Medicinal Properties of Oregano - A Unique Plant

Oregano: Health Benefits, Medicinal Uses, Side Effects :- It is commonly found in Russia, oregano grows everywhere on the edges, clearings, among bushes, on the slopes of the hills, but in France and the United States is cultivated oregano. Motherboard (also known as oregano) thrives in any soil as, perhaps, in addition, clay and acid soil. However, not everyone knows what a unique herb - oregano: healing properties of its components will help to heal almost any disease.

It is a herbaceous perennial plant with purple-pink buds completely in vain called oregano, because the fragrance exudes a wonderful grass. Flowering oregano in July and August. At its assembly cut only the top, leaving untouched 20-30 cm stem.

What are the only other "names" is not oregano: zenovka, amulet, motherboard, matserdushka, dushmyanka, pchelolyub, mint timber and even kostolomka and known all over the world spice under the name "Oregano" - is the same as oregano. Motherboard called this herb because it heals female ailments. Tea from oregano incredibly fragrant and delicious, is very similar to thyme, but much nicer and softer.

Used in cooking:- 
  • The upper part of the stem with leaves and flowers are widely used in cooking many countries of the world: fresh and dried oregano added to a variety of dishes, for example, in Belgium and in France it is common to use in mushroom dishes and traditional Italian pizza without oregano loses its taste and flavor .
  • Leaves motherboard so fragrant that they should be added to food only in very small quantities. Oregano has a delicate, bitter-spicy aroma and "burning" taste.
  • Oregano is a required component of aromatic compounds in the manufacture of sausages, pate, offal and other meat products. Oregano perfectly complements the taste of fried, stewed or roasted meat, added to a variety of sauces and gravies.
  • Mushroom dishes, and any baked vegetables become delicious taste it using a motherboard.
  • Filling for pies with meat and cheese will be more flavorful thanks to oregano.
  • Quite often, it is added to the plant pickled vegetables.
  • Oregano is an excellent match with a variety of spices, but his best "friends" - a black pepper, basil, rosemary, marjoram.
  • In Russia country the motherboard has always been used in the preparation of kvass and home-brewed beer - drink it gives no incomparable smell.
  • Dishes with oregano, whether Pickled vegetables and home brew better preserved and sour.
Useful properties of oregano:-
  • doctors have long established the high antibacterial activity of oregano,
  • motherboard has a calming effect on the human nervous system,
  • a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract,
  • anti-inflammatory, choleretic and diuretic effects,
  • motherboard has a strong diaphoretic and expectorant action, and therefore is shown with bronchitis and pneumonia,
  • drugs based on oregano cure neurosis, hysteria, insomnia and even epilepsy,
  • amulet reduces stomach cramps, heals the stomach, liver disease, gallbladder and the duodenum,
  • reduces toothache and removes the inflammation of the gums,
  • oregano cures fungal infections,
  • eliminate eczema, boils and other unpleasant skin ailments,
  • restores healthy structure of subcutaneous fat and thus relieves women of cellulite,
  • It reduces hot flashes during menopause and reduce menstrual pain,
  • eliminates flatulence,
  • It cures worms,
  • It leads to normal elevated pressure.
Grass motherboard comprises 0,12-1,2% of essential oils, which comprises thymol, phenol and free alcohols (geranyl). Also oregano detected tannins and ascorbic acid.

Infusions and decoctions of Oregano:-As an external agent, the infusion of oregano used for wet and dry packs, and aromatic baths. Oregano is used separately, as well as a part of numerous drugs charges.
Outwardly oregano is used in skin rashes and even headaches. When tonsillitis and laryngitis decoction of oregano rinse the throat. Hoarseness treated with herbal decoction motherboard, mixed in equal proportions with milk. When hair loss and baldness broth oregano wash his head.

The recipe of tincture of motherboard is not complicated: two tablespoons of herbs need to pour one cup of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. Infusion ingested one tablespoon four or five times a day for fifteen minutes before eating.

The recipe of decoction of oregano, two tablespoons of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for ten to fifteen minutes. Take the infusion must be in the form of heat for half a cup three or four times a day for fifteen or twenty minutes before a meal.

Natural products for all ills:- Useful properties of oregano have been used in the treatment of the most common ailments of all mankind. Inflammatory diseases of the airways well cured external massage of the throat and chest. treatment technology is simple, as the world: add three to five drops of oil into the motherboard and twenty grams of massage oil. Also, this oil can be used as a means of rubbing with rheumatic pain.

Sore throat and throat diseases can be cured with the help of a rinse decoction of oregano at the rate of two or three drops of oil on a full glass of warm water.

Bronchitis and rhinitis quickly leave you after treatment with inhaled motherboard. For inhalation, fill the container with one liter of boiling water and add two or three drops of oregano oil, then cover your head with a towel or blanket and deeply inhale the healing vapors for three to five minutes. Eyes at the same time should be closed. However, such procedures are contraindicated in women in the first 6 months of pregnancy, and persons suffering from high blood pressure.

Compresses, lotions, bath:- Compresses from broth motherboard cure boils. With a strong toothache, periodontitis and stomatitis marjoram chew. Alternatively, the patient can be applied to the tooth piece of cotton soaked in a special oil of oregano.

A method for preparing the oil as follows: a handful of finely chopped marjoram pour vegetable oil and put in a dark place for 8-10 hours.

Neurodermatitis, infant eczema medicated bath use of motherboard (ratio: 50 grams of marjoram per bucket of water). Powder made from the dried and pulverized motherboard recommended to sniff at a headache and a bad cold.

For muscular pain and colic need to make compresses of oil of oregano. To do this, add three or four drops of oil in half a liter of warm water and then soak this liquid cheesecloth, folded in layers of 6-10 and pribintuyte to the sore spot. This compress is desirable to keep within two hours.

Tea and brew:- To increase lactation is advisable to drink tea from oregano. To do this, mix plain black or green tea with motherboard in equal proportions. Take one glass twice a day.

Recipe for making kvass at home is as follows:

  • water - 10 liters,
  • crackers of black bread - 1 kg
  • compressed yeast - 30g,
  • flour - 50g,
  • infusion of oregano - 1 cup,
  • sugar - to taste
Cooking method:- Pour boiling water crackers and leave for 10-12 hours. After drain and add the starter yeast, flour and 100g of warm water with sugar. The resulting mixture must be set aside in the dark place for fermentation. After a while, add the oregano infusion and again set aside for 2-3 hours, and then pour into bottles, close them and remove the plugs for 10-12 hours in a cool dark place.

And where else is used oregano?
Grass oregano contains pigments - substances capable of dye materials into a darker color. This property found application owners and beauticians. Craftsmen using broth motherboard dyed black natural hair, while cosmetologists use oregano to create the effect of sunburn on the face and human body. To do this, they thoroughly ground freshly stems, leaves and flowers motherboard to puree, and the resulting mass add the olive oil and natural honey.

When the mixture becomes the consistency of sour cream, its special spatula is applied all over the face, and after a fifteen minute wash swab dipped in an alcohol solution. So the original mask giving the skin a tanned appearance and smooth out wrinkles and heal acne on the skin.

Even more popular motherboard in a spa-salons. Scented candles with fragrant oregano impregnated air comfort and tranquility, quickly help you to relax. Oregano added to the water while taking bath perfectly relieves stress.

Hard to believe, but even the oregano added in the production of elite alcoholic beverages such as Burberry Ross and Bianca Vermouth Vermouth Torino.

Even magicians claim that oregano can affect the human senses and arouse interest in the intimate and the potion of the forest mint will help "prisushit" elect.

Contraindications:- Oregano has long been recognized as the cure for all ills, even though it should be used with caution. because you have the following contraindications:
  1. oregano can cause allergies,
  2. people with peptic ulcer disease, as well as those with high acidity, it is necessary to be cautious when administered infusions of oregano,
  3. Men should not get involved in useful properties motherboard, as this may adversely affect the potency,
  4. during pregnancy it is forbidden the use of oregano, as it can cause miscarriage.
The nutritional value:-
  • In 100 grams of oregano contains:
  • proteins - 1.5 g,
  • Fat - 0g,
  • carbohydrates - 5,0g
  • Calorie oregano - 24.8 kcal / 100g
What is it that unique herb oregano: reviews of its effectiveness confirm this statement.
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