Antimonium Tartaricum - Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

It is also known as: Antimonium Tart, Antimony Potassium Tartrate, Tartar Emetic.  It was generally used as an emetic, which is a compound used to induce vomiting. This homeopathic remedy derived from substances that are on sale (tartar emetic), but clean tartaricum can not be purchased. Tartar emetic contains impurities of copper, iron and antimony sulfide. For homeopathic purposes, it is subjected to special treatment.

A brief description of
  • Name: Antimonium tartaricum 
  • Family: Absent 
  • granules: C3, C6 and higher 
  • Drops: D3, C3, C6 and higher 
  • Chemical symbol: K(SbO)C4H4O6. 1/2H2O 
  • Kali stibyltartaricum 
  • Synonyms: Antimonii et potassii tartras, Tartrate of antimony and potassium, Tartar Emetic 
  • French: Tartrate d' antimone et de potassee 
  • German: Brechweinstein
For the preparation of the first three divisions used rubbing. Antimonium tartaricum tests are described in detail in the work Helya "New Pharmacology".

The main influence Antimonium tartaricum directed to the vagus nerve. Mandatory sign - vomiting, which gave the name of the substance. In addition, there is a rash resembling ecthyma or smallpox.

Bright signs of poisoning Antimonium tartaricum - haggard face, sunken eyes with blue circles, the expansion of the nostrils, blue lips and sweating. The face becomes sallow hue. In general, it can be noted that Antimonium tartaricum suspends oxidative processes in tissues.
Antimonium tartaricum - appropriate homeopathic remedy for congestion in the bronchi and lungs, which were caused by paralysis of the vagus nerve. In general, the drug is prescribed, whenever the cause of the disease state - accumulation of mucus in the small pulmonary bronchial ramifications.

Further, Homeopathy Antimonium tartaricum recommended in passive congestion of the brain, which can be found at the following symptomatic picture: the patient complaints of drowsiness, even in the morning, and it seems as if wearing a bandage on his forehead.

Nash noted that Antimonium tartaricum can be administered in cholera.

In homeopathy, the drug used in smallpox and whooping cough, which caused even the smallest dose of food. Cough Antimonium tartaricum accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Particular constitutional type Antimonium tartaricum does not exist, but it is possible to note the main features of patients that this tool is recommended. The first and most striking feature - this accumulation of mucus in the airways and wheezing, coupled with the complexity or even impossibility of expectoration.

Antimonium tartaricum patient suffers constant nausea, accompanied by weakness and sadness. If vomiting hurts suffocation and fear of death. Typical signs - drowsiness during the day. Finally, patients with this type of love acidic drinks and food, despite the fact that they impair their health.

Side Effects:- It is not safe for pregnant, breast feeding or for child below 10 years to use Antimonium tartaricum without doctor’s consent. If pain is persistent, seek medical care immediately.

Doses application :- As for dilution, then in the course are small doses - from the first to the third centesimal dilution. In some cases, useful is the first decimal dilution, but then the drug should be given with caution and carefully monitored at the same time the reaction of the organism to a homeopathic remedy.