Baptisia Tinctoria - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Baptisia (Wild Indigo) has proven itself in the treatment of acute infections and blood poisoning. The homeopathic remedy Baptisia is a so-called fever, which indicates that the person's mind is typically like a person suffering from severe fever.

The persons concerned can hardly concentrate, they have much, sometimes confusing, thoughts in their minds, which they can not turn off and therefore can not focus on one thing.

This condition is especially bad when these people actually suffer from fever, because then they have more thoughts in mind, and they also feel as if something of their mind or their own being is missing. They believe that a body part is missing, and they want to go that missing body part.

In part, these people also feel as if they have been broken into many small parts, or as if the parts affected by the discomfort were broken into many small parts. The affected person is therefore very excited, she paints bad scenarios and can therefore hardly sleep. When she falls asleep, the person is still very restless in his sleep.

The people concerned do not take much notice of what is happening around them so it can happen that they are just talking to someone and have suddenly slept in the next second.
While these people have their fever delirium, the head is usually particularly red, and it looks as if the person is in a bit dogged or as if it were totally tense. The person bites their teeth, often the view is directed into the emptiness. It seems as if the person is in a separate world.

If the affected person suffers from a headache, then usually also a dizzy feeling. The person then feels as if her skin pulled over her head backward. This results in a numb feeling on the scalp, and the person is therefore very confused.

The mucous membranes are infected all over the body, in part, they grow too strongly, one could call it also proliferate. Inflammatory inflammations are formed everywhere, and they smell very badly.

The tongue of the affected person is very dry and hurts. Typical is a white strip on the tongue, which later becomes brownish - this is a typical sign for the homeopathic remedy Baptisia.

The persons concerned do not like the solid food because they believe they have to vomit immediately. They prefer to drink something, which is easier. People feel as though their esophagus is too tight and cramped, yet the affected persons have no pain in their throats. They want to drink cold water, but only in small swallows, because they feel they do not fit through their necks.

The complaints that point to this remedy are very slow or creeping.

When the person is ill, the disease draws all the energy out of the body, the people take it off, they hardly want to eat anything and are getting weaker. This makes them more and more confused and just want to sleep.

Often there is cramping pain in the abdomen, especially on the right side. All secretions or excretions smell unpleasant, such as the stool, and sometimes blood can also be contained.

At night the affected persons are plagued by nightmares, and they also feel as if they have to suffocate.

Breathing works very hard, just as if the lung can not contain enough air.

Typically, the affected individuals also feel as if they are battered, the muscles ache, especially in the regions of the pelvis and the loins.

If the person has a fever, this occurs in waves. It is also typical that the person then has pain in the joints that occur especially shortly before noon, as from about 11:00 am. Also, chills may occur.

The people, to whom the homeopathic remedy Baptisia best suits, are typically hot men whose skin seems to burn. It is also typical that these people want a lot of fresh, cool air around them. They often open the windows or fan themselves. You always want fresh air!

The symptoms worse in a warm room or in damp and warm weather. Moreover, this person conspicuously does not tolerate any beer.

The type and the patient's psyche:- Baptisia is assigned to patients with the following features of mental states:
  • Stupor, which is manifested in the ability to fall asleep while talking. In this case, there is a deep dive into the dream state, which continues until the final awakening.
  • The lack of capacity for mental activity, accompanied by a lack of power. Consciousness is characterized by turbidity and weakness, the effect similar to a state of intoxication.
  • Inability to concentrate due nesobrannosti thoughts.
  • Depressed mood, alternating with depression and hysteria.
  • There is a sense of increased anxiety. In this case, severe weakness in the body prevents the commission of physical activity.
  • The lack of ability to think or remember.
  • The feeling of worsening state of the body at the thought of the pain syndrome, is present in various parts of the body.
Patient type - hot, asthenia. There is a predominant involvement of the right side of the body. Marked weakness of the response. When this characteristic is:
  • rotten smell from the mouth;
  • tendency to constant motion of the body;
  • addiction to cold water and the cold air flow around.
Commonly used in the :- central nervous system.

Main applications of Baptisia :- Acute infections, blood poisoning

Side Effects of Baptisia Tinctoria

  • Stomach or intestinal problems: Baptisia Tinctoria  can be especially harmful to people with stomach or intestinal problems. Avoid use.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Baptisia Tinctoria  is UNSAFE when taken by mouth or applied to the skin. Avoid use.
Application areas of Baptisia :-
  • Infectious diseases,
  • Inflammation of the lungs,
  • Esophageal throat, throat, gag,
  • Fever,
  • Heartburn hepatitis brown tongue,
  • Gastrointestinal flu,
  • Pain,
  • Heart racing,
  • Esophageal constriction congenital,
  • Partial paralysis numbness,
Interconnection and antidotes :- Baptisia works seamlessly with:
  • Ammonium, Arsenicum and Gelsemium, when there is increased nervousness, drowsy and muscle soreness;
  • Silicea - driven by the ability to swallow only liquids, but, unlike Baptisia, aversion to milk components;
  • Echinacea angustifolia is considered to be the closest alternative to the drug.
Antidote :- The main antidote of Baptisia is Camphora.

Baptisia - most effective therapeutic agent for gastric fevers and type of infection in the digestive tract. Three main features are manifested in:
  • increased sensitivity of muscle tissue throughout the body;
  • stinking smell exudates;
  • stupor and meaninglessness all over his face.
Methods of Use :- Baptisia recommended at low dilutions. Richard Hughes, a famous English homeopath, advised to make the reception of tincture in the amount of a few drops in the early disease typhoid tendencies.