Prevent & Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally with Garlic (Universal Recipe)

Garlic can lower blood pressure :- Normalize blood pressure and prevent blood clots and atherosclerosis plaques help so familiarly to all of the product as garlic. Unlike other popular Home or folk remedies for normalizing the blood pressure, garlic has no effect on the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, but it can prevent oxidation by free radicals. It lipid oxidative degradation products tends to be deposited on the walls of blood vessels, causing the formation of atherosclerosis plaques.

Other beneficial properties of garlic, of which he is an excellent prevention of heart diseases and hypertension, the ability to thin the blood and stimulate the processes of dissolving blood clots. Garlic has anti-caking properties and prevents the formation of blood cells and blood clots.

Garlic should be used with caution if you are taking medications that affect blood clotting. In combination with anticoagulants and drugs garlic may provoke bleeding, however, before using it for the treatment of high pressure, it is necessary to consult with a physician.
Garlic stimulates the nutrition of the heart muscle, normalizes the blood flow in the coronary vessels and slows the development of atherosclerosis. This avoids complications such as an intermittent cerebral blood flow.

With regular use of garlic reduces blood pressure by an average of 7-8% that proves its greater efficiency compared to other folk remedies pressure - mother-wort and hawthorn.

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Universal Recipe:- Two cloves of garlic cut into thin slices and insist in a glass of water 10-12 hours. In the morning drink the infusion of garlic and freshly cut garlic leaving until the evening. The course of treatment is a month during which the need to drink a glass of water with garlic in the morning and evening daily.