Angina Heel - Symptoms, Side Effects, Application compatibility, antidotes

Angina Hel is a homeopathic remedy natural origin, directed to the treatment of tonsillitis or a sore throat that often develops because of exposure to pathogenic organisms tonsils.

The inflammation of tonsils (tonsils) process removed the influence of the active components and swelling in the area and there is an active intoxication. Thanks to this treatment prevent the development of complications. The remedy also has other names: Heel Angina, Angina Hel C, Angin-Hel.
A brief description :-
  • Name:angina Hel, angin Heel
  • raw materials: composite preparation
  • granules: Tablets
Instructions for Angina Hel notes that the active ingredients are able to deal with a number of ailments that affect not only the area of otolaryngology:
  • means removes intoxication caused by an infection in the tissues of the throat and nasopharynx;
  • ENT diseases of chronic type - rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis.
  • removes the effects of angina autoimmune;
  • It is used in the treatment of diphtheria;
  • eliminates non-specific inflammation of several organs, joints affected by the manifestation of infection.
Use of the remedy Angina Hel justified and as a prophylactic agent. It is able to prevent the worsening of tonsillitis (meaning a chronic course of the disease).
Actives promote active remedy treatment followed by elimination of purulent type plugs lead to the normal function of the glands, removing tissue edema. Reduced hypertrophy of lymphoid tissue category. It affects the remedy and other organs of the ENT, removing inflammation in them.

Homeopathic medicine Angin Hel used as a primary means to combat a sore throat, but it can also be a support in the classical antibiotic therapy. At the same time, the remedy  does not affect the absorption of other substances. Because it is compatible with other remedies evaluated by many doctors.

The composition and action :- Angin-Heel has a healing effect due to its natural, but effective composition. But its effect is mediated. In fact, the body is stimulated components Angin Hel tablets to fight infection. Thus the immune system starts to work more actively, allocating necessary to combat pathogens and immune cells necessary substances. The tool includes the following components:
  • vegetable: belladonna, American pokeweed, nightshade, mountain arnica;
  • Animals: honeybee, liver sulfuric calcium;
  • Minerals: mercury;
Subsidiary:- This remedy helps to activate the body's defenses, causing the tonsils come to normal. Indirect effects also allow you to have an anti-inflammatory, detoxification and antiseptic effect. The drug can largely reduce a sore throat, to increase drainage of excess fluid in tonsillar tissue and improve the patient's condition as a whole. According to the instructions, pills can reduce pain for 1-2 days.

Mode of application : Taking the remedy orally by resorption. One tablet dissolves in the mouth to the point until completely dissolved. Another option - to hold it under the tongue. Given a large number of blood vessels and tissues ability to absorb substances, resorption tablets allows remedy substances immediately flow into the fabric and to provide the best effect. Doctors believe this approach to the use of the remedy against tonsillitis most optimal.

The frequency of application is determined in the first place, and condition of the patient depends on the severity of manifestation of symptoms.

The best option application tablets Angin Hel - three times a day. In this case, the use of perhaps 15 minutes before or an hour after meals. Duration of treatment is usually limited to one to three weeks.

When the main symptoms disappear, it is necessary to continue to take the remedy for about 5 days to 2 tablets. This will allow residual detoxification and prevent the development of possible complications, which usually affect the kidneys, heart, liver, blood vessels, and the most common - the joints.

Doctors usually recommend using the remedy only as an aid and basic treatment with antibiotics, so as tonsillitis caused most often by bacteria or viruses, which can not cope any medication. Active and quick treatment will reduce the risk of transition to the chronic form of the disease.

Doctors also recommend taking in the early development of the disease pills for the special scheme. The first couple of hours of taking means every quarter of an hour. Moreover, eating this type of therapy should not be affected. After this shock treatment, the patient should go to the usual method of remedy treatment.

Contraindications :- It is not necessary to give medication to children under one year.

Children 1-6 years of age take one tablet in the shabby and dissolved in water. Angina Hel must dissolve in 4 spoons boiled water.

are two spoonfuls of medicine 4-6 for children 1-3 years - 3 tablespoons. The preparation which is prepared for children on an aqueous basis, stored for about a day, provided to protect it from light.

One can not take the remedy in the presence of allergic reactions to the remedy elements. The rest of the facility remains safe because of its natural composition, exerting a beneficial effect on the body.

Pregnant and nursing mothers use the remedy according to instructions do not prohibit, while indicating that the proper studies on this subject have not been performed. Keep in mind that consultation with a doctor that does not change.
Among the side effects are mainly allocated
  • excessive salivation;
  • rash;
  • itching.
Important! The side effects should cause you to reduce the dose, and if a few days later symptoms are not gone - it is necessary to completely abandon the remedy.