Hemorrhoids - Causes, Symptoms, Stage, Treatment, Remedies

Hemorrhoids is an inflammation of the veins of the rectum, in which they expand, resulting in the formation of nodes. At risk of disease, hemorrhoids include obese people, lovers of spicy food and alcohol, people who are on duty have to move a little and sit constantly, constantly wearing the severity of people (such as housewives), pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as suffering from constipation patients.

Several distinct stages of disease development :- Stages of hemorrhoids - In the first stage of the patients feel heaviness and itching in the rectum, frequent constipation. Stronger sensations become after weight lifting, spicy foods and drinking alcohol.

The second stage is characterized by the appearance of bleeding, hemorrhoids fall, the pain becomes stronger and more frequent.

A sign of the next stage of hemorrhoids - hemorrhoids do not reduce a, with the result that there is thrombosis or necrosis of the veins of the rectum.
Symptoms of hemorrhoids :- The first striking symptom of hemorrhoids - a bleeding during each act of defecation. Also, patients note a prolapsed hemorrhoid, a burning sensation, and pain in the area of the anus, feeling the presence of a foreign object into the anus and the severity of the groin.

Immediately, we note that distinguish acute and chronic hemorrhoids. When the acute course of the disease discomfort is stronger and brighter, whereas in chronic long can not be felt and gain strength only in certain periods of life. Among the symptoms of acute hemorrhoids and perianal swelling is present.

Further, hemorrhoids noted mucus from the anus, and finally, hemorrhoidal pain.

Hemorrhoid treatment medications of classical medicine :- Like any other disease, hemorrhoids much easier to treat in the early stages. It was in the early periods of the disease is possible to use non-surgical methods of treatment. When hemorrhoids are very important the correct way of life that takes into account the classical medicine and homeopathy.

Lifestyle for hemorrhoids :- The first and most important of hemorrhoids - start to move more useful will not be too heavy exercise, including swimming. From heavy loads should be avoided, as well as alcohol and spicy food.

Do not forget about hygiene. It is necessary to take a shower after each act of defecation, toilet paper, it is desirable to give up.

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of hemorrhoids. As mentioned above, you need to stop eating bad foods in the diet and increase the number of fruits and vegetables.

Hemorrhoids treatment :- Actually, the treatment of hemorrhoids in classical medicine depends on whether the disease is on what stage of development. For example, in the early stages, you can get results with medication but drugs are aimed primarily at reducing the discomfort, rather than arresting the causes of the disease. They reduce pain, improve circulation and reduce inflammation. There are local medications such as ointments and suppositories, and there are those that are taken by mouth, such as tablets and injections.

As soon as a thrombosis, as indicated by increased pain and discomfort in the anal area, prescribed ointment, blood thinning. The point of this is to not allow the blood to clot. In the case of particularly severe bleeding from hemorrhoids begin reception hemostatic drugs such as Adrokson, Spongostan or Beriplast medicines are also recommended, strengthen the walls of veins, especially often used Diosmin.

Hemorrhoid treatment without surgery :- should say about the treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery, which, like drug treatment, good only at the initial stages. Today sclerotherapy applied (administered in hemorrhoids special substances for filling and bonding lumen wall), infrared coagulation (blocking blood flow to the hemorrhoidal nodes), a proximal ligation (artery ligation) and ligation (ligation latex rings). The latter procedure is good even in the third stage of hemorrhoids.

Surgery for hemorrhoids :- If the disease has gone too far, and the use of the methods described above will not give a proper result, it is necessary to resort to surgery. Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathic remedies allow curing hemorrhoids without surgery, even at the last stage of its development.

Treating hemorrhoids homeopathic remedies :- Many homeopathic remedies have been used successfully in the treatment of hemorrhoids. We tell you about the most common ones.

If the disease is aggravated, that is passed into the final stage, it is necessary to appoint Atsidum muriatikum or hydrochloric acid in the sixth, twelfth and thirtieth dilution.

If hemorrhoids are accompanied by itching and burning, it helps Capsicum Annum or peppers in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution.

When the disease is characterized by a feeling of heaviness, the prescribed Sokotrina aloe or aloes in the third decimal, third and sixth dilution.

Hemorrhoids accompanied by bleeding, assists Hamamelis Virginika or hamamelis virginiana in the third decimal, third and sixth dilution, as well as ointments and oils.

Aesculus or horse chestnut (the third decimal, third and sixth dilution ointment), Carbo vegetabilis or charcoal (third, sixth and twelfth dilution), Carduus Marianus or sharply variegated (the third decimal: In general, the following homeopathic medication recommended hemorrhoids the third and sixth dilution), or Lycopodium Lycopodium clavatum (third, sixth and twelfth dilution), or Mellilotus Offitsinalis melilot Pharmacy (third and third decimal dilution), or Merkurius Korrosivus mercury dichloride (third, sixth twelfth dilution), Nux vomica or chilibuha (the third decimal, the third, the sixth, the twelfth and thirtieth dilution), Podophyllum or nogolistnik thyroid (the third decimal, third and sixth dilution), Pulsatilla or cross pratense (the third decimal, third and sixth dilution) sepia or cuttlefish ink (third, the sixth, the twelfth and thirtieth dilution) and finally sulfur or sulfur assignable for constipation and pruritus at the anus (the third decimal, the third, the sixth, the twelfth and thirtieth dilution, and ointment).

Selection of a particular homeopathic remedy is determined by the constitutional type of patient.