Natural Ways To Normalize High Blood Pressure - Home Remedies

According to medical statistics, blood pressure (hypertension) disease is the most common ailment. Pressure drops that trigger diseases of the cardiovascular system, occupy one of the first places among the causes of death, they have long ceased to be a lot of elderly people, and increasingly heard complaints from people who are not yet thirty years old. In recent years, along with pharmacy drugs, designed to stabilize the pressure, more and more popular Home remedies from the pressure, which you can prepare yourself at home from natural ingredients.

Normal "healthy" is considered pressure 120 \ 80 m. E. Systolic "upper" pressure at which the heart ejects blood into the arteries, is 120, and the diastolic "lower" pressure at which the heart is between contractions filled with blood is 80.

Symptoms of pressure: - Blood pressure exceeds a mark of 160, is considered to be high. Its symptoms may include: a headache, darkening of the eyes, dizziness, squeezing his temples and bouncing "fly" in front of his eyes. In addition to this increase in pressure can be accompanied by redness of the face, fever, and sweating.

Quite often a sign of low blood pressure is a dull, oppressive, arching tightening or a headache in the frontotemporal and frontoparietal region, appears even after a long sleep, fatigue, and weakness, even to the point of exhaustion. Quite often there are symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

How often to measure your blood pressure: - Before figuring out how to normalize the pressure of Home remedies, you must know how to measure it. Even if there are no symptoms of pressure differences, it must be kept under control. Every three months it is necessary to make reference blood pressure measurements and record them to time it was possible to respond to any changes.

Help get rid of this disease medicinal herbs on the pressure can only be in the early stages of the disease. In most cases, herbal therapy is an only very effective addition to the rate of drug treatments. As well as receiving infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants twice a year (spring and autumn) for a month is an excellent prevention of problems with the cardiovascular system.

Proper nutrition as a way to control hypertension: - In the treatment of hypertension - high blood pressure, special attention should be paid to diet, should be consumed with care products such as coffee, strong tea, alcohol, Pepsi-cola, chocolate, salt, egg yolks, fried foods, and pastries. Recommended regular use decoctions of medicinal plants, such as wild rose (how rosehips affect the pressure is written below).

Traditional means for reducing pressure: - There are many different Home remedies pressure allowing stabilize the cardiovascular system, such people's blood pressure by means such as:

Cudweed for foot baths. Necessary steamed cottonweed 250 grams in 5 liters of boiling water for 20-25 minutes and used for foot baths lasting 12-15 minutes.

Garlic at elevated pressure with headaches and insomnia. You need to eat per day to 3 large garlic cloves are not on a full stomach.

Crataegus sanguine for oral administration. 500 grams of mature fruits of hawthorn need to crush in a mortar and wooden pour 100 ml. water, heat to 40 degrees temperature and compressed by using a juicer. The resulting juice is finally taken before meals 3-4 times a day for one article. spoon.

Cranberries with sugar - taken after meals 3 times a day for 1 st. spoon.

Vinegar in the form of compresses. Normal or apple cider vinegar applied to the soles of the feet for 7-10 minutes.

Very often heard arguments on the beneficial properties of various medicinal plants, and one of these contentious issues is the question of "hawthorn raises or lowers blood pressure?" The answer to this question was given by scientists, according to studies, this medicinal plant, which has a mass of useful qualities, can stabilize blood pressure, ie. E. Receiving infusions and decoctions of hawthorn help to normalize both low and high blood pressure, it all depends on the concentration decoctions.

Additionally, infusions with "participation" hawthorn help stabilize ocular pressure. Home remedies Treatment of this disease is carried out very successfully, sometimes even without the usual pharmacy medicines.

Home remedies for low blood pressure: - The basis of the treatment of hypertension - low blood pressure has laid down the use of tonics, such as strong tea and coffee, as well as the performance of physical exercise and ensuring proper rest. Home remedies are also used in low pressure, for example:
Licorice root, a succession, buckwheat, and valerian. All these ingredients should be taken in equal proportions, mixed, 5, Art. spoons mixture pour a liter of cold water and bring to boil over low heat. Then pour into the thermos and insist 8-10 hours. Take 100-200 ml. 40 minutes before bedtime for a month.

A collection of marjoram, medicinal hyssop, lemon balm. To prepare 3 tbsp. collection spoon must be placed in a thermos, pour 500 ml. of boiling water and insist 6:00. Take one glass before meals for 30 minutes three times a day.

A collection of valerian root, Leonurus herbs, and hops. One tablespoon collection is poured a glass of boiled water, 40 minutes, filter and adjusted with boiled water to the original volume. Take half a cup without food twice a day.

Rosehip against low pressure: - Some Home remedies for low pressure can be taken throughout the day, regardless of meals, these include wild rose, which is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Rosehip lowers blood pressure due to its diuretic qualities, as they are ejected from the body of excess fluid pressure naturally decreases. Weak infusion of rose hips, made from one tablespoon of fruit and one liter of boiling water, can be taken throughout the day to maintain good health.

Such treatment is one month, after which it is necessary to take a break in order to avoid "overdose" in vitamin C, which so rich in wild rose. Additionally infusions and decoctions hips showed in renal pressure. Treatment of Home remedies renal pressure and renal failure must necessarily be carried out under strict medical supervision in order to avoid unwanted side effects.

Herbal treatment of pressure: - The most simple and accessible decompression methods are those Home remedies for pressure as a camphor oil and alcohol, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. These components must be mixed in equal proportions and apply on the scalp as a compress during sleep or rest. The course of treatment consists of 10-12 packs. However, it is important to understand that such a serious disease as the pressure (treatment of his Home remedies without consulting a doctor is dangerous to health) does not take place using only herbs and lotions.

Mint massage for hypertension: - Understand the effect of peppermint on the pressure, you will mint massage. For his conduct is necessary to make the mint, the best just got, but you can use dried. Been able to get the infusion of the shoulders and neck and hold a light kneading massage, alternating with strokes. This aromatic relaxing treatment perfectly helps lower blood pressure.

Remember, the pressure treatment of Home remedies without consulting a doctor can be dangerous to health. Determine what kind of disruptions in the cardiovascular system, in particular, are concerned you can only qualified physician and, consequently, only he can designate as the primary drug treatment, and additional herbal treatments.