Agri (AntiGrippin Homeopathic) - Symptoms, Side Effects, Application compatibility

Virus infection - one of the common diseases, which in the absence of timely treatment can threaten complications passing into chronic forms. The main place to secure the body's fight against viruses occupies complex homeopathic preparations. The action of substances in the composition of these drugs is aimed at restoring the body's defenses, elimination of infectious intoxication, withdrawal mucosal edema of the upper respiratory tract, tissue regeneration, promotion of health.

A brief description:-
  • Name: Antigrippin homeopathic
  • raw materials: composite preparation
  • granules: Granules, tablets
AntiGrippin homeopathic - a combined preparation, which comes in two types: adult and children. Prescribed for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the body, resulting from cold. As part of medicine - natural ingredients that do not give an allergic reaction and does not cause side effects.

Composition and pharmacological properties :- Agri AntiGrippin Homeopathy is used in the treatment and prevention of influenza and colds. The remedy is prescribed for adults, elderly people, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under three years. The medicine is available in tablets or pellets in the form of a suckable - two species with different compositions. Packaged in plastic blisters of 20 pieces. The medicine prescribed by the doctor depending on the symptoms and the patient type.
The composition AntiGrippin adult first type contains the following ingredients:
  • Monkshood (Aconitum) - is indicated for fever, chills, cough, pain radiating to the chest. It is taken in infectious organism intoxication, inflammation in the upper airways.
  • Ars (Arsenicum) - indicated for purulent inflammations tissue, pneumonia, pleurisy.
  • Rhus toxicodendron - assigned in inflammatory processes during the colds, dizziness, aching in joints and bones, boils.
In the second type of preparation contains:
  • Fitolyakka (Phytolacca) - take bronchitis, catarrhal headaches, sore throat.
  • Bryonia (Bryonia alba) - accept at pleurisy dry cough and a burning sensation in the chest.
  • Hepar Sulfur (Hepar sulfur) - is prescribed for suppurative skin abscesses, nasopharyngeal mucosa.
Agri Ingredients child AntiGrippin first type:
  • Belladonna (Belladonna) - is indicated for colds, chills, fever.
  • Aconite (Actonium) - is indicated for fever, chills, cough.
  • Albumin (Album) - indicated for purulent inflammations tissue, pneumonia, pleurisy.
  • Ferrum (Ferrum) - take bronchitis and acute inflammation of the nasopharynx.
Agri Ingredients child AntiGrippin second type:
  • Arnica (Arnika) - is indicated for loss of voice during a cold, weakness, dizziness, muscle aches.
  • Merkurius (Mercurius) - is assigned when depleted as a result of cold infections parotitis.
  • Monkshood (Aconitum) - is indicated for fever, chills, cough.
Indications :- AntiGrippintake to treat and prevent colds disease in patients of all age categories. The medicine has the ability to eliminate the symptoms of colds, infectious diseases, influenza, acute respiratory disease, SARS.
These include:
  • headaches, "tight whiskey";
  • general weakness;
  • bursting pain in joints and muscles, convulsions;
  • fever chills;
  • A runny nose;
  • swelling of the throat and nasopharynx;
  • a cough, wheezing, dyspnea;
  • "Husky" voice;
  • ocular purulent inflammation;
  • lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting.
The remedy is contraindicated to receive patients having an individual intolerance to the components included in the composition. Side-effects - none.
The remedy is assigned a doctor, depending on the age and condition of the patient:

Adults take granules of 5 pieces or 1 tablet three times a day for half an hour before a meal - at the first sign of the disease. During acute intoxication, and at an elevated temperature cure taken every half hour alternating first and second type. At the first sign of improvement, reduce the intake of up to three times. Take up to a full recovery. For the prevention of remedy taking 1 per day, in the morning, alternating between the first and second type.

Children older than 7 years of taking the remedy in the same way as adults. Children from 1 year to 7 years AntiGrippin drink three times a day, at the rate - 1 bead, 1-year life. In order to prevent the number of reception - 1 times per day.

Pregnant women and lactating women taking the remedy strictly on prescription. Depending on the timing of pregnancy, body condition and results of tests, the doctor prescribes the reception of up to 4 times in 7 of pellets per day. In order to prevent the required 1 levee.

Store in a dark, dry, cool, is not visible and reach of children.
It is interesting! In European countries, treatment of colds with homeopathy is more popular than in our country. For example, in Switzerland, Germany and the UK homeopathic treatment is included even in the health insurance program. According to statistics, every fourth doctor in the UK, prescribes to his patient's homeopathic medicines.