Ambrosia - Benefits, Uses, Symptoms, Antidotes, Composition

Ambrosia Artemisiae Folia : It is known as Ragweed and is a combined homeopathic preparation which is effectively used in the treatment of allergic diseases, especially in the fight against the phenomena pollinosis (seasonal allergic problem). It is actually a remedy for lachrymation, hay-fever  and intolerable itching of the eye-lids.

A brief description:-
  • Name: Ambrosia
  • raw materials: composite preparation
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • granules: granules
Composition :- Ambrosia combines a number of medicinal properties due to the influence of exclusively natural components:

Allium flail (Allium cepa) are prepared from onions. As a component used in homeopathic dilution means C3. It helps to reduce corrosive watery nasal discharge, lacrimation, reduces the severity of edema, mucosal inflammation, including redness of the conjunctiva of the eye.

Artemisia folia Ambrosia (Ambrosia artemisia folia) C6 helps eliminate swelling phenomena, burning sensations in the eyes and nose, prevents excessive release of tears, and nasal mucus. Reduces symptoms of irritable coughing and choking, preventing the secretion of thick mucus of allergic nature. It has light spasmolytic and anti-edema properties relative to the respiratory tract and intestines.

Apis Mellifica , or bee venom are used in dilutions C6. It is this form helps eliminate edema phenomena with severe pain and itching. Prevents buildup upper airway edema, and occurrence of choking. Bee venom, despite its high biological activity, especially effective for the treatment of children, adolescents and women due sparing influence on the structure of the brain. This allows you to activate and mobilize all the mechanisms, improve immunity.

Nux vomica (Nux vomica) C12 - has a mumulti-directionalctivity spectrum: possesses anti-edema, anti-inflammatory properties, toxins, stabilizes the cell membranes and reduces hyperactivity of the immune system, reducing allergy phenomena. In acute allergic rhinitis reduces mucus secretion, nasal breathing and restores the ability to sense odors. The nervous system acts as a mild tranquilizer: it reduces anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder eliminates, causeless melancholy (crying), depressive and hypochondriac mood.

Sabadilla (Sabadilla officinale) . In cultivation C6 is used as a component for the relief of lacrimation and copious liquids nasal discharge, thick mucus of upper and middle respiratory tract. Reduces swelling, facilitates breathing allergies, improves blood flow in the vessels of the head.

Sulfur (Sulphur) C12 particular impact takes place on the mucous membranes, including and upper respiratory tract, stabilizes the nervous and hormonal regulation of all processes in the body, restores normal sensitivity.

Eufraziya (Euphrasia officinalis) is used as an extract of whole plants in cultivation C6 to effectively eliminate redness, burning and feeling of "sand in the eyes." Also reduces the symptoms of push-irritable cough with retching.

Interesting. All of the above ingredients in something similar in its effect. Individually, each one characterized by a specific constitutional type. But their combination makes the drug a universal tool in the homeopathic Ambrosia.
Mode of application :- For the base, use during flowering ragweed or when it is impossible to eliminate contact with aeroallergens, homeopathic remedy Ambrosia applied 5-8 granules thrice daily 30 min before the application of food.

During exacerbation of allergic phenomena catarrhal Ambrosia applied in single doses recommended, but at 15-minute interval between doses for 2 hours. Next, reception is conducted according to the basic scheme.

Indications :- Ambrosia homeopathic agent indicated for the treatment of allergic diseases caused mainly inhaled allergens, including ragweed pollen for the purpose to stop or prevent conditions of allergic problem, laryngitis, conjunctivitis with lacrimation abundant nasal secretions, cough (pollinosis, "hayfever"). Shown to stabilize the immune system, reduction of hyperreactivity immunological response.

Ambrosia is used as a tonic and mild sedative.

Special instructions :- The remedy is well tolerated, but for children and malnourished patients a, single dose should be reduced to 2-5 pellets.

Reception during pregnancy and lactation is not contraindicated.

Ambrosia is suitable for the treatment of children 3 years old due to a specific form of a homeopathic remedy the issue.

Contraindications :- Ambrosia remedy contraindicated in patients with an allergic reaction or presence of individual intolerance to one or more components, the homeopathic remedy.

Store homeopathic medicine need Ambrosia at room temperature in a dark, dry place for 3 years.
After opening the bottle to use for a month.