Cannabis Indica - Benefits, Symptoms, Psycho, Side Effects, Indications

Cannabis indica (Indian hemp, hashish, marijuana, marijuana), is a close relative of hemp seed (Cannabis sativa), but it has excellent from homeopathic properties. This feature is due to the formation of plants under the influence of different soil and climatic conditions.

Value Cannabis indica is higher, the more of our time a person experiences psychological and psychosomatic problems. The sensation associated with a change of consciousness is the main indication for the treatment of cannabis.

Description of symptoms characteristic of the Indian hemp patients has 275 different manifestations. A list that includes the personal nuances, consists of 918 signs. They are all associated with changes in the perception of time the patient space and your own body.
Note! All the symptoms are connected with the psyche of the patient cannabis indica, his sense of self. These feelings have nothing to do with the actual physical condition of the patient, and sometimes diametrically opposed to that meter.

Cannabis Indica - Details in homeopathy

The birthplace of Cannabis indica is the Hindu Kush mountain range. This is the territory of present-day Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Plants appear lower than cannabis sativa and significantly branched. broad leaves, in contrast to the planting of hemp, darker, sometimes with reddish veins. Inflorescences (cones) is more and easier.

The plant is known for its narcotic effect on the human body. Homeopathy uses cannabis indica as a psychotropic agent for the treatment of patients exhibiting symptoms of drug intoxication is not drug-related.
To create homeopathic remedies use the leaves and young shoots. Apply remover cannabis indica hallucinations selective amnesia, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Cannabis Indica: Psycho patient 

There are two diametrically opposed psycho Cannabis. It's the emotional (sensitive) and intellectual (mental or mentally). Outwardly, both types of cannabis look exhausted and sick: their hands do not know the rest of the body live at home, eyes still.

It is interesting! Effect of cannabis on the human body depends on the level of his cognitive abilities. This confirms the assumption that Cannabis indica not acting on the body and on the psyche and brain.

Cannabis Indica: Emotional psycho

The patient is characterized by the superficial attitude to life. He does everything easy and a joy. He is in a state of mental ecstasy, euphoria. Mental analysis it is not available or is boring. Developed imagination is the source of the inspiration, then fear. The thoughts in my head are not late.

There is no real sense of the body, empty eyes. The patient is hovering over the space and dissolved in it. Experiencing a feeling that he is constantly out of the physical body, around the time stopped. His arms by air, it is in a state of ease.

Time goes by very slowly. It stretches and "sticky." Patients concerned about internal discord due to mental overstimulation, the desire to move quickly, talk a lot, to live intensely.

After cannabis patient is easy to communicate, but quickly forgets about the companion and lights fancy ideas, he laughs a lot, often unmotivated. In his dreams, he jumps from one thing to another. Visions that arise in his head, very bright. His eyes seem glassy. He distorted perception of body parts. The hands seem strange, small limbs, head huge. Constant fear of dying outside the body. In real life, such people often change jobs, friends, place of residence.

Cannabis Indica: Mental or psycho-mental

Patients cannabis moody, prone to self-analysis, monitoring and evaluation of reality. They are characterized by being in a state of fear and outright terror of their own body. The mental reactions clearly saw slowness.

At the head of the patient, cannabis second type realizes the absurdity of the "happening". His companions - the expectation of death, fear of loss of reason, while hovering. Parts of the body are constantly "changing".
Note! Patients mental type differ increased demand for sex (satyriasis). They did not choose a special partner - will suit any quick discharge. When there is no one quite nearby - resort to masturbation. Often are carriers of gonorrhea.

Effect of Cannabis Indica on the body

Admission Cannabis indica is almost no response in the body. His prerogative - consciousness. Patients who take marijuana, note the following sense:
  • dry mouth;
  • hunger;
  • headache;
  • muscle weakness in the extremities;
The impact of cannabis on the psyche can be briefly described as a fantastic change of the surrounding reality. Extremely excites and stimulates the nervous system, thoughts. The patient falls into the exalted state (a lot and quickly says, laughing). The second version of the action of hemp - deep in yourself. The patient is disconnected from reality and his own body (catalepsy).

Aggravation can take several hours, depending on the dose and length of taking the drug. Gradually, over the years, people degrade, lose cognitive abilities, moral guidance and socialization.

Side Effects of Cannabis Indica 

Some patients who medicate with Cannabis Indica will experience drowsiness. Also called hypnesthesia, drowsiness is a state of impaired awareness associated with a desire or inclination to sleep.  While this may interfere with some people’s ability to remain alter during work hours, patients who suffer from insomnia will find this side effect to be very effective in alleviating their condition.

Cannabis Indica: Indications for use

Cannabis indica is prescribed for the following symptoms:
  • hallucinations, delirium night, galloping thoughts;
  • headache, burning sensation;
  • throbbing headache in the back of his head, thinking "hit" in the temples;
  • skull squeezing hoops "hurts" the brain, a sense of tightness of the skin on the face and head;
  • dizziness, feeling of loss of support, compression space;
  • weakness, drowsiness (relief from lying, but it is impossible to sleep);
  • pain, burning during urination and/or ejaculation;
  • fecal incontinence, urine;
  • bladder pain, back pain, kidney in laughter or sudden movements;
  • patient all the time freezes, grow cold hands, feet, nose after eating;
  • eyes shining without expression, pupil expanded the view of the scattered or turned "inside";
  • fears by constantly see monsters;
  • fear of dying in the street;
  • seem to be "other-worldly" entity;
  • paralysis, catalepsy, numbness of the limbs;
  • thirst.
Note! The vast majority of patients Cannabis exaggerated rumor. People clearly hear what is said in the next room whispering. Sometimes it borders on clairvoyance.
Cannabis indica prescribed for anemia, asthma (chronic bronchitis) counter drug dependence, gonorrhea, delirium tremens, hallucinations, catalepsy, memory loss, disorders of the urogenital sphere, priapism.

Dosage:- The remedy is administered in low dilutions.

Antidotes:- Gastric lavage, then lemon juice, strychnine. When loss of consciousness - discharge electric current, camphor, Mercurius.

Compatibility:- Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Opium, Veratrum album, Rhus, Nux Vomica.