Sarcoidosis - Types, Symptoms, Causes, Complications, Homeopathic Remedies

Sarcoidosis is a chronic inflammatory process that mainly affects the lungs. Moreover, affects the thoracic lymph nodes and bronchial tubes.

In sarcoidosis specific granulomas formed in various organs and tissues. From tubercular formations, they are distinguished by the absence of necrotic changes. As a result, the occurrence of granulomas may impair respiratory functions. Most often, sarcoidosis affects women from 30 years.

Causes of sarcoidosis: - Unfortunately, to date, not know the exact cause of sarcoidosis. There is speculation that the disease develops due to weakened immunity. The disease occurs as a reaction of the organism to various influences, external or internal. Simply stated, in response to foreign particles induces the production of antibodies, which combine with the antigens, deposited in the tissues. This causes tissue growth and the emergence of granulomas.
Types of sarcoidosis : - There are three types of sarcoidosis: hilar and generalized, that is, combining thoracic manifestations of disease and damage other organs and systems. Each form has its own signs of sarcoidosis.

Symptoms of sarcoidosis : - When intrathoracic sarcoidosis disease includes the lymph nodes, lungs, nd bronchi. In the initial stage of this form of the disease passes without symptoms. There have been only such symptoms as general weakness and loss of appetite.

It happens that sarcoidosis occurs suddenly, giving itself felt by a sharp rise in temperature, pain in the joints and nodular eruptions on the skin. Also, there is a dry cough and chest pain. Patients complain of shortness of breath. Over time, the cough becomes wet from the dry, with phlegm.

When sarcoidosis, the process involved a variety of organs, except the adrenal glands. Mainly affects the lymph nodes, which is reflected in their increase. When defeat covers the bones, then it develops osteoporosis, or cysts.

Often affected the spleen and liver, which is not shown any symptoms. In the so-called sarkoidoznom infarction (heart attack) is disturbed heart rhythm and conduction. If you struck by the nervous system, the marked neuritis of individual nerves. Another manifestation of sarcoidosis - sarkoidozny meningitis.

Cutaneous sarcoidosis is expressed in specific skin eruptions - sarcoid. These education painless, but often point to the fact that the disease gripped and internal organs.

Complications of sarcoidosis :- If there is no good treatment of sarcoidosis may lead to various complications, the most dire of which are respiratory failure and blindness. The latter occurs as a result of inflammation of the eye. The official medical complications docked by the appointment of corticosteroid hormones.

The diagnosis of "sarcoidosis" can be put only after a thorough examination. The patient is directed to an X-ray, it is also used computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Another way to identify the disease at an early stage - is an ultrasound examination of internal organs. With the respiratory function tests detected intrathoracic sarcoidosis. In addition, the work is done the heart check.

Finally, to confirm the diagnosis of the patient tissue fragment taken and examined under a microscope.

So, the diagnosis is made. Now let's talk about how to fight the disease. Sometimes sarcoidosis goes away on its own and does not need treatment. However, if the disease progresses, the need to stop the proliferation of cells in sarkoidoznyh granulomas. For this purpose hormonal and antimalarials. Also made the procedure for blood purification by plasmapheresis. Another component of complex treatment - physiotherapy.

Very useful special medical diet, which is expressed in starvation. With it, you can restore the immune system and stimulate the adrenal cortex.

Generally, sarcoidosis is rare, celebrated in Russia only 5 cases per 100 thousand people. But, despite this, you should be careful about their health and detect disease in its early stages. So it is possible to prevent possible complications of sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis Treatment methods of homeopathy :- Very often, sarcoidosis manifests as erythema nodosum. If this symptom assigned different homeopathic remedies, including Apis 3, 6 and 12 of dilution, Belladonna 3 and 6 dilution Calcarea Carbonica 6 and 12 of dilution, Kalium Iodatum in 3 and 3 dilution and Mercurius Solubilis 3, 6 and 12 dilution. Assigning a particular drug depends on which stage is sarcoidosis, as well as his tendency to obosteniyam.

Furthermore, in sarcoidosis and other appointed homeopathic medication according to the constitutional type and symptomatic picture of the patient.
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