Bronchial Asthma - Causes, Symptoms, Homeopathic Remedies

The disease is in its essence is a kind of allergy. It manifested in the form of asthma attacks of shortness of a breath and choking cough. The disease occurs as a consequence of chronic allergic inflammation of bronchial mucosa.

Typically, asthma manifests itself following symptomatic picture. The patient complains of attacks of wheezing, or on a periodic cough that is accompanied by wheezing. These symptoms manifest themselves at night, after exercise or after a person has come into contact with the allergen. In order to stifle a cough, use of asthma medication (traditional medicine).

In order to relieve the patient of asthma, the two categories of drugs. The first includes preventive medicine, and the second - the so-called drug ambulance. Tell briefly about these preparations.

Medicines are the second group to alleviate the human condition during the attack. They expand the bronchial tubes and thus temporarily relieve the patient from a cough. In general, get rid of asthma permanently such means are not capable, but rather the opposite - they are harmful, because every day is increasing addiction to chemical substances, and therefore, it is necessary to increase the dose. The patient simply becomes dependent on drugs .
Medication is the first group created to reduce allergies. As these funds are used hormonal and potent drugs that have a lot of side effects and contraindications. They are, unfortunately, also causes a gradual habituation, and the need to increase the dosage.

As is clear from the above, conventional medicine is not able to relieve the patient of asthma completely. Drugs can only temporarily relieve the pain, but what is the charge for this? Addictive and irreparable damage to the body with large doses of chemicals.

Homeopathic Remedies for Asthma:- More and more people are interested in asthma treatment homeopathic medicines, and there is nothing strange. After all, patients want to be cured completely, rather than the time rid itself of the painful attacks, but not by means of the continuous use of harmful chemicals. This gives them a chance to homeopaths. Let's talk about what medications prescribed for various types of asthma attacks.

To begin with - means that since the days of Hahnemann used for the relief of asthma attacks. The particular formulation selected based on the symptomatic picture.

If the asthma attacks mostly occur at night and are accompanied by pain, sweating, abdominal pain and sneezing, it will help Sambucus in tincture and third decimal dilutions.

In the case of seizures in the elderly Lobelia is assigned in the second and third decimal dilutions, as well as in the third and sixth.

If attacks are accompanied by dizziness, nausea patient, the face becomes pale and the overall picture is reminiscent of the action of the first smoked cigarette, it will help Tabacum in the third decimal and the third dilution.

When the attacks of reason - psychological factors themselves are accompanied by bouts of shivering and nervous condition, it is best to help Ambra Grisea in the third and sixth dilution.

Finally, if an attack comes along with shortness of breath, it is recommended Moschus in the third decimal and the third dilution.

The second category of homeopathic medicines used to treat seizures in between. These drugs relieve an acute attack and are mainly used at higher dilutions than the previous group.

For example, with Sambucus third decimal dilution Cuprum used in the sixth and twelfth dilution.

If attacks mainly at night, along with them the patient is concerned, a burning sensation in the chest, itching of the eyelids and dizziness, as well as complaining about the urge to urinate, you need to take Cuprum Arsenicum in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution.

When a patient complains of shortness of breath and wheezing during the attacks, and in addition, after the attack, a large amount of phlegm, then appointed Ipecac in the third decimal, the third and sixth dilution. Also on the tool indicates a dry cough in the morning, accompanied by nausea.

The need for receiving Arsenicum album in the sixth and twelfth Arsenicum Iodatum breeding and in the third and sixth dilution indicate nocturnal seizures with a burning sensation in the chest and chronic rhinitis.

If accompanied by chronic bronchitis asthma and sputum thick, it has a yellow tint and is separated difficult, it is prescribed Kalium Bichromicum in the third and sixth dilution.

When symptoms characteristic described above but copious mucus and viscous, helps Ammonium carbonicum in the third and sixth dilution.

In the case of asthma, elderly patients are recommended Lobelia in the third and sixth dilution.

If asthma is accompanied by vasomotor rhinitis, it is best to help Aralia in the third decimal and the third dilution.

Sometimes there is a so-called hysterical asthma, to prevent its attacks, platinum is used in the sixth and the twelfth dilution.

If the patient complains of attenuation and termination of voice during an attack, it is best suited Stramonium in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution.

Asthma attacks are overtaking the patient at night, and except for this disease, he suffers from skin diseases? So effective is the sixth Sulfur Sulphur Iodatum breeding and breeding in the sixth.

Found another type of asthma - hay, which is accompanied by itching and tickling in the nose. It often occurs in people who work among stone dust, as a professional illness. Such cures asthma Silicea in the third and sixth dilution.

Dulcamara in the third and sixth dilution - a good homeopathic remedy for asthma, which attacks are often in wet or cold weather.

If the patient is not only asthma but also hypertension, he appointed Viskum albumin in the third and sixth dilution.

When a patient complains of spasms of various kinds, painful menstruation, and increased blood pressure, then you need to start accepting Magnesium phosphoricum in the third decimal, sixth and twelfth dilution.

Finally, if asthma gave a complication in the form of lung or heart disease, it is time to assign Laurocerasus in the third decimal and the third dilution.

We also add that the effectiveness of asthma treatment depends largely on the professionalism of the attending physician. Only in the case of an individual approach to the patient, you can get a good result. You do not need to self-medicate the disease!