Angina - Symptoms & Homeopathic Remedies

Angina (Chest Pain) Symptoms and Homeopathic Remedies:- Angina is an infectious disease that affects mainly palatine tonsils. In severe cases, inflammation also captures another tonsil, and besides - paranormal sinuses. The source of infection can perform the following reasons: purulent nasal disease, adenoids, sinusitis, dental caries and so on.

Symptoms of tonsillitis :- Most people at least once in his life faced with a sore throat. Among its symptoms isolated headache, weakened condition, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and under the jaw, fever, and, of course, a sore throat. The main symptom of the disease - swelling of the tonsils and arches. The naked eye can see blisters filled with pus.

In the case of lacunar angina symptoms in addition to the above, there is also a yellow-white film, collected at the mouths of the gaps. Sometimes he covers all the tonsils. Among the pathogens of a sore throat can distinguish infections such as staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Complications of tonsillitis: - No wonder they say that is not so terrible sore throat as its complications. If you were able to cure the disease without consequences, we can assume that you are lucky. Often angina passes with time in the throat abscess and even meningitis. Toxic shock is also one of the most dangerous complications of the disease. Finally, angina develops in sepsis, in other words, blood poisoning.

Among the late complications of the disease more isolated rheumatism and inflammation of the kidneys, which leads to disruption of their work.

Treatment of angina with classical medicine: - Traditional medicine adheres to the treatment of angina antibiotics. Doctors believe that only rinsing alone is not able to completely rid the patient of the disease. As a drug treatment used sulfa drugs, which are taken by mouth, as well as aerosols with antibiotics. When angina becomes severe, antibiotics are prescribed inside or intravenously. In parallel with drug treatment measures have been taken with antibiotics to eliminate the main symptoms of sore throat - and high temperature. In addition, it is very important diet and vitamins to the body to recover from illness and chemicals.
Angina mode, which is necessary to observe the patient : - Note that the classic doctors and homeopaths are unanimous about the regime in angina. All the doctors are confident that the patient must comply with bed rest, especially when there is a weakness and attacks severely sore throat. It is worth recalling that the angina - an infectious disease, so patients should be a separate dishes, the room where it is located, should be periodically ventilate.

Dining with angina - it's basically a liquid or semi-liquid food. Sore throat does not allow to take solid food. Abundant warm drink is very important, as it not only cleanses the body of toxins, but also warms the throat, contributing to the overall speedy recovery.

These procedures apply to both homeopathy and conventional medicine. Last, it must be said, causing irreparable damage to the body, as after antibiotic man takes a long recovery. Homeopathic medicines have contraindications and side effects, unlike chemicals.

Homeopathic Remedies for angina:- Preparations for the treatment of angina

To begin, let's talk about common drugs used in homeopathy for the treatment of angina. Specific medicine prescribed depending on what symptoms accompany the disease. For example, in the case of fever and chills well to Aconite in the third decimal and the third dilution. When sweat appears, you can switch Bryonia , Belladonna , Ipecac and Apis .

If you take, say, Bryonia in the third decimal dilution and third, it is impossible not to remember the patients with dry, tickling cough, which overtakes them with angina. And when the inflammation has passed on the small bronchi, causing whooping cough, the time comes to take on ipecac in the third decimal and the third dilution. Finally, in the third dilution of Belladonna is very good for dry barking cough, worsens at night and is accompanied by sneezing and pain during swallowing.

In essence, you can prescribe homeopathic drugs described above at the same time to take when one or another symptom makes itself felt.

It is worth adding that in angina good homeopathic remedies in the complex. Assume often used Apis alternation in the third dilution Mercurius solubilis in the sixth and the third Belladonna. Also well to combination Merkurius solubilis sixth dilution and Hepar Sulfur in the sixth dilution (in the case of chronic tonsillitis). The main thing - to make preparations in turn.

Preparations for the treatment of acute respiratory disease in general, and in particular angina

For the treatment of angina are well suited some homeopathic drugs used for acute respiratory illnesses. For example, in the case of dry tickling cough can begin reception Ammonium carbonicum in the third and sixth dilution. If sputum difficult moves and fills the bronchial tubes, the suit Antimonium tartaricum in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution.

When a patient complains of cough at night, just to be indispensable Hyosciamus in the third decimal, the third and sixth dilution. And if a barking cough, suitable Spong in the third and sixth dilution.

Runny nose tightened, and the allocation of thick and yellow? Then it is necessary to appoint Hydrastis in the third and sixth decimal dilutions. Homeopathic remedy Kalium Iodatum in the third and sixth dilution help when accompanied by a runny nose, watery discharge and headache in the forehead.

In the case of edema of the bronchial mucosa and larynx, otherwise referred to as false croup Apis recommended in the third and sixth dilution. When bronchitis and rhinitis are tightened, then discharged Kalium bichromicum in the third dilution.

Laryngotracheitis cures Yodum in the third decimal dilution and third, and from subfebrile help Sulfur in the sixth and twelfth, and Hepar Sulfur in the sixth and the twelfth dilution.

In general, the specific homeopathic remedies are prescribed depending on the constitutional type, to which the patient belongs. Only in this way the treatment will be effective and efficient.