Spermatorrhoea, Seminal discharge – 100% Curable Homeopathic Remedies

In this article I am going to discuss about most effective and curable homeopathic medicine for spermatorrhoea. We treated thousands of young peoples and got 100% successful result. Yes, some of them had some other problems and we needed to treat them along with it. Spermatorrhoea is mostly seen in the Indian subcontinent young people specially India, Bangladesh and Pakistan etc. But you will also see this disease all around the world. 

Generally the Spermatorrhoea or seminal discharge is seen in the young people especially teenage boys. Most of them are carrying some general symptoms which are listed below- 
  • Sperm discharge during urination 
  • Why is there sperm in my urine? 
  • Sperm drops after urine 
  • Sperm leakage after urine 
  • Milky discharge after urination in men 
  • Seminal discharge after bowel movement 
  • Discharge after urination male 
  • Clear discharge after urination male 
  • Sperm drops after urine treatment 
  • Sperm discharge during urination 
  • How to stop sperm leakage naturally 
Yes you can stop this problem naturally. Actually you need to take natural homeopathic remedies to get rid form this problem permanently. Don’t worry in this article I will give you most effective and working homeopathic remedy which will give your fruitful result. 

100% Curable Homeo Remedies for Seminal discharge:- Yes we got 100% result applying on our patients. If you do not have any other fatal disease related to it then you can try this. 
  1. Acid phos-Q 
  2. Conium-30,200 [30 or 200 take any of them] 
  3. Selenium-1m 
How to take:- You need to take these remedies in a regular way. Here are the rules of taking them properly. 
  • Take 15 drops of Acid phos–Q and mix with quarter cup of drinking water. Take twice a day. 
  • Take 3/4 drops of Conium-30 or 200 power and mix with quarter cup of drinking water. Take twice a day. 
  • Take 3/4 drops of Selenium-1m and mix with quarter cup of drinking water. Take twice a day. 
  • Give min 10 minutes interval between taking any remedies. 
  • Continue at least 3 months.
Side effects:- No side effects found in regular dosages. 
Food restrictions:- Please do not take any food which will make trouble in your stomach. 
Condition:- You need to take Pure Germany medicine. If Acid phos–Q is local that's not factor but others two must be Original Germany.

Keep in mind that if you have chronic dysentery or gastric problem you must treat them at first. You can take other remedies for chronic dysentery or gastric problem along with them. if you have other problem with Spermatorrhoea or Seminal discharge please do not hesitate to contact with your nearby homeopathic doctor. If you live in Bangladesh you can Contact Us any time.
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