Alumina - Benefits, Uses, Symptoms, Antidotes, Similarity

Alumina in homeopathy is used to treat constipation characteristic, a number of neuro psychiatric pathologies, dermatological problems. This medicine is for the elderly, children and young people with low vitality. Its action and the application described the founder of homeopathy Hahnemann in his "medical manual chronic diseases."

And aluminum - normal alumina. If you handle it gently, it can turn into a beautiful vessel. Rough techniques deform and break it. Man lives like, but like with closed eyes or with the feeling that looking at what is happening from the side. Do not they make decisions, how to be, how to behave with whom to live. All farmed out to other, more powerful people. As a result, Alumina forces quickly running out, there comes a premature aging.

A brief description :
  • Name : Alumina
  • raw materials: calcined alumina, Al2O3
  • granules: C3, C6, C12 and higher
  • Drops: D3, C3, C6 and higher
Alumina administered to patients who can be called the main characteristic of flaccidity. Patient movement slow as it (often it is caused by dryness in the throat), represented no life. He feels that the time is too slow and sluggish. At the head of it in a hurry, but even his eyes moved slowly. There is a dissonance between what he thinks and what's really going on. Characterized by a gradual, very slow growth pathology.

Patients have a set of chronic diseases, it is often associated with the eyes, catarrhal infections, intestinal lesions. In the evening, the patient feels better. At night, in bed tormented them itch. However, rashes or other skin lesions are not present.
Alumina patient in conversation, as in life, is involved like from the outside. He may even feel that he sometimes leaves his body. However, most patient types Alumina «looking his life as a movie" - slowly and indifferently. With a sharp mind, such a person is aware of the abnormality of what is happening, and it pursues the fear of going insane. He may think about suicide, but the attempts never take.

Alumina patient is capable of impulsive acts but fades as fast as light. The usual expression on his face - apathy, moodiness, sadness. Often cries without apparent reason, always feels a lump in her throat. Understands that the sick without hope of recovery. Always waiting for outside help. Emotionally completely dependent on loved ones. At any age is an immature child who is afraid of punishment. Pathologically need the approval of himself and his actions.
Note! Alumina patient is thin, but not slim, but "dried up." It has no life force. Never aluminum is not used in humans lush, full-blooded, energetic.
Effect of Alumina on the body :- Alumina produces dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, itching, muscle paralysis, mental disorientation. Lethargy smooth muscles of the intestine cause persistent constipation, dry stool, an urgency which are absent. For the discharge of even soft stool, the patient is forced to apply a disparate physical effort, it is all covered with sweat from the strain. It is significant that almost the same efforts are also needed to urinate.

Mucosal dryness expressed in catarrhal pathologies. It may be bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, chronic runny nose, dry cough. The patient experiences a sensation that food moves slowly through the esophagus, "stuck" in the throat. Retching absent. In women, weakness, profuse leucorrhoea after menses.

Alumina patient has so disqualified itself from that physiological processes in the body perceives it as if from outside. With this is connected the inability to walk with his eyes closed in the evening, in the dark. When the patient does not see the road, he falls.
Note! Alumina is typical for the diagonal action. It affects the upper left side of the body and the lower right side. movement of the body, as a rule, are not consistent.
Indications for use, the clinical picture :- Alumina in homeopathy prescribed to patients with chronic constipation, dry skin, and mucous membranes, with a tendency to muscular atony. In women, there are scant menstruation, men - release prostatic secretions. Constipation can accompany even very soft stools.

Characteristic symptoms associated with the eyes. It can be dry sand in the eyes of the evening, hyperopia, strabismus. Pathology eyes often caused by weakness of the eye muscles. In the evening possible fog, mist before his eyes, colored halos around lights.

In general, characterized by the following symptoms:
  • Eyes - dryness, burning in the evening.
  • Face - a sense of clinging cobwebs on his face taut.
  • Throat - a lump in the throat, scratchy, difficulty in swallowing.
  • Head - dizziness, pain, loss of balance in the dark, with eyes closed.
  • Digestive system - characterized by sluggish performance, weight in the stomach, bloating, constipation, dry or sticky stools, urges which are not available, the presence of itching in the anus.
  • Urinary system - difficulty urinating, involuntary leakage of urine when training (men added to the selection of the prostate, urethra itching).
  • Legs - atony, the heat in the feet, numbness, paralysis.
  • In women after menstruation sharp deterioration.
Note! The characteristic symptom of aluminum is potato intolerance. There is an aversion to normal food together with a perverse desire to eat coal.
Dosage :- Dilution from 6 to 30. Action is stretched in time. Used homeopathic pellets and drops.

Antidotes :- Hamomilla (Chamomilla), Ipecac (Ipecacuanha).
Similarity :- Secale cornutum (Secale), Plumbum (Plumbum), Latirus (Lathyrus).