Bovista - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications, antidotes

In home remedy, mushrooms have always played an important role. They are applied to wounds and cuts, to the festering sore, and diaper rash. Cut a giant puffball tied to the injured site and held a certain time.

Bovista - the purpose and effect :- Bovista grows in Italy. To use this medicinal mushroom is valid until its full maturity. If Bovista ripe - his head is blown up, and the insides are filled with black powder, which is considered poisonous.
Homeopathists powdered contents Bovista used to treat a variety of serious diseases.

Special compositions, with the minimum number of substances that can not harm the patient, if you follow the instructions.

Typical Symptoms (Lead Symptoms):-
  • The affected person suffers from an onion-like sweat.
  • The person concerned is awkward, she falls from the hand. 
  • The affected person has an acne-like skin rash, a reaction to summer heat or bathing. 
  • There is a tendency to hardship, caused by dull objects.
  • The affected person has a dark menstrual bleeding, diarrhea and cross-pain.
  • The affected person is puffy. 
  • The affected person has skin irritation and vesicular inflammation.
  • The affected person suffers from increased skin rash associated with menstrual bleeding. 
  • The affected person has an acne-like skin rash, a reaction to cosmetic items. 
  • The affected person suffers from rash as small friezes. 
  • The affected person has a herpes affection.
Features of mental patients :-  Patients who appointed Bovista for treatment, have some of the features of the psyche. Short? this type can be described as "depressing despondency", the inability to be alone.

They are characterized by non-aggressive form of depression characterized by silent anxiety, self-flagellation and unpleasant thoughts.
Such people are very sensitive to criticism and negativity from others. Patient all sounds terrible.

This person can be chatty and unrestrained.

Patients can be traced difficulty remembering new information, problems with coordination of movements. They are often frightened, and in those moments begin to forget the thoughts and confused words. For a long time can not find the right words for the letters or transfer his thoughts. There are outbursts of emotion, when a strong spree replaced by a deep longing and tears.
Important information: application of homeopathic drugs exacerbates the beginning of treatment. Be prepared for this.
Indications for use and symptoms :- General symptoms, the appointment Bovista
  • Physical weakness, malaise, loss of ability to work fast. The lack of strength in the morning, difficulty in awakening. It is given to patients after airway damage smoke from the burning coal.
  • It is indicated for the different types of rashes and skin irritation, herpes. It is used for inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and urogenital system. Children drug appointed in strong stuttering.
  • The person has skin irritation and vesicular inflammation of the skin. 
  • There is a rash like small friezes. 
  • The symptoms typically occur in summer (during heat) and during bathing. 
  • There is a tendency to herpes. 
  • The affected person has an onion-like sweat. 
  • Often the skin rash increases with the period bleeding. 
  • There is an incompatibility reaction to cosmetics.
  • Aggravation of the symptoms: Worsening due to heat and heat.
  • Bovista D6: Three times a day five globules.
The remedy is contraindicated in:
  • during pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding.
Interactions with other drugs, antidotes :- Bovista compatible with remedies such as:
  • Alumina;
  • Calcarea carbonica;
  • Rhus toxicodendron;
  • Sepia.
Bovista incompatible with sulfuric acid and mineral water, coffee and strong tea
An antidote to the remedy : Camphor (Camphora).
Safe dosage: midstream breeding - 3 and 6.

Caution: Do not self-medicate, it can be dangerous to your health. All applicable products must be assigned to a specialist in the dosage required to resolve your problem.

The suffering is improved by:-
  • eat
  • Squat
The suffering is worsened by :-
  • warmth
  • heat