Pneumonia Types, Symptoms, Causes, Homeopathic Remedies

Today, despite what heights reached medicine, pneumonia still a lot of people sick. And this disease is still life threatening. On the level of mortality, she ranks first among infectious diseases.

Pneumonia is an acute infectious inflammation of the lower respiratory tract that involves both the lung tissue, including the alveoli, bronchi and bronchioles.

Types of pneumonia :- Highlighted several types of pneumonia. The most common so-called community-acquired pneumonia. If the patient is in the hospital more than 72 hours before admission and showed no signs of pneumonia, his illness usually referred to nosocomial or hospital form.

The reason for aspiration pneumonia - Inhalation of foreign bodies and liquids. Finally, SARS arises from the multiplication of atypical microflora.

The causes of pneumonia :-
Pneumonia in essence - a bacterial disease. Among the pathogens, it is isolated pneumococci, staphylococci, Haemophilus and the so-called "atypical" infections. Sometimes cause pneumonia and other bacteria, it happens in the case of low immunity or in the presence of severe concomitant diseases.
Now it's time to list the main risk factors in which the pneumonia occurs. This disease of the internal organs, and a weakened immune system, and cancer diseases, and carrying out mechanical ventilation, and diseases of the central nervous system (especially epilepsy), and elderly (over 60 years), and the use of general anesthesia. Usually pneumonia develops when there are several triggering factors.

Pneumonia symptoms : - When pneumonia patient complains of fever, sudden fever and cough with abundant phlegm. It is also noted shortness of breath, and not only under load, but also at rest. In some cases, patients experience pain in the chest.

Also symptomatic picture is characterized by general weakness, decreased performance and fatigue. Patients who experience problems with sleep and appetite (it disappears almost completely).

While listening, you can note all sorts of wheezing. However, in some cases, these symptoms may not be.

Pneumonia treatment methods of classical medicine : - Treatment of pneumonia in traditional medicine includes a range of measures, including severe cases, hospitalization is necessary.

The basic method is to antibiotics that will fight the bacteria. Typically, a complex of two drugs selected based on the specific symptoms and age of the patient.

Here are the main group of antibiotics that are used today for the treatment of pneumonia macrolides, penicillin and its derivatives, cephalosporins, and respiratory fluoroquinolones. In general antibiotic therapy lasts at least a week.

If the patient has a cough, it is also used by thinning mucus and expectorants. Often mistaken that doctors and prescribe these drugs to patients with dry cough or without it.

In case of shortness of breath are used drugs that enhance the bronchi. Most commonly prescribed inhaled drugs, including Flomax, berotek and salbutamol. If they, for whatever reason, can not be used, then the course is aminophylline or its derivatives.

In some cases, the required infusion therapy is considered, which includes the statement of droppers with salt or glucose solutions.

Prityazhelom pneumonia during conducted immunomodulating therapy which is reflected in the appointment of intravenous immunoglobulin.

If the patient has fever (more 38,0-38,50 C), the anti-pyretic drugs are used.

Finally, the patient should maintain the right lifestyle (no smoking, drink plenty of fluids, eat according to medical diet) and take a multivitamin.

Pneumonia treatment methods of homeopathy :- Pneumonia treatment with homeopathic medicines are very popular today. The fact that homeopathy is ideal for patients with intolerance to strong chemicals. It becomes for them the only possible way. On the whole, homeopathy measures allow high quality and completely cured of any form of pneumonia.

In the initial stage of the disease at a fever Aconite assigned to 3- and 3 dilution. Then this homeopathic remedy replaced Brion in 3 and 3 dilution. As well to Belladonna in 3 and 3 dilution.

Next prescribes depending on the symptomatic picture. For example, if blood is detected in the sputum shown Phosphor 6 in a dilution and Ipecacuanha 3 and 3 dilution.

When sputum becomes rusty color, to assign Sanguinaria 3 dilution.

Antimonium tartaricum 3 and 6 is applied at a dilution of rales, stertorous respiration and problems with sputum.

Iodium 3 and 6 dilution and Kali iodatum 3 and 6 dilutions are assigned in the case of coughing, chest accompanied battle. Also, these homeopathic remedies are good for fever.

Veratrum Viride in 3 and 3 is used as a homeopathic dilution agent for cardiovascular disease, which was the consequence of pneumonia.

Camphor in 1x and 2x dilutions also recommended for cardiovascular disease.

If pneumonia was delayed, and antibiotics have completely lost their meaning, you can assign the following homeopathic remedies: Arsenicum album in 6 dilution, Arsenicum Iodatum 3 and 6 breeding Sulfur 6 dilution, Hepar Sulphur in 3 and 6 dilution.

We remind you that homeopathic remedies are applied, depending on the patient's constitutional type.
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