Agnus Castus - Benefits, Uses, Effects, Symptoms, Antidotes

Agnus castus - is the Latin name of the tree-like shrub, which is better known as Vitex sacred, chaste tree, or tree of chastity. Healing properties of Agnus castus recognized not only by homeopaths but also the official medicine. On this basis it developed a variety of products, effectively treating disorders of the reproductive (female) and genitourinary sphere (in men).

A brief description:-
  • Name: Agnus castus
  • raw materials : Chaste tree, Vitex agnus castus .
  • Family : Lamiaceae, Lami├íceae
  • granules : D3, C3, C6 and higher
  • Drops : D3, C3, C6 and higher
The official remedy does not always find the right method of treatment in such advanced cases. Patients themselves often come to Agnus castus in homeopathy.

Amenable to correction of pathology in health and behavior caused by sexual excess. A little plant, equal to him in the content of potent medicinal substances can be found in nature. In Vitex sacred healing effect have all the parts of plants: fruits, branches, leaves, bark (less frequently used).
For the treatment used alcohol tinctures and fruit extracts. The berries are harvested in September and October. For the full growth of the plant requires a lot of sun, heat, and water. Its habitat North Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the south of the European continent. Agnus castus is settled along the banks of irrigation ditches, rivers and lakes.

Fruits of plants dried at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. The structure includes a large collection of organic acids, more than 60% of essential oils, flavonoids and alkaloids group. Each of the ingredients is a valuable drug. In the complex - is an indispensable tool for the treatment of problems that affect the reproductive system and sexual organs:
  • scanty menses;
  • impotence;
  • the absence of milk in women;
  • Tearing itching of the genitals;
  • tearing of cracks in the anus;
  • uncontrolled discharge of gas.
This is not the whole list of problems that are able to solve the homeopathic treatment plant data.

It is interesting! Despite the opposition of traditional medicine and homeopathy, and she and the other party recognizes the effectiveness of the drug for the treatment of female reproductive system. 

The eponymous product - Agnus Castus homeopaths prescribe to men and women, which can be described as psycho "extinguished" hysterical. These are people in the last degree of exhaustion of the nervous energy. Their extinct view expresses the pain. Disorderly movements of hands, shifty pupils say that people forgot why he was there.

Falling to a level of vitality bring overreliance on a fun-filled leisure - it's sex, a lot of food, alcohol, nicotine, stimulants. The younger man, the longer it is kept in the kind of "recharging". While the body does not give up and finally comes full decline. Man thinks that vitality is left entirely. Pursues pain in different parts of the body, particularly the genitals.

Overall condition is characterized by an endless anxiety, unwillingness to live. However, there is a pronounced fear of death, the birth of her unavoidable proximity. Women after childbirth often suffer from the acute depressive syndrome. Often it affects lactation. Lack of milk in their most common complaint.

Effect of the Agnus Castus :- Since homeopathy has a treatment such like, that Agnus castus specifically inhibits the nervous system, bringing it to a complete collapse. Reduces libido. Although the first stage may be bursts of sexual desire, erection is not present or it is weak.

The remedy is a catalyst for the re-emergence of gonorrhea or gets rid of it.

Women enhance genital discharge, men - yellow discharge from the urethra, a feeling of weakness in the stomach, the expiration of prostatic secretions.

Joints become swollen, pursuing pain, especially in the knees, shoulders. Frequent ankle sprains with a sense of loss of control over the movement. Tearing pain in the hip joint. Limb movements are limited. There may be gouty nodes.

Indications for use, symptoms of the disease :- Agnus castus is indicated for the reduction of immunity with a pronounced "sexually suggestive". The drug is prescribed, if a man has the following symptoms:
  • the problems with erections;
  • joint pain;
  • fear of death;
  • impotence;
  • pain during bowel movements;
  • the absence of the chair, but the abdomen is soft;
  • prostatic secretions outflow at any training;
  • yellow discharge;
  • secondary gonorrhea;
  • pain or itching, tearing of the anus;
  • weak sense of desire;
  • anal fissures;
  • overcast during defecation;
  • pain in the lower jaw;
  • arbitrary carminative.
The list of women's issues and the symptoms are also great. It:
  • lack of milk;
  • frigidity;
  • scanty menses;
  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • a headache, itching of the eyes turning into;;
  • irregular bowel;
  • pain during movement of the joints;
  • secondary gonorrhea or just gonorrhea;
  • fear of death;
  • vague pain in different parts of the body.
A common indication for agnus castus preparation is the weakness of the nervous system. Especially that which is reflected on the genitals and reproductive abilities.

Acute pain of the joints, especially on the right side of the body. The tendency to sprains, tucking the foot.

In older men, impotence combined with the involuntary expiration of prostatic secretions. Very often this can happen during defecation, when weight lifting, when strained abdomen. Gradually, the discharge becomes habitual, and people stop paying attention to them, apart from a normal manifestation of aging.

Particularly noteworthy genital infections, such as gonorrhea, secondary and primary gonorrhea. Allocation accepts purulently. Pursues not passing itching, pain, especially after sexual manipulation.

People suffer the loss of orientation in time. Arise false scents, usually herring or musk. Abdominal discomfort - cold, shivering, weakness.

Agnus castus compatibility with other remedies:- The main antagonists for the drug are considered to alcohol and nicotine. These substances can act to enhance or distort so Agnus castus that may require urgent detoxification.

When the drug incompatibility with large doses of alcohol or nicotine occurs confusion, hallucinations, the desire to run, to escape.

In overdose antidotes :- The best antidote is mint. It's her property should be considered when taking the drug, as well as the choice of food and treats. For example, mints can significantly weaken the effect of the required homeopathic doses.