Hyoscyamus Niger - Uses, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Homeopathic Hyoscyamus Niger

Hyoscyamus, Bilsenkraut, is for people who cuss much, who are very jealous, who often speak obscenely and shamelessly. They are very suspicious. Therefore, people called Hyoscyamus as "besivo", "Eye of the Devil", "poisonous tobacco", "durnika". In ancient Greece, with the help of Hyoscyamus shot toothaches and called "zubnikom". Title - "blindness" and "chicken killer" plant acquired after poisoning were seen bleached pets.

Proven at:- Dementia and epilepsy

Typical Symptoms (Lead Symptoms) :-
  • The complaints are a result of jealousy, love affliction, grief.
  • The person concerned sings, dances and gesticulates wildly. 
  • The affected person has muscle cramps.
  • The person concerned has convulsions.
  • The person concerned trembles.
  • The affected person has a night-time crampy, dry cough that worsens by eating and drinking. 
  • The affected person constantly plays with his fingers around something.
  • The person concerned is afraid of running water.
  • The affected person has involuntary bowel and urine discharge.
  • The person concerned frightens with a scream from his sleep.
  • The affected person has hallucinations.
  • The person concerned has a delirium. 
  • The affected person has an epilepsy.
  • The person concerned is defiant, like a small child.
  • The person concerned "sees ghosts", so everything is formed. 
  • The person concerned is suspicious and jealous.
  • The affected person is physically restless, she is trembling on the arms and legs.
  • The affected person is both urinary and intestinal.
Main applications:- Dry, tickling cough, cramps, epilepsy, muscle cramps

Characterization and application of homeopathy

Due to the chemical composition rich based formulations Hyoscyamus niger, possess analgesic, sedative and spasmolytic effect. All parts of the plant contain alkaloids (atropine), which is used in medicine for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, glycosides, fatty oil.

Homeopathic remedy on the basis of Hyoscyamus a positive effect on the secretion of sweat, saliva and digestive glands. Promotes heart rate, relaxation of bronchial and intestinal muscle tissue.

In homeopathy, a medical solution Hyoscyamus began to use a famous physician Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann.
The remedy has a positive effect on the nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, urogenital organs:
  • eliminate delirium, headaches, seizures, hallucinations, tinnitus, deafness;
  • soothing night cough, sneezing, sore throat, asthma attacks;
  • used for digestive system diseases, lack of appetite, regurgitation, intestinal colic, diarrhea;
  • strengthens weak bladder, treats frequent urge of urination, sexual arousal, loss of sexual power, dysmenorrhea.
Application areas of Hyoscyamus niger :-
  • Epilepsy
  • Cerebral cortex
  • Pharyngeal laryngitis
  • Bronchial tubes
  • Air routes
  • Bubble
  • Maniac states
  • Schizoid symptoms
  • Bubble paralysis
  • Premenstrual syndrome PMS
  • Meningism
  • Dementia
The suffering is improved by :-
  • warmth
The suffering is worsened by :
  • contact
  • lay down
  • During menstruation
  • Emotional distress
  • touches

Homeopathic Indications of Hyoscyamus

The main indications for the use of extract of Hyoscyamus - a nervous disorder, accompanied by delirium, in some cases, delirium tremens.

Admission henbane shows good results with mild neurological disorders, mainly in children with sleep disorders.

In addition, the drug is indicated for dryness of the mouth, coughing, with the "scratching" in the throat and gagging, with expectoration of large quantities of liquid sputum, when fluid intake only intensifies cough.

Main symptoms for which a Hyoscyamus:
  • Manic-depressive psychosis.
  • Alcoholic psychoses.
  • Anxiety, jealousy, talkativeness.
  • Jerking of muscles.
  • Chronic bronchitis.
  • Dyspepsia.
  • Fever.
Sleep disorders in children :
  • The affected person can not sleep because of cough. 
  • Sleep disorders are caused by anxiety or mental exertion. 
  • The person concerned has ticks and is jealous. 
  • The child talks a lot and also talks about secrets. 
  • Affected children have fixed ideas. 
  • They suffer from muscle twitching and muscle cramps. 
  • Aggravation of the symptoms: Aggravation in the evening and / or at night, after eating or drinking, by rest, by jealousy, as well as lying.
  • Improve the complaints : Improvement by itself, by movement, by warmth, and by bending over.
Dementia :-
  • The person concerned is suspicious, suspicious and jealous. 
  • The person affected is defiant like a small child. 
  • There is a physical restlessness and the arms and legs of the person tremble. 
  • The affected person suffers from incontinence, which means she loses urine and stool.
  • Aggravation of the symptoms : Aggravation by eating or drinking, but also by emotional events.
  • Improve the complaints : Improvement by touchdown.
  • Hyoscyamus niger D12 : Twice a day a tablet.
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) :
  • The affected person is hysterical. 
  • The affected person has many ticks. 
  • She has independent gestures and grimaces. 
  • The person concerned is jealous and talks a lot. 
  • Affected people talk about secrets. 
  • The affected women have many fixed ideas. 
  • They are sometimes paranoid. 
  • The women have muscle twitching and muscle cramps. 
  • They want to undress naked. 
  • Those affected have a dry, cracked skin. 
  • They have a dry cough in the evening when going to bed.
  • Aggravation of the symptoms : Aggravation in the evening and at night, after eating or drinking, by rest, by jealousy, after an unhappy love, as well as lying down.
  • Improve the complaints: Improvement by positioning, by movement, by warmth, and by bending over.
Side Effects:- All products based on black henbane used strictly prescribed by a doctor and taken under its control. The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy.

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