescribed for heart diseases, such as mitral insufficiency, cardiac asthma, endocarditis, heart disease, neonatal cyanosis and many others. In homeopathy, laurel is very widely used as an effective heart medicine.

Laurocerasus - good homeopathic remedy for diseases of the extremities, including such as skin cyanosis, clubbing of the fingers and the veins in his arms.
As you can see, the drug has a fairly broad spectrum of activity, but the most significant impact on the heart and limbs.

Laurocerasus patients often suffer from the effects of alcohol abuse, lack of sleep and insomnia. Often experience fear and cold. Immoral, sad, depressed. Suffer from depression. Irritable and afraid of the future. Experiencing the loss of consciousness, is a typical, but not necessarily a sign - dementia.

Two more people Laurocerasus symptoms - weakness and chilliness. As for the exterior, it is worth noting puffiness of the face and his blue-gray shade. Lips also turn blue.

Women laurocerasusa Menses early, thick discharge. Patients have an aversion to food during menstruation. Laurel, moreover, appointed neonates with asphyxia and cyanosis.

Typical Symptoms (Lead Symptoms) of Laurocerasus

  • The affected person has cramping and piercing pain in the heart. 
  • The affected person has heart palpitations, fear and oppression in her chest.
  • The affected person has an irregular pulse.
  • The affected person can breathe only with difficulty, with a slimy cough and cool, often moist skin.
  • There is a tendency to circulatory and cardiac weakness, while respiratory distress. 

The suffering is improved by

  • Fresh air
  • Outdoors

The suffering is worsened by

  • warmth
  • effort

Side Effects of Laurocerasus

Contraindication can be described as a special circumstance or a disease or a condition wherein you are not supposed to use the drug or undergo particular treatment as it can harm the patient; at times, it can be dangerous and life threatening as well. Please contact with your homeopathic doctor to get proper direction to take this remedy.

Homeopathic Indications of Laurocerasus

Coronary artery disease:-
  • The affected person has cramp-like, pricking pain in the heart. 
  • The affected person suffers from heart palpitations, which together with anxiety states or also oppressive feelings in the chest arise. 
  • The affected person has an irregular pulse. 
  • The affected person can only breathe heavily and fight again and again with a slimy cough. 
  • The affected person has cool skin, which is often also moist. 
  • The affected person suffers from a weak circulation.
  • Aggravation of the symptoms: Aggravation of the ailments by heat and heat, as well as by exertion.
  • Improve the complaints: Improve the discomfort caused by fresh air.
  • Laurocerasus D3: Three times a day five globules.
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