Homeovox - Uses, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Homeovox (Gomeovoks): Sore throat, hoarseness and loss of voice - laryngitis symptoms, deliver a lot of unpleasant moments. In addition, the disease often leads to complications. To avoid the unpleasant effects and serious problems, the disease should be promptly treated. Taking remedy, you always want to know which one is the most harmless. The minimum number of contraindications for today has Homeovox, which is freely available in pharmacies. This composite homeopathic remedy for the treatment of laryngitis, which effectively cope not only with the symptoms, but also to the cause of the disease.

A brief description:-
  • Name: Gomeovoks, Homeovox
  • Raw materials: composite preparation
The composition and the form Homeovoxa release: Homeovox consists of vegetable and mineral substances. It comprises such natural components:
  • Hepar Sulfur (Hepar sulphuris);
  • Aconitum napellyus (Aconitum napellus)
  • Arum trifillum (Arum triphillum)
  • Belladonna (Belladonna);
  • Calium bichromicum;
  • Populus candicans;
  • Spong (Spongia tosta);
  • Ferrum phosphoricum
  • Calendula officinalis
Excipients - starch, magnesium stearate, sucrose, lactose.
The remedy is available in tablets with a cover of white color. The weight of each piece is equal to 0.3, the shell is made of gelatin, beeswax, talc, and certain auxiliary elements.

Pharmacological properties of the remedy :- The remedy is used for:
  • withdrawal of the inflammatory process, hoarseness;
  • restoration of voting;
  • improve the overall improvement of the larynx.
Compound medicinal components provides rapid reconstitution of the mucosa of the throat.

Indications of  Homeovoxa :-
The remedy is indicated for laryngitis, regardless of its origin.
It is also effective in the loss of voice, hoarseness, overvoltage, and vocal cord dysfunction.
Homeovox administered to children under the age of 1 year.
There is no reason to limit the use of the remedy in pregnant women, in case a positive impact on their health significantly outweigh the possible risks of negative effects on prenatal development of the child.

Contraindications of Homeovoxa :- For the treatment or prophylactic remedy Homeovox there are a number of contraindications, the main ones are:
  • lactose intolerance and fructose;
  • lack of lactose;
  • up to 1 year;
  • malabsorption - or upset the process of digestion and absorption of substances in the intestine.
In addition, the tool is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to individual components.

Dosage of Homeovox: Homeovox is most often used for medicinal purposes. The patient is recommended to consume 2 tablets every hour.
The maximum dose - 24 tablets per day.
After improving the health of the patient support means is transferred to the receiving mode - 2 tablets 5 times per day.
As preventive measures Homeovox should eat 2 tablets up to five times per day.
Adults and children from 6 years of age is recommended to dissolve the means in between meals. Children from one year to six tablets were dissolved in 100 ml of water.
Note! Dissolving remedy must be immediately prior to use!
Side effects :- After treatment may develop an allergic reaction, which is expressed by a rash on the skin and swelling, as well as the appearance of hives, redness and itching.
It is important! When you see any unusual symptoms in the treatment of remedy need to stop using it and seek a qualified doctor's advice.
The attending physician will determine the next steps and adjust the amount of the product or cancel its application.
The remedy does not affect the ability to drive vehicles or complicated machinery.

Storage conditions of the remedy :- The remedy should be stored in places with low humidity at temperatures ranging from 4 to 25 ° C. Should be excluded from direct sunlight. It is desirable to keep the remedy in dark places, and in the full reach of children.

Homeovox shelf life - 5 years from date of manufacture in the factory, on the packaging. We do not recommend its use after this time. It is forbidden to use the remedy if the factory packaging has been damaged or pills for any reason to change its color.

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