Lac Caninum - Uses, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Lac caninum for Tonsillitis, chest inflammation, menstrual complaints

Lac caninum, which is obtained from the milk of a bitch, is rarely used in homeopathy. The most commonly used potencies are D4 to D12. The homeopathic remedy Lac caninum is one of the most important remedies against a low self-esteem. The people who use this remedy show a similar behavior to a small dog - loyal and attached, they always stand by their partner and their family. They also endure humiliation, be it from the life partner, or from the parents.

As these humiliations begin at the age of the child, it can also lead to thoughts of suicide in puberty. A particular symptom of the use of Lac caninum is wandering pain, for example, throat pain, which only appears on the right side, then migrate to the left side until they finally return to the right side. This is, of course, true not only for sore throats but also for the pain of any other kind.

Discomfort in the neck area is one of the typical applications of Lac caninum. Affected persons, to whom this homeopathic remedy fits, often have an intolerance to milk so that allergic reactions can occur. 

A brief description of Lac caninum

  • Name: Lac Caninum
  • German name: dogs milk
  • Raw materials dog milk
  • Type of substance: Animal
  • Granules: D6, C3, C6 and higher
  • Drops: D6, C3, C6 and higher
  • Reference to: Mucous membranes, lymph, female genital organs, movement apparatus, after birth, infections
  • Main Application: Tonsillitis, chest inflammation, menstrual complaints

The type and the patient's psyche

Characteristic for the patient which corresponds Lac Caninum is intolerableness contact of different body parts to each other. In connection with this, of course your fingers are always in a diluted state. Lac caninum well helps patients with the following features of mental states:
  • Strong fear of snakes, when there is a feeling of fear and their zapolzaniya bed or surrounding them, which does not close his eyes;
  • In a relaxed sitting position in front of the eyes appear terrible visions, the patient is constantly boitsya materialization of these pictures;
  • Restless sleep with frequent waking up and feeling of being at large backs up serpents;
  • A state on the verge of insanity, in which progressed headache;
  • A feeling of weakness combined with shattered nerves. Mental state greatly destabilized, which may manifest itself inadequate response from the throat;
  • Severe anxiety and fear that prevent the concentration of thought and attention;
  • The desire not to bring it started to its logical conclusion;
  • Strong fear of various illnesses or fall down the stairs;
  • Crying spells in in quantity during the day several times, causing more severe depressive state;
  • Fear, resentment and a feeling of contempt for others;
  • Anxiety, combined with easy excitability and fearfulness;
  • The appearance of aggression and irritability, when the headache is present.

Typical Symptoms (Lead Symptoms) of Lac Caninum

  • The affected person has complaints, which daily change the body side.
  • The affected person is sensitive to touch.
  • The affected person is weak.
  • The affected person believes in floating.
  • The affected person feels a burning sensation on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands.

The suffering is improved by

  • Cold
  • Bend backwards

The suffering is worsened by

  • In the morning
  • Shocks
  • Contact
  • In the morning
  • Touches

Homeopathic Indications of Lac Caninum

  • The affected person has red, shining mucous membranes. 
  • The tonsils are swollen. 
  • The linings are white. 
  • The affected person often swallows, but the symptoms are exacerbated.
Mastitis, breast inflammation, inflammatory stage:-
  • The affected person suffers from milk jam. 
  • She has an inflamed, very sensitive breast. 
  • She holds the breasts with her hands. 
  • There are migrating pain from one breast to another.
  • Aggravation of the symptoms: Deterioration before the period.
  • Lac caninum D12: Every two to six hours.
Breast inflammation:-
  • The discomfort improves by a high binding of the breast.
Menstrual cramps:-
  • The affected person has pain that radiates in the thighs. 
  • There are also restless legs. 
  • The affected woman has a swollen chest.

Methods of Use

  • It produced in granular form tablets. Practiced different dilutions of drug, ranging from 3 to 30.
  • However, the best therapeutic efficacy is achieved in a single dose.
  • If necessary, re-applying the drug must be given after equal time intervals.

Side Effects of Lac Caninum

No Side Effects found in regular dosage. Please do not use without conducting with your homeopathic physician.

Interconnection and antidotes of Lac Caninum

The closest analogue to the Lac caninum is Lachesis (Lachesis), showing a good effect in diseases throat or ovaries, menstrual problems. Also, there is a good relationship with Lac vaccinum defloratum.

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