Apis Mellifica - Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

Apis Mellifica or bee venom is a popular homeopathic remedy. Apis mellifica is the venom of the common honeybee or a tincture made from the whole bee. The main influence on the human Apis may be compared with the stinging pain of a bee sting. This homeopathic remedy causes tissue swelling, redness, swelling, pain in the eyes, lips, face, throat, anus, ovaries, and so on. Apis at high doses affects the brain and spinal cord.

A brief description:-
  • Name: Apis
  • Raw materials: honeybee, apis mellifica
  • Family: bees, Apidae
  • granules: D3, C3, C6 and higher
  • Drops: D3, C3, C6 and higher
No less important symptom that occurs when the action of Apis on the body - it's a pain when touched, even the lightest. Is the cause of the brain or spinal cord inflammation. Also worth noting is the appearance of dry heat without thirst.

Finally, homeopathic remedies on the basis of Apis affect the reproductive system, including the right ovary.

Apis homeopathy remedies recommended at various acute edema, including genitals, throat, tongue and lips. Well, help with angina, edema when reminiscent of bee stings in different places. Heal the skin and hives. Note that the homeopathic remedy Apis Mellifica applied in case edematous tumors.
Among the diseases of the respiratory system, in addition to aforementioned angina, Apis Mellifica used with edema and pleurisy. Synovitis characterized by sharp pains in the joints is an indication for use of the remedy. Just a homeopathic medicine is prescribed for symptoms of meningitis.

The next group of diseases that makes Apis, the problems with the kidneys and the bladder. These include inflammation, urinary incontinence and small blotches of blood in the urine. Homeopathic remedies are Apis cure ovarian disease, especially the right.

Finally, Apis can cure eye diseases such as scrofulous ophthalmia. Suitable when damaged corneal and retinal detachment.

In general, the Apis remedies are designed to get rid of acute pain, resembling needle penetration or bee stings. Such pains are also characterized by a change of location, in other words, can appear in one place, then disappear and appear in another.

People who recommended Apis, complain of pain in the abdomen during bowel movement urge to either constant diarrhea. The homeopathic remedy is indicated for children and women who suffer from heavy bleeding and pain during menstruation, but also prone to miscarriage in the third and fourth month.

Clear constitutional type Apis Mellifica does not, however, it becomes clear from the above, the main category of patients - women and children.

Complementary:- Nat mur. The "chronic", Apis; also Baryta carb, if lymphatics are involved. Inimical. Rhus.

Compare:- Apium virus (auto-toxńámia, with pus products); Zinc; Canth; Vespa; Lachesis.

Side effects :- When taken in the recommended dilute form, no side effects from apis have been reported. However, concentrated quantities of the bee venom can cause allergic reactions in susceptible people.

Doses application :- R. Hughes recommended the use of homeopathic remedy Apis third decimal dilutions in the case of acute edema. While Dr. Marcy often uses low dilutions, lower than the third, and skin diseases takes up third. And with bladder irritation, he does not take a dose of less than six breeding.

As for eye diseases, when they tend to recommend the thirtieth dilution of Apis, who gave the most effective results. The specific dosage of the treating physician.