Argentum Nitricum - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications, Compatibility

Argentum Nitricum - is very useful homeopathic remedy which is used when emotional and gastrointestinal (digestive) symptoms dominate. Argentum nitricum, also known as silver nitrate, has been used in traditional remedy in a diluted solution for antiseptic purposes, although its use has all but disappeared. It is for Acute or chronic diseases from unusual or long-continued mental exertion.

A brief description:-
  • Name: Argentum nitrikum
  • raw materials: silver nitrate, AgNO3
  • granules: D3, C3, C6, C12 and higher
  • Drops: D3, C3, C6, C12 and higher
But nevertheless, the healing properties of silver have long been known. Even the ancient Egyptian warriors applied for silver plate on the battle wounds for faster healing. A Persian king Cyrus in his campaigns drank water only from the sacred vessels of silver, because in this dish water for a long time remain fresh despite the heat.

In modern medicine, Argentum Nitricum almost did not find the application. The only exception is the lap, which is still used to cauterize wounds and the treatment of warts.
In homeopathy, the silver nitrate is considered an excellent drug that cures stomach, nerve, and many other diseases.

Type psyche and physiology of patients :- Homeopathy teaches us to regard medicine as a person endowed with characteristic individual features. The larger type of homeopathic remedy for the type of person the patient's personality, the more successful the treatment will be.

Silver nitrate is shown to people who are peculiar weirdness, character weakness and a tendency to self-torture.

Mind :-Considering the features of the patient's mind which is shown Argentum Nitricum, it may be mentioned:
  • the presence of his specific fears, as well as the apprehension;
  • constant feeling of anxiety;
  • claustrophobia;
  • anxiety;
  • excessive haste.
Physiology :- Argentum Nitricum type has a number of physiological symptoms which occur:
  • Sudden diarrhea, which occurs in a human before visiting the various critical events;
  • constant desire to eat something sweet or salty;
  • thirst, which may be accompanied by dry mouth, especially in the morning;
  • restless sleep, burdened by heavy dreams;
  • sweating, caused by nervousness;
  • vertigo, which is often accompanied by a tremor in his legs and tinnitus;
  • skin hypersensitivity.
Indications :-Argentum Nitricum ideal:
  • patients suffering from neurotic, dizziness and headaches associated with emotions;
  • women with menstrual disorders;
  • children are underweight, whose excessive thinness caused by the disease.
Among the symptoms of Argentum for the destination, you can select:
  • general fatigue of the organism;
  • the emergence of the state of weakness and weakness;
  • stabbing pain;
  • swelling;
  • exhaustion;
  • chills;
  • epithelial lesion.
Most of the symptoms, in practice, has a left-hand location.
The experience of using Argentum Nitricum demonstrates its effectiveness in treating patients with epilepsy.

Good results are obtained by using a drug for treatment of asthma and trachoma and in the treatment of headaches and Addison's disease.

Compatibility :- Even if at first glance you have all the indications for treatment Argentum Nitricum, it should be remembered that use homeopathic remedies necessary only after consultation with your doctor, who will determine the actual dosage and prescribe a treatment regimen.

This formulation can not be used with a variety of halides (bromide, iodide, chloride) and other organic substances. When interacting with them Argentum Nitricum decomposes to form the precipitate.

It is not recommended concurrently with Argentum Nitricum take such medications like benzocaine, resorcinol, novocaine.

The remedy is absolutely contraindicated in:
  • in cutaneous hypersensitivity;
  • in the presence of large wounds;
  • hypersensitivity to silver nitrate.
Note! Often the use of the drug may cause side effects in the form of small skin lesions and allergic realty. this case, the drug should cancel and find another homeopathic remedy.