Helleborus - Uses, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Helleborus Niger Homeopathic Remedy

Helleborus - a plant family of the buttercup and also called Hellebore or black hellebore. To prepare the mother tincture of homeopathic remedy should take a fresh root. Pathogenesis Helleborus can be found in the work of Hahnemann's "Pure Pharmacology."

A brief Description:-
  • Name: Helleborus (Gelleborus)
  • Raw materials: Black hellebore, Helleborus niger
  • Family: Ranunculaceae
  • Granules: D3, C3, C6 and higher
  • Drops: D3, C3, C6 and higher
Helleborus acts on the body of the patient:- Helleborus suppresses all body functions, as well as acts as a paralytic agent on the heart. In addition, it should be noted laxative properties of hellebore and the fact that it causes severe fever, beginning in the morning.

Regardless of the dose, veratrum causes diarrhea is characterized by white gelatinous stool and complements colic. Another symptom - rumbling in the stomach and bloating. In addition, Helleborus is causing copious urination, sometimes incontinence.

MD Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, said that this plant among the above contributes to the appearance of swelling in different places.
When it advise taking Helleborus :- Based on the impact Helleborusa on the patient's body, it can be concluded ailments treated by him. The first group of diseases - it's brain damage, which are caused by fever. Next - this is madness, including mania and stupor. Homeopathic medicine is recommended for deep melancholy, different state of anguish and despair.

Homeopathy also advises hellebore in the case of dropsy of renal origin as a very effective tool. Especially good at helping with scarlet dropsy. It helps plant and with heart dropsy, and in addition, in acute or chronic brain edema.

Finally, there is another group of diseases that saves homeopathic medicine. It cramps, chorea and eclampsia.

Who is Helleborus:- Homeopathic agent from Helleborusa has no clear constitutional type. It is recommended that all patients with the characteristic symptoms described above.

Side Effects:-
  • Heart disease: It is not safe to use black hellebore if you have a heart condition. It might make your heart condition worse.
  • Disorders of the stomach and intestines: It is not safe to use black hellebore if you have a disorder affecting your digestive system.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: It may unsafe to use black hellebore if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. It might cause a dangerously irregular heartbeat. It might also cause a miscarriage.
Doses application Helleborusa :- The particular dosage of a homeopathic remedy depends on the diagnosis. Generally Jousse recommended the use of hellebore in dilutions from third to sixth.