Kalium Bichromicum - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Kali Bichromicum Homeopathic Remedy

Kalium bichromicum - is a substance that is as pure as the crystal dark red color, is not soluble in water and do not change under the action of air. To prepare the first dilution water is used for the second - a combination of water and alcohol for the third - only alcohol. Also made grinding. The pathogenesis of homeopathic remedy Kalium bichromicum is in the British Homeopathic Journal from 1844, author - Dr. Drizdal.

Kalium bichromicum have a major effect on the mucous membrane, becoming a cause abundant mucus, purulent in some cases. If a large dose is inside, the digestive tract becomes inflamed. The impact of poison on the skin is expressed in the formation of papules, pustules, and ulcers. Also affected the liver and kidneys. In addition, irritated joints, especially the parietal, jaw and tibia.

Further, Kalium bichromicum acts on the nasal septum, causing the destruction of cartilage. In general, the poison causes symptoms that resemble symptoms of syphilis.

When it advised taking Kalium bichromicum

Kalium bichromicum indicated for chronic rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, and chronic bronchitis. Homeopathic agent assists in asthma with viscous mucus, and expectoration of various acute pulmonary diseases.

The remedy is used in dyspepsia due to catarrh of the stomach, and gastric and bowel. Homeopathic remedy Kalium bichromicum be useful for headache caused by indigestion. Effective potassium and ailments such as a migraine with blindness, liver disease, and syphilis.

Finally, Kalium bichromicum used in homeopathy to fight diseases of the eye, including the scrofulous ophthalmia, or specific rheumatic iritis rheumatic and sclera. Homeopathic remedy is appointed in the case where the patient has a slight redness and no photophobia. Another Kalium bichromicum used in periostitis.

Children Kalium bichromicum differ pale, puffy, endowed with fat cheeks, often suffer from a runny nose. Adults who complete and elderly cachectic. Quickly irritated and angry a lot. Poor suffer as a severe cold and extreme heat. After waking up feeling tired.
For patients, Kalium bichromicum characterized sticky and viscous mucus discharge and high formation, reminiscent of the jelly. Also, these patients are often found around the ulcer. Typically alternation rheumatism and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. By drinking carbonated beverages such patients experience nausea and vomiting.

Pain people Kalium bichromicum differ impermanent, they arise in one or the other place. Frequent pain in the joints and parietal and mandibular and tibial bones. The chair is mainly liquid, resembles jelly. In women, menstruation comes ahead of schedule and are accompanied by dizziness, nausea, and headache. Beli consistency like jelly.

Side Effects and Warnings:- Stop use and ask a physician if symptoms persist for more than 3 days or worsen. Do not use if pellet-dispenser seal is broken.

Doses application:- Kalium bichromicum usually used in the first six dilutions.

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