Antritis (Sinusitis) - Causes, Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, which gave the name of his ailment. Usually sinusitis is a complication of rhinitis, however, it is that it arises by itself.

At its core, sinusitis refers to a group of diseases referred to as sinusitis. It includes all diseases associated with inflammation of the sinuses, including the frontal (Front), a trellised labyrinth (ethmoiditis), wedge (sphenoiditis) and, in fact, the maxillary (sinusitis). We add that the people most likely to suffer are sinusitis because the other sinusitis falls into the category of serious illnesses and quite rare.

Causes of sinusitis : - The reason for sinusitis - from entering the body a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria or viruses. If there are problems with the structure of the nasopharynx (congenital or acquired), resulting in a fluid normally does not depart from the maxillary sinus into the nose, it can cause illness.

The process of developing the next sinusitis. Allocation can not get into the nasal cavity and stagnate in the maxillary sinus. As a result - they are becoming a good environment for the life and reproduction of microbes.
An important role in the disease, in particular sinusitis and sinusitis in general is given immunity. By reducing the work of the containment body bacteria and viruses easier fall into the maxillary sinus, causing inflammation.

Symptoms of sinusitis : - Before we talk about the symptoms of sinusitis, it is necessary to distinguish two types of the disease.

Types of sinusitis :-  There are two types of sinusitis - acute and chronic. We will tell you more about them.

The main symptoms of acute sinusitis - a severe headache, profuse nasal discharge and a feeling of pressure inside. Patients also complain of weakness and a broken state. There is a rise in body temperature.

Chronic sinusitis is a consequence of not dolechennoy acute illness. His feature - stuffy nose, chronic headache is not marked,it is periodic. You can also add that in chronic sinus infection is present in the body of the heart so that even a slight hypothermia or any other attack on the immunity leads to the common cold. Chronic sinusitis often form the cause of polyps, the removal of which is possible only by operation. A common consequence of chronic sinusitis - loss of the ability to sense smells.

Sometimes the presence of chronic sinusitis may indicate a pain in the face and head.

Treating sinusitis medications of classical medicine

There are two types of sinusitis treatment in classical medicine. This is a general and local treatment.

Local treatment of sinusitis :- This approach is based on the disposal of disease symptoms. Apply drops and sprays, which have antimicrobial and anti-edematous effect. Also, in the course are nasal lavage. It is clear that local treatment is not able to cope with the cause of sinusitis, and is therefore not effective.

General treatment of sinusitis : - In this approach to the treatment of decongestants added allergy and antibiotics. As you know, they carry a lot of side effects. Among the common treatments can cause a puncture of the maxillary sinus, known to many people suffering from sinusitis. Refer to LORu accounted more than once a year, because this measure - temporary, which does not allow to kill on a root cause of the disease.

So to summarize. Whatever the treatment of sinusitis in traditional medicine, whether general or local, it can not get rid of the causes more and more aggravation. Therefore, more and more people resort to homeopathy, which allows to eradicate the causes of the disease. Among them are low and the immune system, and the problem with the outflow of mucus from the sinuses, and the general condition of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, and more.

Treating sinusitis homeopathic drugs :- Starting a conversation about the treatment of sinusitis methods of homeopathy, I would like to add at once that are mainly used in the general procedures to get rid of sinusitis. It all depends on what the symptomatic picture.

For example, a homeopathic remedy like Belladonna in the third decimal, the third and sixth dilution, apply in the case of acute sinusitis, when the patient complains of a throbbing pain and fever. Marked redness of the face and dilated pupils. Despite the perspiration, the patient just wrapped up, and not disclosed. frequent reception of funds assigned in the most serious cases.

If sinusitis is long, that is, simply put, passed in the chronic stage, it appointed Mercurius Solubilis, Silicea, Kali bichromicum, Iodatum bichromicum or, depending on the patient's constitutional type.

So-called vermilion or red mercuric sulfide used in pain and pressure in the base of the nose. The drug is prescribed in the sixth, twelfth and thirtieth dilution.

When allocating the sinus viscous and contain blood and mouth marked bitter taste, it is prescribed in the third decimal Hydrastis, third and sixth dilution. Also, the need for acceptance of homeopathic medicine indicate constipation and fatigue.

Hepar Sulphur or sulfuric liver - very popular and effective homeopathic agent used in the sinus. If there are abundant purulent discharge and pain when touching the sinuses, then this drug will be useful. Use it in the sixth, twelfth and thirtieth dilution.

Finally, there is a drug that is prescribed in the case of neurological syndrome occurring after sinusitis. It Mezereum or wolf berry. The need for receiving indicate increased pain from cold reduction and, in contrast, in the heat. Used homeopathic remedy this in the third decimal, third and sixth dilution.

According to statistics, a month receive homeopathic medicine for more than half of patients report significant improvement, and even after a while, there comes a full recovery. The most important thing is that the disease does not come back again, so how do you deal with the causes of sinusitis.