Cannabis Sativa - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Cannabis sativa - homeopathic preparation obtained from cultured hemp tops. Means may be manufactured in the form of the tincture of - in this case, insists on plant inflorescences ethanol, or in powder form, when the plant is dried and washed in the powder.
Important! Cannabis sativa to be distinguished from Cannabis Indica (Cannabis indica). Both homeopathic substances obtained from hemp seed, but their pharmacological properties differ.
Cannabis sativa is able to induce the activation of the blood circulation in the pelvic area. In this way, antibodies formed by the immune system, are able to deal quickly and effectively with inflammatory processes.

A brief description:-
  • Name: Cannabis sativa
  • Raw materials: cultivate hemp, Cannabis sativa
  • Family: Konoplev, Cannabaceae
  • Granules: granules

Cannabis Sativa: Indications

The main indication for the use of Cannabis sativa are diseases of the genitourinary system:
  • cystitis;
  • urethritis;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • hematuria;
  • difficulty urinating.
Also, Cannabis sativa is used for the treatment of pathologies of the reproductive organs of men and women:

  • cyst on the ovaries,
  • infertility
  • the risk of miscarriage,
  • prostatitis;
  • inflammation of the tissues of the penis.

Improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic region can also have a therapeutic effect on constipation.

In other systems pathologies therapeutic effect of the homeopathic medicine is less pronounced, but nevertheless, Cannabis sativa is used for:
  • ophthalmic pathologies,
  • autonomic disorders;
  • infectious processes in the respiratory system;
  • Stuttering and hysteria.
It is important. The spectrum of pathologies in which the assigned Cannabis sativa, therefore, can be used only after consultation with homeopathic.
cannabis treatment is indicated in patients with inflammation of the urinary organs. In this disease characterized by pain sensation pulling direction in the kidney to the bladder, the pain and a burning sensation during urination accompanied pus, and irritability.
In addition, the medication well copes with the problems of vision and hearing. You can get rid of the burning sensation and pain in the eyes, corneal opacities, spasms, pulsation and sensation "gags" in the ears.

This homeopathic medicine also is used to treat asthma, pneumonia and other problems associated with the respiratory system: difficulty breathing, wheezing, asthma attacks, a feeling of oppressive pain in the lungs.

 Cannabis Sativa: Psychological type

A feature of homeopathy is that the drugs are prescribed not only in accordance with the symptoms but also on the basis of the patient's psychological type. Psychological type - a term which implies the list of features that the physician can provide the patient with internal consultation.

Cannabis sativa suitable for a person having the following characteristics:
  • sadness, which can be replaced by sudden outbursts of emotion: joy, fearfulness or even rage;
  • touchiness
Externally type Cannabis sativa has:
  • paleness of the face, sometimes on a background of redness of the cheeks.
Physiological manifestations characteristic of this type of patients:
  • drowsiness
  • thirst
  • the feeling of derealization and depersonalization - subjective changes in perception of the real world when a patient either reduced or, on the contrary, aggravated level of perception: colors, sounds, smells, and, as a reaction to it - asphyxia, tinnitus, fainting, weakness, shortness of breath etc.

 Cannabis Sativa: Contraindications

Identified factors that would constitute a contraindication to the use of homeopathic medicine, no.

We do not recommend the use of the drug in children and nursing mothers. In pregnancy, means may be used when indicated supervised homeopathic gynecologist and obstetrician.

 Cannabis Sativa: Side effects

It should be aware of the possibility of deterioration in the first short-hand Cannabis sativa or preparations in which the component composition is included. deterioration of health may be general or manifest as increased symptoms. The condition continues until 5 hours after which runs independently.

 Cannabis Sativa : application

Means may be used in the form of tincture or powder for grinding. The dose and dosage regimen prescribed by the physician.