Best Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Changes in your own health can be seen at once. Incomprehensible fatigue, numbness in the fingertips, drowsiness often symptoms of high blood pressure. Constant stress and hard work also play a role in the development of hypertension. That's what is called a steady increase in BP values.

High blood pressure can occur at any age because the disease is much younger. hypertension contribute to the development of smoking and unhealthy lifestyle. It is important to quickly identify the cause of high blood pressure, otherwise, over time, the condition of the body is much worse.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Treatment: - The disease is moderate to severe form requires taking medication, but initially benign methods of treatment can give effective results. But even in this case, t is important to consult a specialist. So, how to treat high blood pressure?

Here are some tips and recommendations:-
  • Eat at night before going to bed half a cup of broth clover.
  • Plant golden mustache may well help in the fight against disease. Purple flower parts should be cut and pour the vodka. Necessarily take odd number of plant parts, and 500 ml of vodka. The infusion must be put in a dark place for 12 days. Accepted in the morning before eating for dessert spoon.
  • Honey  mixed with grated lemon and garlic cloves five. Infuse mixture week warm, then put in the refrigerator. Drink it spoon three times a day.
  • Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to a cup of yogurt and healthy drink is ready.
  • Very effective for hypertension various fees herbs. One of them: chamomile, St. John's wort, immortalize, strawberry, birch buds, taken in equal amounts. The broth is prepared as follows: Two tablespoons of the collection infused in 400 ml of hot water. Herbal tea to take 200 ml once a day before meals. If you experience an allergic reaction to the grass to stop reception.
  • Another recipe to deal with high blood pressure: green Chinese tea brewed with boiling water, add 20 drops of alcohol tincture of calendula.
  • At elevated pressure is often elevated cholesterol, and lead to abnormalities of the heart. With the unpleasant symptoms will help to cope elecampane root. Crushed root (70 g) is poured oat crude broth (preparing it as follows: 50 gram oat boiled in 5 liters of water) and insist four hours. Then tincture boil again and leave for a couple of hours. After that, it can add 40 grams of honey. One glass of liqueur is divided into three doses per day. Treatment was conducted two weeks.
  • Very useful for hypertension watermelon. His grind bones take on half a spoon.
  • To cope with high blood pressure can help wiping mint broth.
  • Sacramental wine of Cahors in small doses - a very effective way of decompression. Take the wine need two item. l. three times a day.
  • Settled beet juice mixed with honey in equal quantity. Take 4 tbsp. l. a day for three weeks. The mixture also fashionable add lemon juice, carrots and horseradish. Vitamin mixture take one glass 2 times per day.
  • Often the cause of high blood pressure becomes a change of weather. When meteozavisimosti help imposition of mustard on the neck area.
  • Very useful for hypertension black currant. You can take the jam from the fruit or brew tea of them.
  • Pour crude sunflower seeds with water, to give them a boil. The resulting broth taken during the day.
Home remedies for pressure, time-tested:- There are many very effective and efficient for the treatment of hypertension. Excellent help lower blood pressure drugs charges cranberry, licorice, birch buds. Several effective prescriptions that help in the fight against disease, are shown below.

Wonderful Home remedy for high blood pressure - cranberries. Two glasses cranberry mixed with 100 grams of sugar to heat and bring to boil. Take before meals for one glass.

Excellent tool has long been considered the honey. Mix glass honey lemon juice, then add to the mixture a glass beet and carrot juice. The mixture was stored in the refrigerator. Take a large spoon three hours after food.

Crushed plantain filled with vodka. To prepare the tincture taken 4 tbsp. l. plants. Infuse in a dark place for two weeks. After the strain and take on an empty stomach. Dose - 30 drops to take three times a day.

During fasting weeks drinking a glass of mineral water, with the addition of honey (tablespoon) and lemon juice from the fruit halves.

Many traditional healers are recommended for the treatment of hypertension used rowan. Fasting should be regularly consumed juice, or take a tablespoon of red berries of mountain ash.

Black currant has always been famous for its healing properties. Pour boiling water over two tablespoons of berries and boil it on low heat for ten minutes. Broth infused currants about an hour, then filtered. Take it ¼ cup 4 times a day.

Another popular means of high pressure - Viburnum berries. To prepare the means necessary to grind to puree five tablespoons of the fruits of Viburnum. Add honey to warm the mixture on fire and infuse for two hours. Take after meals 4 times a day, a tablespoon.

Sophora japonica, and chestnut are taken together to prevent blood clots. To prepare the drug is taken with 10 grams of Sophora inflorescences, grass wood Stachys, Geranium pratense, and 5 grams of melilot. All the ingredients are crushed. A teaspoon of the mixture is poured boiling water (1 cup) and infused fifteen minutes. Infusion drink hot before meals and at bedtime.

At high pressure, well help fennel seeds. A tablespoon of seeds pour boiled water. Drink three times a day for a third cup.

Yogurt mixed with honey and cinnamon powder added (two teaspoons). Take a mixture of half a cup before meals twice a day for two weeks.

Purchased in a pharmacy korvalola tincture, motherwort, peony, valerian and hawthorn mixed in equal parts (normally take one hundred grams of each tincture). Then water was added (100 mL) and drink tablespoon overnight.