Kalium Iodatum - Uses, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Kali. Iod. - Kalium Iodatum Homeopathic Remedy

Kalium Iodatum also referred to as potassium iodide or potassium. The drug is used in homeopathy for a long time. Kalium Iodatum affects the periosteum and connective tissue. He then causes swelling and infiltration. Typical symptoms of iodine poisoning - heart pain, redness of the face and jaw. Simply put, the patient reminds a bit of a drunken man.

In addition, Kalium Iodatum causes a headache and appearance of solid, extremely painful knots. Finally, iodine poisoning is expressed in acute pain in the lungs.

A brief description:-
  • Name: Kalium yodatum, kalium iodatum
  • Raw materials: Potassium iodide, KI2
  • Family: Absent
  • Granules: D3, C3, C6, C12 and higher
  • Drops: D3, C3, C6, C12 and higher

When it advised taking Kalium Iodatum

This homeopathic remedy recommended for allergies, angina, asthma and chronic bronchitis. It helps with sinusitis, diathesis, and sciatica. Also issued in the case of cataracts, keratitis and ovarian cysts. Cures breast, meningitis, and motion sickness. It copes well with pulmonary edema, pleurisy, pneumonia and polyposis. Helps with rheumatism (all sorts), syphilis and tuberculosis.

On the need for Kalium Iodatum indicate severe headaches accompanied by swellings on his head. They may be caused by brain tumors. Bright symptom - pain in the upper jaw thrusting or cutting nature. Patients have red eyes, complaint of excessive tearing (these symptoms indicate conjunctivitis or other eye diseases). Tinnitus - also a characteristic symptom for the use of the drug.

For any diseases associated with pulmonary edema, can help Kalium Iodatum. In particular, it is above asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy.

Homeopathic medicine helps in the case of facial neuralgia, sciatica, and pain in the lumbosacral region. Of diseases of the endocrine system cures goiter. It is recommended for bloating and a number of women's illnesses, including tumors and uterine hypertrophy. Of male diseases, it helps with atrophy of reproductive organs.
In the case of enlarged lymph nodes, Kalium Iodatum also is an effective means. Doctors prescribe medication and diseases of the joints that can become a cause of lameness, and in addition, if spondylitis.

Constitutional type Kalium Iodatum - people with dark skin who can not tolerate collars. They have a strict and violent temper. Often sad and worried. Characterized by rough character. Despite the fact that they eat a lot, lose weight. A characteristic feature type Kalium Iodatum - the early appearance of gray hair.

 Side Effects of Kalium Iodatum

UIf symptoms persist for more than 3 days or worsen, discontinue (STOP) use and consult your physician. As with any remedy. If you are woman and pregnant or nursing (breast-feeding) a baby, seek the advise of a health professional before using this product. Store tightly closed in a cool area.

Doses application Kalium Iodatum: Homeopathic medicines are used in different dosages depending on the specific diagnosis.

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