How to Lower Blood Pressure (Hypertension) with Yoga exercises

The Hypertension is generally known as high blood pressure. It is a common disease at in modern days. It is unsafe and can lead to heart problems, as the heart is forced to work harder to pump the blood of our body. The Hypertension or high blood pressure can cause damage to our body. People who have this problem need to try to bring it down to normal range as soon as possible. This is often done with various processes. 

When you think of yoga relaxation, flexibility and maybe meditation come to your mind. The application of yoga as a system of healing rarely enters the Western peoples mind. Even though today's common reliance on Western medicine, yoga has been used for thousands of years for concerns like Hypertension a state the University of Maryland Medical Center calls "The Silent Killer".
Beneficial high blood pressure exercises:- Certain yoga poses are beneficial for Hypertension  problem, according to Yoga Journal. Well-known poses like downward facing dog and easy pose are helpful, but so are lesser known exercises like the big toe pose and seated forward bend:
Big toe pose:- Stand with your feet together. Then inhale through your nose. Exhale through the nose and bend forward at the waist, keeping the back in a straight line. Grab the big toes and smoothly pull down.

Seated forward bend:- You need to sit with legs in a straight line and pressed together. Breathe out through the nose and bend forward at the hips. Keep the back straight and reach for the toes.

Moreover, some website recommends camel pose and the knee squeeze as high blood pressure exercises:

Camel pose:- Kneel on the floor. Breathe out and curve the back, reaching back for the ankles. Tilt the head and look at the ceiling. Hips stay in line with the knees.

Knee squeeze:- lie down face up on the floor with the legs in a straight line. Breathe out and in, twist one knee and hold close it into the chest. Keep the other leg in a straight line. Switch legs.

Potentially dangerous yoga exercises:- According to Yoga Journal. Inverted poses are where the head is below the heart. So people with Hypertension or high blood pressure need to be cautious with inversion poses. This position increases pressure inside the blood vessels of the head and neck. However, starting with mild inversions and slowly rising the degree of inversion eventually may make stronger the blood vessels and could be helpful in the long run.

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