5 Home Remedies for Normalizing Blood Pressure Quickly

How to lower blood pressure immediately ? It is a common question. We all want to be healthy and without the aid of medication. How to adjust the pressure of the Galloping? Recipes of traditional medicine, which posted a portal about healthy lifestyles harbor health help deal with the problem of unstable blood pressure. They are all natural, and natural and suitable for people of all ages.

First recipe : - Must be mixed in a small enamel saucepan following ingredients: half a glass rubbed on a fine grater horseradish roots, a glass of fresh juice of beets and carrots, a cup of chopped fresh lemon (zest), and one cup of liquid honey. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients again, then let it brew agent in a warm place under the cover of at least four - six hours. Ready take medication at high pressure one teaspoonful three times a day.

Second recipe : - For the preparation of the next national funds need to mix one cup of chopped fresh lemon pulp with two full glasses of liquid honey and two cups of fresh berries Viburnum. Allow to brew for about two hours in the heat, covered and then pour it into a glass container for storage. Ready means for taking half teaspoon three - four times a day with cold purified water. This tool is used to increase pressure.
Third recipe :- To prepare include means for normalizing the blood pressure necessary to dissolve a large (dining) spoon liquid honey in a glass of mineral water, after which the resulting mixture was added to freshly squeezed lemon juice (to taste). The ready drink should be consumed on an empty stomach one approach. Duration of treatment - from ten to fifteen days. This remedy is good combats insomnia, nervous irritability, and hypertension.

Fourth recipe :- It is necessary to grind fresh cranberry berries with powder, prepared from sugar. Take a ready means for one - two teaspoons for an hour before meals three times a day. This mixture helps for mild hypertension.

Fifth recipe :- Mix these ingredients in a glass container: marsh cudweed - one hundred grams of honey - four full cups, half a liter of high-quality vodka and four cups of beet juice. Pour the mixture into the bottle and let it brew for at least ten days. Take a ready means for hypertension by teaspoonful fifteen minutes before eating.