Ammonium Carbonicum - Benefits, Uses, Symptoms

Ammonium Carbonicum - is a homeopathic remedy, which acts as the basis for the chemical ammonium carbonate or ammonia. Compounds of formula - 2((NH4) 2 CO3) CO2. In homeopathy, the remedy was administered the father of homeopathic medical science - Hahnemann.

A brief description:
  • Name: Ammonium carbonicum
  • raw materials: A mixture of ammonium carbonate and 2((NH4) 2 CO3) CO2
  • Family: Absent
  • granules: C6 and higher
  • Drops: D3, C3, C6 and higher
Used for medicinal purposes in grindings with milk sugar, as well as in breeding.
As Ammonium Carbonicum acts on the body of the patient
Ammonium Carbonicum action based on breach of the respiratory processes of cells and tissues. Ammonium carbonate also knocks during oxidative processes, resulting in a buildup of carbon dioxide and ammonia. Hardest Ammonium Carbonicum affects the respiratory system, heart, and skin.

Further, ammonia affects the blood and the nervous system, becoming the cause of bleeding of the gums and nose and tooth loss and weight loss. Finally, ammonium carbonate causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal system and shortness of breath and strengthens the heartbeat.
When it advised taking Ammonium Carbonicum
Ammonium Carbonicum homeopathic remedy for headaches, combined with general weakness and drowsiness. It cures diseases of the respiratory system, including the adenoids, tonsillitis, laryngotracheitis, congestive pneumonia, emphysema, and asthma. Also, it helps with myocardial dystrophy, gastritis, and eczema (if the rash is localized to the extremities folds on the thighs and around the anus, it is necessary to appoint Ammonium Carbonicum).

Ammonium carbonate - an excellent homeopathic remedy for gout with pain in the joints, heel and bone, endometrium and cystitis (recommended if frequent urination, but small). Finally, Ammonium Carbonicum well helps with pyelonephritis, in the case where detected in the urine and blood of sand.
Who designed Ammonium Carbonicum
Constitutional type Ammonium Carbonicum - weak and easily tired people. Their appearance may be very different, for example, there are both complete and thin patients. Physical activity is poorly tolerated, the heart is weak. They complain of pain in the bones and joints. Also for patients such as Ammonium Carbonicum characters skin diseases and respiratory diseases. Typical signs - worsening of any symptoms during supercooling and cold-related diseases.

A characteristic feature of the constitutional type of patients - nosebleeds in the morning. Patients love the sweet. In women, menstruation early and abundant, accompanied by a headache and diarrhea.

  • Relationship: Inimical to Lachesis. Similar in action.
  • Antidotes: Arnica; Camphor.
  • Compare: Rhus; Muriatic acid; Tartar emet.
Doses application Ammonium Carbonicum
Generally, Ammonium Carbonicum in homeopathy is used in a dilution of 3 and 6, all depends on the symptomatic picture. For example, in the case of lactic acid diathesis preparation used 3 and 3 dilution as emphysema and chronic bronchitis assigned 6 dilutions.