Carbo Animalis - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Carbo animalis - is produced by burning cowhide and bones. The crude carbon, which includes calcium phosphate. It is produced in the form of drops and homeopathic granules. This homeopathic remedy is one of the tools that provide the fastest and lasting results. It is used mainly in cases where complaints of patients continually increase, but the pathological processes develop slowly and often become chronic.

This facility can be successfully used for chronic diseases and cancer. With it initially exacerbated the symptoms of a disease, and then gradually taper off. In homeopathy, the cases of complete cure from cancer were recorded. For a course of treatment with the remedy is characterized by weakness, the horrors of the night, or insomnia, a feeling of burning pain and the appearance of malodorous emissions.

Carbo Animalis: The impact on the human body

Homeopathic agent Carbo animalis has a peculiar effect on the human organism. After starting, the patient has a state of weakness and fracture. It seems that it is almost completely lost the ability to recover.

Carbo animalis is considered a powerful palliative, which gives temporary relief to patients suffering from malignant glands or infiltrates.

Treatment lasts long enough. Throughout therapy observed inflammation of the glands.

The pathogenesis of remedy- Hypertrophy:
  • the soft tissues are formed small nodules;
  • in the glands appear growths;
  • is a disturbance in the overall balance of the body;
  • livelihoods of tissue upset randomly.
Throughout the course of therapy the patient is in severe prostration, he feels anxiety, his heart rate changes. Perhaps the appearance of heat. In the mammary glands in the head, there is heaviness. This occurs due to cardiac disorders and venous functions.

To prescribe Carbo animalis?

Means shall be appointed under the following deviations:
  • On the part of the mind - the person becomes uncommunicative, constantly retires, he becomes thoughtful and very sad. At night there is a sense of boiling in the heat and strong emotions.
  • On the side of the head - there are burning pain in the neck and sideburns. The patient seems to be that his head blown to pieces. He feels that under the eyes of something is not allows you to watch up. Cyanosis of the lips and cheeks.
  • From the side of respiratory organs - typhoid form of pleurisy, suppuration in the lungs, a dry cough and a tight, in which stands a green pus and partially lost his voice.
  • From the digestive system - meal very tiring patient. After the meal, he tries to lie down. Even after eating he feels the emptiness in the stomach. Poor digestion, bloating, aversion to fatty foods, heartburn. Poison animal alkaloid and isolation of the acidic fluid from the oral cavity. On the part of the intestine may develop constipation.
  • On the part of the skin - the appearance of rashes copper-red color. The development of rosacea, warts and wrists and feet. Lymph nodes harden.
  • In women, there is pronounced nausea during pregnancy, increasing after sunset.
  • After birth marked selection malodorous lochia. It is noted the appearance of premature menstruation, which is the cause of exhaustion.
  • Isolation during menstruation appears mostly in the morning. In the area of the labia and vagina gradually arises a characteristic burning sensation.
  • The chest area is marked pain, which has penetrating and short duration.
  • Deterioration occurs after use of the razor, and after the patient loses body fluids.

Carbo Animalis: Indications

Homeopathic agent was shown to take in such cases, as the development of the venous system lesions which arise mainly due to lower force energy background body and blood circulation disorders.

Accompanied by similar changes and a pronounced stinging pain in the affected breast, a sense of discomfort in the lower back when lifting weights. On the skin in the breast appear suppuration and ulceration.

Carbo Animalis: Recommendations for use

The remedy is recommended to be used with caution. Most often it is prescribed for the treatment of:
rosacea, rashes on the skin of various origins and simple acne;
  • cyanosis on the background of stagnation of blood in the veins;
  • strabismus, syphilis, and dryness in the upper palate of the mouth and as a whole;
  • serious disorders of appetite, refusal to eat, and aneurysm;
  • abundant lactation effects (anemia, breast) and breast cancer;
  • induration of the pancreas and violations of its functions;
  • serious eye disorders and early development of cataracts;
  • pleurisy, strong dry cough, and empyema;
  • cephalgia, pleurisy, lumbago pronounced;
  • burning sensation in the uterus and vagina, burning Belly;
  • excessive sweating, destruction, and ulceration.
Carbo animalis is recommended to take people who have a fear of the dark or cold intolerance. In no event Carbo animalis (animal charcoal) is administered after Carbo vegetables, because these two forms are very hostile to each other.

Carbo Animalis: Compatibility with remedies and antidotes

All products belonging to the carbonyl group, including Carbo animalis, characterized by the appearance of malodorous emissions. On the skin when applied there excoriations, and diaper rash is swollen lymph nodes, and there is asphyxia.

Carbo animalis in combination with other carbonates (Sulphur (Sulfur)., Iod (Iodine), Badiaga (bodyaga), Sepia (Sepia)) is not recommended, their combined use can cause fatty liver, paralysis of hands and feet.
Antidotes Carbo animalis: Nux vomica, Calc. phosph

Carbo Animalis : Side Effects

No Side Effects found in regular dosage. Please do not take remedy without conduction with your physician.

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