Calcarea Phosphorica - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Phosphoricum) - is actually calcium phosphate. Available in the form of homeopathic granules and powder. The main effect of Calcarea Phosphorica based on the fact that it changes the effect of lime molecules in the body, resulting in a homeopathic medicine can be used to get rid of the problems with the tissues. Thanks to this important property Calcarea phosphorica widely used as a drug against many bone diseases.

There is another, no less important feature of the homeopathic remedy. This stimulation of the formation of leukocytes. Therefore phosphorica Calcarea is used in a number of diseases of the blood. In general, the effect of the drug on the body extremely well, allowing homeopathy to use it in a variety of cases.

A brief description of Calcarea Phosphorica

  • Name: Calcarea phosphorica
  • Raw materials: Calcium phosphate, Ca3 (PO4) 2
  • Family: Absent
  • Granules: C6, C12 and higher
  • Drops: C3, C6, C12 and higher

When it advised taking Calcarea phosphorica

As mentioned above, phosphorica Calcarea used in homeopathy is very widely. We list only the most basic of the disease, which makes this tool. The drug is given in the case of problems with memory, lag behind in development, as well as whimsical, children, to recover from difficult situations in life. It helps with vertigo and all sorts of headaches. It allows you to cope with hair loss.

The next group of diseases in which the appointed Calcarea phosphorica this eye ailment, including blindness, cataracts, eye inflammation, corneal ulcers and so on. It heals the pain in the ears, which is combined with rheumatism, chronic inflammation of the ear, and a number of other problems with the ears. Do not forget about the action of the drug on the nasal passages. Including helps with chronic colds and polyps. Cope with nosebleeds, arriving at noon.

If the skin of the patient seems to be oily and dirty, a lot of acne on it, then Calcarea phosphorica will also be useful. Homeopathic medicine is prescribed for swelling of the tongue.

It is only logical that the action of homeopathic medicine Calcarea phosphorica directly related to the teeth. The medicine is taken when a belated development, pain during teething, rapid tooth decay. The drug is good in the case of a toothache, as well as in diseases of the gums.
The next group of diseases - diseases of the throat, nose, and throat, and the very different nature. Calcarea phosphorica recommended in case of gastric symptoms, including heartburn, gas formation, dyspepsia, diarrhea, gallstones, hernias, hemorrhoids and problems with appetite.

Further, the homeopathic remedy prescribed for diseases of the genitourinary system, such as frequent urination, enuresis, diabetes, Bright's disease, sand, and stones. Saves men from the increased sexual desire, pain during erection, gonorrheal rheumatism, chronic gonorrhea, swelling of the testicles and scrotum. It helps women with uterine illnesses, nymphomania (deterioration before menstruation), menstrual problems, oophoritis and mammary tumors. Cope with pain during pregnancy and other problems of this period.

The next category of diseases associated with the respiratory system. In particular, this cough of various types. Calcarea phosphorica helps with ailments of the circulatory system, pain in the extremities and back pain, gout, rheumatism, numbness, convulsions and so on. From nervous diseases, homeopathic remedy saves in neuralgia, joint pain, paralysis, weakness, and fatigue, as well as epilepsy. Homeopath recommended medication in the case of symptoms of fever, skin problems and tissues, including those in rickets. Finally, Calcarea phosphorica cures leukemia, pancreatic and joint diseases.

As a conclusion - this homeopathic medicine is the treatment of a sufficiently broad profile and assigned to a variety of occasions.

Constitutional type Kalkara phosphorica - people with off-white and brown skin, usually very thin. Often suffer from pulmonary diseases. They tend to have dark hair and eyes. 

For this constitutional type characterized by sluggish joints and muscles, which is why frequent sprains and strains. The urine has a dark hue and pungent smell. Often patients complain of severe pain in the kidney area.

Side Effects of Calcarea Phosphorica

Few patients get specific side effects to specific remedy, in that case, a physician replaces the remedy with another. The below-mentioned list are the side effects of Calcarea Phosphorica. If you feel any side effect and it troubles you, do not forget to share with your physician. 
  • Difficulty with moving 
  • fever 
  • general feeling of discomfort or illness 
  • joint pain 
  • unusual tiredness or weakness
  • muscle pains or stiffness 
  • swollen joints 
  • muscle aching or cramping 

Application Calcarea Phosphorica

Different dilutions of homeopathic remedies, but most often occurs third, sixth and twelfth. The specific dose is appointed by the attending physician.

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