Ovarian Cysts - Types, Causes, Symptoms,Treatment, Homeopathic Remedies

Ovarian cyst - a benign tumor of the ovary. Translated from the Greek language means the cyst cavity. There are several types of cysts.

Types of ovarian cysts :- Follicular cyst and corpus luteum cyst - is the shell of the follicle, or, respectively, the corpus luteum, which is strongly stretched. These elements are part of the ovaries.

There is another type of ovarian cyst - a dermoid tumor. It is characterized by containing the embryo parts, such as hair or teeth.

The causes of ovarian cysts :- Typically, ovarian cysts formed due to the malfunction of the hormonal system, more often - because of thyroid disease.

The consequences of ovarian cysts :- Due to the formation of cysts can be complications, including infertility, development of malignant tumors, and the so-called "acute abdomen". The latter is a gap cyst or twisting its base. As a result, in the best case, it is necessary to remove ovaries and fallopian tubes, and at worst - the even greater number of female genitals. Therefore, the cyst treatment should begin as soon as possible, immediately, as soon was diagnosed.
Symptoms of ovarian cysts :- Ovarian cysts in the early stage of its development are usually asymptomatic, so the woman for a long time may even be unaware of their diagnosis. The only sign of the disease, which manifests itself at an early stage, it's a sharp pain after strenuous exercise.

In the later stages, when there is a rupture or twisting cysts, frequent and severe pain, fever, and vomiting. Also disturbed menstrual cycle, the discharge becomes either too heavy or too scarce come much earlier or later than usual. Menstruation causing severe pain. When the cyst becomes very large, growing belly, often asymmetrically.

Besides the symptoms described above, in the case where ootheca produces hormones, in regard to its appearance significantly enhanced hair growth.

Ovarian cyst treatment methods of classical medicine :- In the classical medical treatment of ovarian cysts it depends on what stage the disease, but also from a cyst type (described above in this article).In addition, is isolated and the organic functional cyst. Functional cysts usually are temporary, occurs in young women, and passes through a few months of conservative treatment, while organic cyst itself fails, occurs in women in menopause and help her with only the operation.

As mentioned above, the main cause of ovarian cysts are failures in the hormonal system. Therefore, conservative treatment is based on the administration of hormones, which are selected individually. During treatment, the woman should visit a gynecologist, who will record the changes in the body. When there is any suppuration, bleeding, breakage or kinking cysts base, there is only one radical method - the operation.

If the cyst serious consequences, it reaches a large size or polycystic formed (ie, the brush is not in one ovary, and in two), the operations are carried out as soon as possible.

We add that the operation is assigned and when hormone therapy does not bring the proper result for one to three months. Patients who are overweight and need to diet and engage in physical therapy, since extra weight disrupt hormonal metabolism.

So, let's sum up. Traditional medicine offers very radical methods of treatment of ovarian cysts: it is either the administration of hormones, bearing a variety of side effects, or operation that removes only the effects of the cysts but do not cause disease. Unfortunately, sometimes even after surgery relapse lead to the occurrence of new cysts, not only in the ovaries but in the thyroid and mammary gland. Homeopathic medicines are deprived of these disadvantages and allow to get rid of the causes of ovarian cysts once and for all.

Ovarian cyst treatment methods of homeopathy :- Assignment of a homeopathic agent depends on the patient and the constitutional type of ovarian cysts symptoms.

For example, in Berberis 3, 3 and 6 dilutions prescribed for piercing and burning pains.

Apis is very good in the first trimester of pregnancy and is used as a drug for the treatment of endocrine diseases. It allows you to bring back to normal the ovaries, especially if I have polycystic. Homeopathic medicine is recommended to take in high dilutions, starting with 12 or 30.

Aurum iodatum is useful when ovarian cyst accompanied with uterine myoma, a patient suffering from atherosclerosis. Aurum metallicum is recommended when the patient suffers no atherosclerosis and hypertension. Both homeopathic remedies are used in 6.12 and 30 breeding.

As additional agents are also assigned in Laurocerasus and 3 Lycopodium dilutions and 6, 12 and 30 dilutions.

Homeopathic remedies also coping not only with the ovarian cyst, but also with a number of associated problems, such as dysfunction of the ovaries, breast, thyroid disease and the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. We remind you that the drugs should be administered strictly individual doctor, not their own.