Phlebeurysm - Causes, Symptoms, Stage, Treatment, Remedies

Disease varicose veins or, as it is popularly called, varicose veins, represents a lesion at which veins increases, and the wall, in turn, thinning, are formed "nodes."

Varicose veins - a predominantly female disease, according to statistics, the beautiful half of humanity suffers from it four times more likely. The reason for this in the ratio of female sex hormones, as well as violations of the hormonal status. The cause of varicose veins can, for example, obesity, menopause, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and so on.

The mechanism of development of varicose veins :- Let us examine how to develop varicose veins. Recall how the blood moves through the veins. That's right, from the bottom up. Venous walls contain special valves that just do not give blood to flow down, in other words, "keep" it.

And what happens if the valves become thinner or have problems in their work? Of course, the walls take on all the pressure that causes a loss of elasticity. As a result - the blood stagnates in the veins, but not transferred from one valve to another. Increased venous pressure, and, finally, Vienna is blown up, and we see the ugly "nodes" on the skin.
Stage of development of varicose veins :- There are four stages of development of varicose veins. In the first stage there spider veins on the legs, patients experience edema and severity before bedtime.

During the second stage expanding subcutaneous veins are observed swelling. In the third stage the naked eye much lower leg veins, and skin pigmentation. Swelling becomes permanent, it adds to the calf muscle cramps at night. Finally, in the fourth stage in the shin area appear sores.

Symptoms of varicose veins :- Separately, we will not release the symptoms of varicose veins, as we have already talked about them. Again, that correspond to each stage of their signs that allow choosing appropriate drugs for treatment.

Treatment for varicose veins drugs traditional medicine :- Conventional medicine offers several options for treatment of varicose veins. We will tell you about them.

The first method comprises administering injectable medicines which strengthen the venous wall. The disadvantage of this method - pain treatments and the need for continuous wearing bandages during the entire treatment time.

The following method is called sclerotherapy of the affected vein. When it diseased vein clog, whereby it is no longer valid. Instead of this vein blood transfer functions are performed by others that are more deeply.

It should be noted that this procedure, as the first method does not give an opportunity to deal with the cause of the disease. Both techniques operate locally, however, as many gels and ointments, so widespread today.

There are also more radical treatment options. This surgery. However, we must not forget about the dangers of chemicals and anesthesia, as well as the fact that this method does not remove the causes of disease.

Summarize. Existing methods of treatment of varicose veins are veins reducing the visual increase. The real causes of disease are not affected and are not considered, so over time the disease progresses. In contrast to the methods of classical medicine, homeopathic drugs can finally get rid of the painful disease.

Treatment for varicose veins homeopathic remedies :- If the patient has varicose veins and lack of leg vein valve apparatus, it will help Calcarea fluorica in the third and sixth dilution.

When accompanied varicosity and hemorrhoids osteochondrosis, to assign the third decimal Aesculus, third or sixth dilution.

In the event that on the background of varicose veins appear thrombophlebitis, should start receiving Viper Verus in the sixth and the twelfth dilution.

Varicose veins in obese people treated with Graphites in the third and sixth dilution.

If varicose veins occur as a result of gynecological diseases, visceroptosis or propensity to depression, it is recommended to Sepia in the sixth and the twelfth dilution.

When a patient bleeding varices, Hamamelis prescribed in the third decimal and the third dilution.

In the fourth stage of varicose veins, ie in the event of venous ulcers, especially in the elderly, is appointed Carbo vegetabilis in the third decimal, the third and sixth dilution. In addition, homeopathic medicine can help and when varicose veins accompanied by general weakness and visceral pathologies.

Like any homeopathic medicines, drugs described above are issued depending on to which the patient belongs constitutional type.

Furthermore, in accordance with the type of constitutional appointed Arnica, Melilotus and Pulsatilla.