Bromum (Bromium) - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

The homeopathic remedy Bromum is sometimes referred to as bromium.  The main applications of bromum are breathing and a tendency to convulsions. However, the remedy can also help with swollen glands that are hardened, but if there is no pus.  The people have partly a migraine with aching pain, typically on the left side. This linkage is also typical for other complaints. A headache is aggravated by the sun or by movement. 

Elemental, thus pure bromine, is extremely poisonous. The vapors cause dyspnea, they damage the lungs.  Because of its property, it kills microorganisms, is often used as a disinfectant, Also as a plant protection agent or as a means against insects.  Bromine was formerly also used in medicinal products, especially in the treatment of sleep disorders or as a sedative. 

Bromum people often have trouble breathing, but otherwise, they have hardly any other conspicuous features. Often a certain tendency to forgetfulness, disorder, and depressive moods are not uncommon. 

Especially for tender children with beautiful red cheeks, the remedy seems suitable for children with a light skin and bright hair. They are afraid when it is dark. 

Constantin Hering described the difference between bromine and iodine as follows: "Bromine heals the blue-eyed, 

Iodine the brown-eyed. Possibly, the affected persons can become easily angry, for example when they argue with the siblings. 

In young women, a depressive mood is not untypical before the menstrual period. They do not feel well, they are sad. 

Particularly typical of the person is feeling as if someone were behind them, or feeling as if they were watching.
Typical complaints :- As a homeopathic remedy, bromium is predominantly known as a means of treating respiratory diseases. The remedy is especially useful for the treatment of chronic colds, influenza infections or colds. Typical are the pain in the nose. 

Bromium is also very effective in treating a dry cough with hoarseness, with burning pain occurring at the back of the sternum. During a convulsive cough, the mucus rattles and rattles in the body. These people feel a strong feeling of coldness. 

Bromine, by the way, is especially useful in the fight against respiratory diseases in sailors.

Coldness troubles begin in the throat and spread from there into the head and the lungs. The affected persons feel the larynx as tightly bound. Her voice appears deep, she seems hoarse. The expectoration when coughing is tough, white, and thick, hardly coming out of the lungs. When inhaled, the person feels as if the air is cold or full of smoke, as well as the lungs are always full as if exhausted. The heart is beating heavily. 

Possible dosage for respiratory tract :-
In order to alleviate asthma attacks, one takes 5 Globuli Bromum C15 every hour.

Complaints with the larynx can be treated with Bromum C5, for example. Take 3 globules 4 times a day for 10 days.

Bromium also has a relation to cramps. Typically, respiratory cramps are caused by asthma or coughing cramps. A cough is then rather dry, accompanied by a permanent hoarseness.

The person feels as if the lung is totally inelastic, as if she were tearing. Or a feeling as if you could not inhale deep enough.

The affected person feels as if she can not cough the mucus from the lungs, he is just too tight.

From all this results a feeling of suffocating.

Headaches are predominantly on the left side, they are worsened by bouncing overhead, by sun or by drinking milk.

Another important topic of bromine is the health.

All the body secretions are sore, they are sharp, they irritate the skin and the mucous membrane, for example, in the nose.

If you have a cold, the right nostril is closed, it tickles, you have to sneeze.

Similarly, the affected person has a scratching, sore throat, she has difficulty swallowing. When swallowing it hurts, otherwise, it comes too often to a tickling in the throat, so that one coughs.

The belly is as if blown, the person feels as if she had a stone in her stomach. After eating something, the complaints become better.

The affected persons often complain about skin problems but without any secretion. There are firm pimples and pimples, particularly in the face and in the arms of those affected.

These people sleep restlessly, they dream a lot and especially colorful, also have a tendency to nightmares. At night they move legs and arms, they shrug or shriek from sleep.

Tinnitus :- The homeopathic remedy Bromium is useful for reducing ringing or whistling in the ears, whether it be occasional or permanent noises. This drug can also improve the quality of life of tinnitus patients. Tinnitus is often caused by stress and stress, or by aging.

Recommended dosage against tinnitus :- It must be mentioned before that the dosage severity of the complaints depends. In addition, the dosage for this disease should be selected by a homoeopath. A possible dosage is 3 times a day a dose of Bromum C15 until the ear has disappeared.

This medicine is especially effective for people suffering from Menière's disease, especially when the disease is accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and pain.

The middle bromium is also frequently used in the treatment of asthma disorders. The person can take the remedy immediately, if the first complaints occur so that the aggravation of the complaints is absent or mitigated. The cure, taken immediately at the beginning, limits the atemproblems as well as the discomfort in the respiratory tract.

In homeopathy, bromium is also used in so-called "laryngeal cough".

Bromine acts as a disinfectant in homeopathy as the active substance bromine has a disinfecting effect. It helps people with diseases caused by bacteria or viruses, especially also with fever. In addition, the remedy helps against chronic infections of the urinary tract or infections of the sex organs.

Gynecological infections :- For gynecological infections, a curative treatment, over 90 days, with Bromum C9 - 5 globules, 3 times a day.

The homeopathic remedy Bromum is also used in the treatment of diseased glands when the glands have become hard, or are very swollen. It is also useful for the treatment of swelling of the scrotum, accompanied by pain and aggravated by the slightest shocks.

The remedy should also have a beneficial effect on breast tumors, but I will not go into it here. Here the pain worsened by pressure.

In the case of a breast tumor, please go to the doctor!

Typical for Bromium are also :-
  • The person feels swiftness when crossing flowing waters, for example when crossing a bridge. 
  • The person may have digestive problems and black stinky stools. 
  • Testicular swelling especially on the left side. 
  • Symptoms are predominantly on the left side and aggravate due to heat and heat.
  • Milk, salt, and tobacco should not be taken promptly.
  • The person has strikingly many cancer cases in her family.
  • The body glands swell, for example, the salivary glands or the gonads, they can also harden. 
  • Cool air hurts in the chest, it also coughs. 
  • It can also rattle and whistle in the lungs, but usually, the sound comes from the larynx.
  • Sea air improves this feeling and all the described discomfort, as well as movement.
  • A clear aggravation takes place in the evening until midnight there is always worse. 
  • Worse of all is still to rest, through heat, in the warm space, in dusty and dirty surroundings. 
  • An improvement takes place by sea air, movement, by physical exudations, such as bleeding or a cough.
  • If the person moves only slowly, so on a walk, this is especially good for her.
  • These people have heat, they sweat a lot. However, this makes them vulnerable to drafts. A stiff neck or a cold after this are not rare.
  • Typically, symptoms always migrate from bottom to top.
  • The person likes cool drinks, which she drinks in many small swallows. It also likes sour, for example, sour cucumbers.
  • If the person drinks milk, she gets a headache.
Possible fields of application :-
  • laryngitis
  • Influenza infections
  • Menstrual pain
  • hay fever
  • Laryngeal inflammation
  • Breast gland inflammation
  • sniff
  • Asthma disorders 
  • mastitis
Triggering the diseases are typically a subcooling after having sweated, bathing in the sea, inhaling dust and drafts.

Dosage: The dosage is individually designed by the attending physician. This is mainly the first three decimal dilutions. In certain cases, the amount can range from 6 to 30. The dilutions should always be fresh, so how fast the process of decomposition begins.

Dilution with distilled water is used. The first two dilutions must be prepared on the water, and the third is made up of 50% of the mixture of alcohol and water.

Contraindications and side effects :-
  • It is strictly forbidden to take Bromium without consulting a doctor.
  • Contraindicated in various diseases and pathologies of the heart or the heart muscle. Pregnant and lactating issued only as an exception in rare cases.
  • In the case of overdose, there is a general deterioration of health, insomnia, inflammation of the mucous membrane. Often encountered gastrointestinal upset and skin irritation. It may be chronic poisoning.

Antidotes :- Bromium  are antidotes for Camphor (Camphora), Ammonium carbonicum, Magnesia carbonica (Magnesia sarbonica), Opium (Opium).