Most Effective Natural Juice to Reduce the Pressure

Carrot, Beet and Cucumber juice to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol naturally :- Vegetable juices help cleanse the calcium deposits from vessels, thin the blood and prevent the formation of thrombi.

Cucumber juice :- is a weak solution of mineral components (vitamins A, PP, C, E, B, organic acids, and electrolytes) so it can be used to dilute a concentrated juice. Despite the increased water content of cucumber juice, it has a number of useful features: restore the acid-alkaline balance, maintains the level of electrolytes potassium and magnesium lowers blood pressure (for details, see the article: the benefits and harms of cucumber and useful properties of cucumber juice ).

Carrot juice :- contains the complex of 20 micro- and macro elements necessary for normal body functioning, vitamin B and C, beta-carotene, pectins, organic acids, volatile and flavonoids. Bioflavonoids reinforce vessel walls, preventing thinning, normalizing blood pressure. Flavonoid rutin prevents capillary fragility and improves blood supply to tissues (for details, see the article: the benefits and harms of carrot juice ).

Beet juice :-  contains betaine, folic acid, minerals, electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium), organic acids, vitamins (A, C, PP, vitamins of group B) and pectins. Organic acids vessels purified by dissolving deposits on their walls. Betaine prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels, is essential for lipid metabolism. Beet juice promotes the formation of blood cells and improves blood quality. (Read more in the article: the treatment of beet juice )

Why for medicinal purposes is better to use juice instead of fresh vegetables :- The vegetables can accumulate nitrates, which are part of the fertilizer that the frequent use can cause chronic intoxication. When squeezing vegetable juice retains all the nutrients and beneficial components, and nitrates remain in the cake.

Juice you can drink a lot more than to eat fresh vegetables. The fiber contained in carrots, beets, cucumbers or other vegetables, contributes to the rapid saturation. Together with the juice into the body quickly and easily fed large amounts of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and other useful components.

As part of the juice, nutrients are absorbed faster as the digestive system is not overloaded.

Recommendations for the treatment of juice pressure :- The juice is prepared from fresh, not over-ripe vegetables that lay at room temperature for 2-3 hours.

For juicing best auger juicer - the juice obtained with its help retains all the beneficial properties of the vegetable raw material and lasts longer. If you do not have juicers, vegetable grate and strain the juice through cheesecloth.

Apply for medicinal purposes only fresh juices, more than an hour is not recommended to store juice mixture. The juice obtained in the screw juice can be stored for several hours to days. For prolonged storage, the juice is fermented and loses more than half of useful properties.

Recipes juice lowers blood pressure:-
The first recipe :- To take juicing the carrots, celery, spinach, parsley in a ratio of 7: 4: 3: 2 respectively. The resulting mixture was juice to drink up to a liter per day, taking half a glass of a day 20 minutes before a meal. If the detected non-standard reaction to the juice (dizziness, nausea, discomfort in the stomach), the number of the single doses is reduced to a few tablespoons further increase gradually as habituation. receiving a course of one month, and then make a two-week break and continue treatment if the facility has yielded good results.

The second recipe :- Carrot juice, beet, cucumber, and kiwi are mixed in a ratio of 10: 3: 3: 1 and take three tablespoons before meals for 15-20 minutes. Increase the number of a single doses can be up to half a glass unless there is discomfort on the part of the digestive system and dizziness. Take 3-4 times a day.

Most often custom body reactions occur after eating beet juice because it increased the concentration of biologically active substances. Therefore, in order to habituation juicing recommended during the first weeks of treatment to reduce the number of parts beet juice mixture.