Emphysema - Types, Symptoms, Causes, Complications, Homeopathic Remedies

Emphysema is manifested in pathological changes in the lung tissue. With this ailment expanding alveoli and alveolar wall structure collapses, resulting in lungs become too airy.

On average, men suffer from emphysema twice as often as women. The risk group also includes people with chronic lung ailments, especially elderly patients (over 60 years).

Consider the mechanism of the disease. Under the influence of various factors (which we discuss below) elastic lung tissue is damaged, as a result of which it can no longer perform in full their functions. Light air overflow, which leads to coalescence of small bronchi during exhalation and a violation of the ventilation. As a result, lung tissue is stretched, Air Brush (bullae) are formed in some cases. The recurrence of periods they burst.

Emphysema lungs increase in size and resemble a large pore sponge upon close examination.

The causes of emphysema :- suffer- At its core, emphysema causes can be called any circumstances, that stimulate chronic inflammation of the alveoli. You should also identify a number of factors that contribute to disease development. Including a congenital deficiency α-1 antitrypsin, which leads to destruction by proteolytic enzymes alveolar lung tissue.

Emphysema sufferssmokers and people who on their own or on duty inhale toxic substances. Promote the development of the disease disturbance of microcirculation in various tissues and lung diseases such as bronchial asthma and respiratory inflammation in bronchi and alveoli.
Finally, the persons at risk of emphysema, which in connection with the operation of having to cope with an increase in air pressure in the bronchi and the alveolar tissue.

Types of emphysema :- Allocate a primary pulmonary emphysema (developed independently by itself) and secondary (arises as a consequence of other lung diseases, mainly bronchitis).

There is also localized and diffuse emphysema.

In addition, there are several types of emphysema, depending on the lesions. So, there panlobulyarnaya or panatsinarnaya emphysema (affected acinus), centrilobular or tsentriatsinarnaya emphysema (affects the respiratory alveoli) perilobulyarnaya or periatsinarnaya emphysema (affected distal part of the acinus) okolorubtsovaya (irregular or uneven) and bullous (at which a bull, on these we mentioned above).

Symptoms of pulmonary emphysema :- The main and most striking symptom of emphysema - is expiratory dyspnea and problems in the air you exhale. In the initial stages of the disease dyspnea only concern during exercise, as well as the development comes already at rest. Patients with emphysema during exhalation are brought together lips and cheeks inflated, causing the impression that they puff. At the same time marked by shortness of breath cough with scanty mucous expectoration.

When emphysema progresses, there are other symptoms, including facial puffiness and swelling of the veins in the neck. Patients quickly lose weight.

When bullous emphysema type has an effect so-called spontaneous pneumothorax - a phenomenon that occurs when the destruction of air brush, that is bull.

Complications of emphysema :- In the absence of proper treatment of emphysema can lead to irreversible changes in the pulmonary system. Pulmonary ventilation disturbed respiratory organ functional surface is reduced to respiratory failure.

Finally, it increases the load on the right heart, swollen legs, develops ascites and hepatomegaly.

Treatment of emphysema methods of classical medicine :- In traditional medicine does not exist as such, the treatment of emphysema. The first attempt is made to eliminate the factors that led to emphysema. Including the patient is advised to quit, leave the work related to the inhalation of gases and toxic substances. You should also cure chronic respiratory diseases.

Classical medicine seeks to eliminate the symptoms of emphysema, which are appointed by the inhaled drugs and pills. They must be taken for life.

If the patient disturbs cardiac or respiratory failure, then the course is oxygen therapy, diuretics are appointed. Comprehensive treatment of emphysema include breathing exercises.

When the above measures do not give proper result, resort to surgical intervention. The operation is a reduction in the amount of light and is called the "thoracoscopic Bullectomy". Patients require lung transplantation.

It is not difficult to guess that the action of conventional medicine does not get rid of the disease, but only remove the symptoms. Homeopathy also allows you to actually cure emphysema, rather than remove its aftermath.

Treatment of emphysema methods of homeopathy :- In emphysema assigned Sulphur in 3, 3, 6, 12 and 30 dilutions. If elderly patients suffering from emphysema and can not stand the smell of tobacco at the same time, he recommended a homeopathic remedy Lobelia Inflata in 3, 3 and 6 dilution. Also, this drug helps with asthma attacks in people suffering from emphysema.

When you cough with difficult expectoration, arise as a symptom of emphysema in the elderly, issued senega in 3 and 3 dilution.

Antimonium arsenicosum 3 and 6 breeding and Antimonium carbonicum 3 and 6 breeding helps with severe emphysema.

Carbo vegetabilis 6 and 12 dilution - good homeopathic medicine, which is used in chronic bronchitis, accompanied by emphysema and respiratory insufficiency.

Ammonium carbonicum 3 and 6 dilution prescribed to patients suffering from asthmatic attacks on the background of emphysema.

Antimonium Arsenicum at 6, 12 and 30 of dilution - effective homeopathic remedy for emphysema, accompanied by severe dyspnea.

The need for the selection of a homeopathic medication determined constitutional type patient.