Ambra Grisea - Benefits, Uses, Symptoms, Antidotes

Ambra Grisea - a substance which is formed in the intestines of the sperm whale. Being under the influence of sunlight, air, and sea water, it becomes a solid, changes its color from black to ash gray. And changes its smell, it becomes soft and pleasant. The search for amber pieces are held on the shores of the eastern countries, as well as in other places, washed by tropical seas. The chemical composition of Ambra grisea is still not fully understood. However, it found that the substance contains alkaloid and acid components, the fatty substrate ambrein.

A brief description:-
  • Name: ambergris grizea, ambra grisea
  • raw materials: Sperm (sperm whale intestinal discharge, a long time stays in sea water), Physeter macrocephalus L.
  • Family: Kashalotovye, Physeteridae
  • granules: C3, C6 and higher
  • Drops:D3, C3, C6 and higher
In homeopathy, the substance has been introduced by Dr. Hahnemann, after which for a long time were studied by F. Gersdorff. It has a pronounced effect on the nervous system, causing increased susceptibility to physical and mental planes. Effectively suppresses fatigue, cough, itching, dizziness, a feeling of depression, numbness.
It is interesting! Ambergris grisea high value is different. Mainly used as a basis for making a variety of products the perfume industry.
The type and the patient's psyche :- Ambra grisea is assigned a nervous, excitable children, thin women with increased emotional excitability and bilious character. Outwardly, these patients look withered, they have a lot of wrinkles, they are characterized by constant fatigue and exhaustion. Children such as Ambergris grisea look like old men. Have a quick speech and unsteady gait.
Therapeutic efficacy of the drug is more pronounced in patients with the following features of mental states:
  • the shyness that manifests itself shudder, as well as a slight reddening of the skin and the fence itself from strangers;
  • sudden change vigor depressive state close to despair;
  • the tendency of focusing on unpleasant things, which is why it is often dizziness;
  • increased nervousness, which manifests tremor and frequent disorders;
  • hypersensitivity towards the smells and sounds;
  • excessive restraint in the presence of others, as well as the impossibility of their presence;
  • Reduced activity of the mind, when after reading did not catch on;
  • weakness, confusion, feeling of persecution;
  • fearfulness, alternating with a shiver, sentimentality, which manifests itself in weeping under the influence of sad music;
  • constantly present dreams of solitude.
Effects on body :- The greatest therapeutic effect Ambra grisea exerts on the nervous and endocrine systems, as well as functional disorders of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract. It is often marked cough, dizziness, itching and foreign body sensation in the esophagus.
Indications for use and symptoms
Indications for use of the described formulation are:
  • Hysterical state. Characterized by twitching resembling a nervous tic, memory disorders and sleep quality.
  • Neurasthenia.
  • The lack of sleep caused by experiences on the emotional background, different concerns, against which starts dizziness and dullness of mind.
  • Bronchial asthma. Accompanied by characteristic seizures provoked strong emotions, anxieties. Simultaneously with the attack, currently give to know coughing, belching, the sensation of constriction of the chest, a lump in the breastbone, a feeling which is enhanced during a call. Expectoration is not conducive to alleviate the condition.
  • A whooping cough. Which is a characteristic manifestation of a spasmodic cough resembling attack? A cough is accompanied by regurgitation air and hoarseness, amplifying the conversation or reading aloud. Sometimes itching can occur. Suffice it to a specific attribute, when there is a cough, sputum is the absence in the evening hours and its appearance with the advent of the morning.
  • History defeat of the salivary gland under the tongue. Characteristically profuse salivation fetid odor and itching of the oral cavity, sometimes - numbness.
  • Gastritis. There is a cold sensation in the stomach at the same time accompanied by belching.
Methods of Use :- In homeopathy grisea Ambergris is used in middle dilutions, the second and third, which may be repeated. Used in the form of tinctures.
It is interesting! Trituration - another method of use of the drug, which is a dry mixture of toxic and potent substances, which are produced by grinding in a mortar.
Interconnection and antidotes :-
Ambra Grisea well with:
  • Lycopodium (Lycopodium);
  • Pulsatilla (Pulsatilla);
  • Sepia (Sepia);
  • Sulfur (Sulphur).
As antidotes are:
  • Camphor (Camphora);
  • Coffee (Coffea);
  • Nux vomica (Nux vomica).
Not recommended for use in the treatment of alcoholic beverages and cold food.
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