Kali Sulphuricum - Uses, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Kali Sulph Homeopathic Remedy overview

In homeopathy, along with traditional medicine, there is a variety of remedies from all diseases are well studied at present. One such Kalium Sulphuricum (Kali Sulphuricum) or potassium sulfate.

Preparation of Kali Sulphuricum

Kalium Sulphuricum often associated with Pulsatilla, due to the similarity of their main characteristics. Here, the first - included in the chemical composition of the latter. Homeopathy is widely used potassium sulfate in pure form, produced in the chemical industry.

Considered a remedy widely and successfully used for the purpose of treatment of chronic airway inflammation, as well as vision and hearing. Moreover, Kalium Sulphuricums hows a high effectiveness in the treatment of skin diseases.

Properties of Kali Sulphuricum

Potassium Sulphuricum has many useful properties:
  • This anti-inflammatory agent;
  • it exerts an analgesic effect in the pain of sensitive gums and enamel;
  • It is used as an expectorant, which is especially important in case of bronchitis and asthma;
  • It has regenerating and rejuvenating properties which are activated in the treatment of skin diseases.

The patient's psyche of Kali Sulphuricum

  • Potassium sulfate is excellent in patients with the following features of mental states:
  • increased stubbornness combined with irritability;
  • the appearance of concern in the evening or day period after waking up;
  • a feeling of disgust for labor activity and social activity;
  • excessive timidity without valid reasons;
  • a high level of excitability, provoking a constant rush;
  • in the process of writing is often marked by a change in word order;
  • hypersensitivity to auditory stimuli, it can sometimes cause a piercing scream;
  • frequent and loud noises during sleep;
  • excessive shyness, combined with a tendency to tearfulness.

Symptoms of  Kali Sulphuricum

Potassium Sulphuricum possesses the following clinical picture:
  • The stuffy nose then ends with copious amounts of mucous secretions yellow coloration. At the same time the sense of smell is still missing;
  • swelling of the larynx, because of what has to breathe through the nose. This usually causes snoring;
  • encasing language yellow coating;
  • insipid taste in the mouth;
  • soreness and inflammation of the gums;
  • coughing bouts ending expectoration of viscous consistency;
  • pain in the cervical and dorsal regions;
  • fickle febrile seizures with the appearance of the body temperature values in the late afternoon;
  • testicular pain syndrome, followed by isolation of the urethra the purulent contents. Do women have delayed menstruation. When the monthly allocated scanty screen, accompanied by weight in the lower abdomen;
  • rashes on the skin surface or hair loss;
  • Headaches that occur usually in the evening hours.

Homeopathic Indications of Kali Sulphuricum

The main indications for Kali Sulphuricum destination protrude pathological conditions of the mucous membranes of the airways and digestive tract. Also, the remedy is effective in diseases of the genitourinary system, and lesions of the skin.

Side Effects of Kali Sulphuricum

  • Stop use and ask your homeopathic physician if symptoms persist for more than seven days or worsen.
  • As with any remedy, ask any physician before use if pregnant or nursing.
  • Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children.
  • Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist for more than seven days or worsen.
  • In case of emergency or accidental overdose, contact a medical professional or a Poison Control Center immediately.

Relationship of Kali Sulphuricum

Kali Sulphuricum acts antidote in case of poisoning with Rhus. The preparation ideally compatible with Aceticum Acidum, if disturbed pruritic sensation, and redness of the skin. Potassium sulfate is frequently in comparison with Pulsatilla and Hydrastis with dyspeptic disorders.

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