Stomach (Gastric) Ulcer - Types, Causes, Symptoms,Treatment, Remedies

Gastric ulcer or gastric ulcer is a chronic disease in which there are periods in the acute ulcers on the gastric mucosa. Today, from this disease affects about one in ten adults. Most men suffer from stomach ulcers to 50 years.

The causes of stomach ulcers :- Global and the main cause of stomach ulcers is considered to be high acidity. It arises from the fact that the stomach contains too much hydrochloric acid. On the development of stomach ulcers are influenced by a number of factors. It can occur in the case of hereditary predisposition, congenital abnormalities, nutritional problems (including those related to food intake schedule, its quantity and composition), abuse of alcohol and cigarettes, nervous stress and intolerance of any drugs.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers :- First of all, patients complain of acute pain in the stomach, which torment them after half an hour after eating. Also, there are nausea and vomiting. Patients worried about heartburn. If a gastric ulcer causes bleeding, then it will indicate the chair black color. In addition, due to peptic ulcer disease often have problems with the maneuverability of the digestive system, as formed scars and adhesions.

Perforated ulcer of the stomach: the characteristic symptoms

Separately consider the symptomatic picture that points to the aggravation of a stomach ulcer - Perforated ulcer.

In the first disease patiently complains of sharp pain in the upper abdomen. Skin pale, covered with cold sweat. Pulse slower than usual.

In the second stage falls unpleasant sensation and feeling of tension in the epigastric region. They were replaced by inflammation of the peritoneum comes with all the ensuing consequences. The temperature rises, the pulse quickens, there are problems with a chair and flatulence. Notes dry tongue and skin.
Finally, in the third stage of perforated ulcer condition of the person, it is getting worse. Clinical manifestations of peritonitis are amplified, need urgent hospitalization.

Complications of gastric ulcer :- If untreated ulcer can give complications. For example, there are a perforation, bleeding, and stenosis. Also can develop deformation. Ulcer sometimes degenerates into a malignant tumor and causes dyskinesia of the gallbladder, vegetative-vascular dystonia, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and hepatotoxicity.

Treatment of stomach ulcers methods of classical medicine :- In traditional medicine, uncomplicated peptic ulcer disease is treated without surgery, on an outpatient basis. In the hospital you must go only to those who have an ulcer was detected for the first time, as well as in the case of complications, frequent relapses, and severe pain.

A very important component of the treatment of peptic ulcer disease is diet. A person must renounce spicy, marinated and smoked. Eat best in small portions, but often. In periods of exacerbation ideal option would be eating steamed.

In addition to therapeutic diets are also used chemicals. They are prescribed depending on whether that was the cause of peptic ulcer disease.

In this case, the main effect of drugs aimed at to normalize the gastric acid level. To this end, a variety of multi-appointed antibiotics complexes. In parallel with the reception to the patient should be observed at the attending physician. Sometimes it happens that any scheme does not lead to effective results. This means that the bacteria are "accustomed" to one of the components, and should change the scheme is applied.

In this case, various groups of drugs type. Including actively used antacids, blockers of various kinds and other drugs.

Surgical treatment of gastric ulcers

If the ulcer does not resolve with antibiotics, then resort to surgery. The operation is used in all sorts of complications, in which case it is deemed necessary, and in some other situations. For example, the patient should be referred for surgery when multiple profuse gastrointestinal bleeding in history, with major penetrating ulcers resistant to medication.

So, let's sum up. In traditional medicine, as, indeed, and always, the treatment of gastric ulcers is reduced to reception of chemicals and surgery. The latter is a very drastic measure eliminates, in fact, only the effects of the disease, but not its cause. No one can guarantee that the disease will not come back again. As for antibiotics, it has more than once been said about their harmfulness. If you want to get rid of stomach ulcers, and not to harm your body, then pay attention to homeopathic medicines.

Treatment of stomach ulcers methods of homeopathy :- Homeopathy does not neglect medical diet as a component of the complex in the fight with a stomach ulcer. In addition, prescribers, depending on the patient's constitutional type and symptomatic picture

Kalium bichromicum 3 and 6 breeding allows normalizing the acidity of gastric juice, to cope with heartburn, belching and pain.

Hydrastis/Goldenseal 6 and 30 breeding - it is a basic homeopathic remedy that is often used with a stomach ulcer.

Calcarea Carbonica in 3, 3, 6, 12 and 30 breeding helps to reduce flatulence and pain.

Sulphuricum Acidum 6 and 30 is used as a dilution of a homeopathic remedy for hiccups, acid eructation and burning sensation in the stomach area.

Natrum Phosphoricum in 6x dilution is assigned in case of the high acidity of gastric juice.

Argentum nitrikum in 3, 3 and 6 dilution is used as a homeopathic remedy for pain in the stomach area and the wrong salt balance of the gastric juice.