Fluoricum Acidum - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Fluoricum acidum (acid flour) - hydrofluoric acid used for the manufacture of a homeopathic remedy. Phosphoric acid and calcium fluoride by reacting give a remedy that by grinding and processing brought to the state of powder, and then obtained by dilution of an effective remedy which particularly affects the bones, joints, connective tissue, skin, and vein.

A brief description:
  • Name:  Fluoricum Acidum
  • Raw materials Hydrofluoric acid, HF
  • granules D6, C3, C6 and higher
  • Drops D6, C3, C6 and higher
Psycho Acidum Fluoricum :- To characterize the type of patient Acidum Fluoricum as follows:

The man who does not care about spiritual progress, a realist who does not know discipline, ready at every moment to enjoy life.

Rough and irrepressible in intercourse with wife, he is ready for early intercourse activity with wife, already needs a relationship with wife on a daily basis in 12-13 years. Often change partners, Acidum fluoricum marriages are unstable and short-lived, do not bring the satisfaction of any of the partners. However, he was not sad about it, because deprived of a sense of responsibility and often hated relatives and friends of people.

Fluoricum Acidum quite aggressive and cold, it is a well-developed sense of superiority. But sometimes there are signs of it flickering kindness, especially when it comes to money. Can help and even go to the rescue of someone's life, but only because he is afraid to get into this situation or get sick of the same incurable disease, deep down, he dreams of a life with the pleasures and death without pain and suffering.

In adulthood may experience orgasms due to the memory of the sexual advances to young for that he is simply the young body.

Recognize it is difficult, as it often worry about trifles, and may initially complain of hair loss or sleepless nights, and then, after a certain treatment, the picture begins to clear up.
  • various bone diseases, osteoporosis;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • spinal diseases and lesions of the ligaments, impaired motor skills, especially at high air temperature at the sun;
  • adhesions and scar tissue in the joint, and on the skin, post-operative or post-traumatic origin;
  • dermatitis, acne, and bubbles arising from sunburn, are quickly popping up and disappearing as quickly, forming a skin peel;
  • signs of scleroderma with skin swelling, induration, and erythema;
  • benign tumors, hemangiomas;
  • diseases of the digestive organs, when gastritis be accompanied by thirst, belching, increased appetite, flatulence, regular diarrhea, rectal prolapse;
  • bedsores in bedridden patients;
  • gonorrhea, dental bone tissue, trophic brain disease.
Effect of the remedy Fluoricum acidum :- After starting treatment common symptoms are manifested in the form of:
  • Loss of strength and lethargy, or vice versa, an increase in physical activity without fatigue.
  • loss of sensation in the summer heat and winter cold.
  • Strong searing pain in certain areas of the body.
Symptoms of diseases of various systems of the body and departments:- On the skin and occur periodically increases red spots, flaking and itching, the appearance on the skin of small fleshy warts.
  • Insomnia, morning lethargy and drowsy during the day.
  • Often appearing fever and nausea, the constant emergence of a sticky, sour sweet with an unpleasant odor, especially in the afternoon, accompanied by itching.
  • Pain in the head, the pressure in the occipital region, a feeling of heaviness in the temples, especially during movement, numbness of the forehead. Vertigo with painful bouts of the stomach. Itching and hair loss.
  • Heat in the face, a constant sweat, skin itching and suppuration.
  • Eye disease, such as fistulae in the lacrimal sac, itchy corners of the eyes, burning sensation, and not passing the cold wind under the eyelids.
  • Varicose veins and other venous diseases, pain in the chest area.
  • Discomfort in the stomach, and frequent regurgitation gasses, stomach pain, accompanied by heat in the body, and the severity of colic.
  • Constant feeling of hunger and excruciating thirst.
  • Addiction to a cool and refreshing drink.
  • Aversion to coffee.
  • Compacted liver, abdominal swelling, pain in the spleen.
  • Fistula in the rectum, frequent diarrhea or constipation, hemorrhoids with derailing nodes.
Dosage :-
  • Recommended fission - 3, 6, 12, 30 and centesimal.
  • Fluoricum Acidum 6-30 - 1-2 times a day for 30-60 minutes before meals.
  • Tools like this remedy: Silicea, Pulsatilla.
They follow one another.
Much depends on the patient's condition. The formulations may be interchanged with each other and interlaced. You should always pay attention to the symptoms appearing.
One remedy that can pave the way for another. And sometimes they can be used and in a circle.

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