Depression - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Remedies

You may searching for depression disorders, meaning, types, test, causes, homeopathic remedies. This is a article for you details about this topic. Depression is a disorder of the nervous system. Distinguish different types of disease, including reactive depression (it is a consequence of problems or troubles in life) and endogenous depression (occurs due to the level of the neurotransmitter disorders), as well as other species.

Immediately I would say that the symptoms of depression are not always visible. At first glance, it seems that people just became quiet and self-contained, but otherwise, he seems to have remained unchanged. But this is not the case. In fact, people just hide their suffering and does not speak about everything, trying to sound the same.

Today, the diagnosis "depression" put even children. It is expressed in aggressive behavior, nightmares, non-contact and so on. How do I know that a person depressed? Let us examine the symptoms of this disease.
Depression symptoms :- Depressive symptoms may not always be bright enough for the correct diagnosis. The first patient decreased mood, such a state continues for two or more weeks. Man feels sadness and indifference to everything. It is also noted concern and anxiety. Another important sign of depression - the patient can no longer enjoy that granted him positive emotions before. Finally, he gets tired easily. The symptoms described are called "depressive tried", that is the main triple signs of mental disorder.

There may also be other symptoms, including decreased attention and self-esteem, as well as the emergence of ideas of guilt and self-deprecation. Patients see the future in black, suffer from sleep disorders, and sometimes even dream of suicide. And many do, unfortunately, it is possible if time does not start treatment for depression. An important feature of the disease - problems with appetite, whether its reduction or, on the contrary, a tendency to overeating, do not exhibit ever.

The saddest thing is that most people do not consider depression disease. They believe that it should not be treated, it is just a period of a bad mood, and therefore, will pass with time itself. However, this neglect entails deterioration. It is noted that depression affects even for other ailments, provoking relapses and exacerbations.

Types of depression :- Tell us more about what is depression. The first type - a psychogenic depression, the causes of which - the tragic circumstances of life, including the death of a loved one, problems at work, and so on.

The second type - this is endogenous depression. From the previous view, it is different there is no specific reason why the man lost interest in life. Developing disease due to the fact that infringed the neurochemical and neurophysiological systems of the body. Just so depressed and feel the usual laziness, and not the disease.

There is also so-called masked depression. They are called so because they are hiding under the guise of other diseases. At first, it may seem that the patient is suffering, such as the violation of the stomach or impotence, but really all the fault depression. This type of disease is very dangerous because a person may be a very long and unsuccessfully trying to cure anybody and does not know what is the real cause of his poor health.

Allocate another kind of depression - somatogenic. It is a human reaction to the disease and occurs in chronic illness or disability.

Many women are familiar with postpartum depression. It is characterized by indifference and aloofness to the child and her husband, in some cases, thoughts of suicide. Mother did not want to deal with children, and even show aggression towards them.

Depression treatment methods of classical medicine :- Like any other mental illness, depression requires mandatory treatment. The fact that it is suffering from this disease people often complete their suicide. Push them to this fatal step can be anything you want, but most of all - the neglect of friends and relatives of their condition.

Treatment of depression is not easy, as there is important an individual approach to each patient. It is necessary for a complex to use a variety of methods, including contact with a psychologist or psychiatrist and medication.

It often happens that people simply do not know where to turn for help. They are left alone with their grief, which can not be tolerated. If you notice that one of your friends or co-workers kept to himself, and already does not behave as before, try to help him and to recommend a good center. Psychological support is anonymous and is effective.

No less sad when a person does not want to help him. And not because that enjoys poor state, and for the reason that he is afraid of being ridiculed. Alleged psychiatric hospital patients - it is abnormal, and the person does not wish to be treated as such. In this case, you should try to explain to the patient that he needed help, and it can be provided anonymously. Nobody even knows about his treatment in the medical center.

In addition to psychotherapy used chemicals, so-called anti-depressants in classical medicine. Their selection occurs strictly individually based on the individual characteristics and its state at the moment of arrival of a physician. The only way to achieve good results.

And very important support and assistance to those who are important to us and roads. For some, it's family, for someone to friends, someone trusted by a loved one. In any case, the main thing to believe that everything will work out and be fine.

It would seem that traditional medicine can easily cope with depression, but do not forget about the complications and damage that cause the body to chemical drugs. And it's not just about physical damage, but also on the mental. It happens that a person becomes a kind of plant, being that all care. He no longer feels the desire to commit suicide, but to a normal life is no longer refundable. Homeopathic remedies make it possible to avoid such consequences of treatment.

Homeopathy methods of depression treatment :- In homeopathy, as well as in traditional medicine in treating depression in addition to the drugs used and psychiatric therapy. Of homeopathic remedies are used as follows.

If you are depressed to have trouble sleeping, we recommend Arnica in 3, 6 and 12 breeding. Also, when the depression helps Phosphoricum Acidum or phosphoric acid in a 3, 3, 6 and 12 dilutions.

Homeopathic medicines enable help the patient and deliver him from his psychological problems.