Hekla Lava - Uses, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications, Similarity

Hekla Lava - the homeopathic mineral preparation, which is produced from the ashes of  the Icelandic volcano Hekla. The idea of using "waste products" of a volcano as a remedy for humans has prompted the case and nature itself.

Volcano Hekla formed by multiple (1104, described with more than 20) of volcanic lava linear cracked earth. At present, its height is almost 1,500 meters, it is entirely composed of volcanic rocks. Hekla eruption occurs, the stronger the longer it lasted for a period of rest. Thus, in 1947 - 48 years. the eruption lasted more than a year. This volcano in Iceland is famous gates of hell. It was believed that on top of it going to the witch, the representatives of evil spirits, and looking into the mouth of the volcano Hekla can be seen and hell itself.

A brief description:-
  • Name: Hekla lava
  • Raw materials: The lava from the volcano Hekla in Iceland
  • Granules: C6, C12 and higher. Powder (trituration) C3
  • Drops: C3, C6, C12 and higher
History of creation, description Hekla Lava:- In the mid-19th century British homeopath (linguist, traveler, social worker) Dzheyms Dzhon Garth Wilkinson, being a follower of the Swedish physiologist, anatomist, theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, he went to Iceland volcano Hekla. Traveling around, he noticed that the sheep grazing in the ash fall zone strange growths on the jaws, and deformed bones.

Upon closer inspection, exostoses in sheep have been observed not only in the upper jaw but also on the ankles and other parts of the skeleton. The autopsy revealed extensive animal disorders in bones and internal organs - pitting, nodules, discoloration, tissue structures of teeth.
Note! All modified organs, bones and tissues have acquired extraordinary fragility. The same brittleness have crusts on external ulcerations, abscesses.
J. Wilkinson studied pathology. It was found that the greatest loss suffered bone in sheep that grazed on the volcano, in the zone of fall of small, flying ash. Near, on the volcanic pastures, exostosis occurred rarely. The scientists concluded influence is small volcano ashes Hekla on the growth and development of bone tissue primarily maxillary tooth formation. Thus was created a homeopathic remedy Hekla lava.
The mineral composition of the homeopathic remedy oxides of iron, bismuth, titanium, manganese, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus.

Homeopathic Uses :- Hekla lava - a versatile medicine. In homeopathy, it is used not only as a remedy for the bone pathology of the upper jaw and teeth but also with other functional or organic pathology of organs, tissues. For example:
  • fibromatous sprawl;
  • lymph node swelling;
  • lipoma;
  • glandular tumor;
  • exostosis.
For the purpose of the drug is important nature of the manifestation of the disease, psychological type of the patient. For children use homeopathic medicine Hekla volcano in rickets or late/difficult teething.

Psycho patient Hekla:- Hekla lava classic patient is a man difficult. Different people and situations show it from opposite sides. It can be described as:
  • soft, calm, friendly;
  • patient, stubborn;
  • inclined to suppress emotions, especially anger;
  • short-tempered, straight;
  • just do not tolerate harassment of himself or others;
  • intolerant of unfair criticism, recriminations, comments.
In conflict situations, the patient can be compared Hekla lava volcano - long accumulated, repressed anger as the fiery lava suddenly breaks out. Eruption sweeps away everything in its path. A person ceases to control himself. He was shouting, goes to the insult, not picks expressions. outbursts of anger are as suddenly as it had begun. But for a long time patient Hekla will periodically "let off steam" - submit snide replica mutter under his breath at every opportunity. Only a few weeks back in good condition.
Note! The eruption of anger, irritation of the patient such as Hekla focus not only on the offender facility. It goes to all who fall under the arm. A sense of proportion, equity sweeping rage. Man hurt others unbearable pain within themselves.
Indications for use, the clinical picture :- The main indications for use Hekla lava are injuries or pathologies that affect the bone. It can be:
unsuccessful dental procedures that result in neuralgia, abscess;
  • extractions, dental caries;
  • periodontal disease;
  • bone necrosis;
  • syndrome of bone, the upper jaw pain;
  • exostosis;
  • swelling;
  • bone sarcoma;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • delayed eruption of teeth in children with rickets.
Patients with tumors fibromatous for the purpose of Hekla lava must be a coincidence psycho and characteristic symptoms.

The main symptoms are:
  • festering gray color with a delicate crust;
  • pain in the upper jaw;
  • all growths, tumors are painful under pressure;
  • swollen lymph nodes in the neck to form a seal of the type "string of pearls";
  • the defeat of the nose bone, jaw.
Note! The main symptom for the purpose of this remedy is the sudden, very rapid growth of the clinic (pain, fever, burning, discharge) with the same sudden and rapid decline.
Dosage :- Dilutions of 6, 12 and above.
Side Effects:- No side effects found in regular dosages.
Similarity:- Silicea (Silicea), Phosphoricum, Sulfur (Sulphur), Merkurius (Mercurius).

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