Hair Fall Solution - 100% Effective Homeopathic Remedy

In this article I am going to focus about most working Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss or Hair Fall and Baldness problem for both male and female. You might use various 100% guaranteed hair growth product but get zero result. Actually there are some reasons behind the fair fall problem.

Dandruff is most common of them. Genetic issue is also responsible for hair loss problem. If your problem is responsible for Genetic issue then any medicine will not work. Otherwise you can follow my instructions and I hope you will get a good result.

Some common reason of hair fall:- Here are some common reasons behind the hair fall problem.
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Genetic factors =>Homeopathy may not work fine
  • Skin diseases affecting the scalp 
  • Lack of nutrients or unbalanced diet 
  • Physical injury to head 
  • Chemotherapy and drug use to cure cancer, depression etc 
  • Curing of acute fever like typhoid etc =>Take only Lycopodium-200
  • Harsh environment. 
  • Emotional stress and strain 
  • Tight hairstyles or over hair styling with accessories and heat 
  • Auto-immune related hair loss
Remember homeopathy will not give your good result if any Genetic factors are responsible behind your problem. Otherwise you can fall our advice. Now I am going to share you our practical experience in our doctor life. You and your friend who have specific hair fall problem can use my formula. At first I will tell you about another issue – if your hair loss is responsible for any disease (Curing of acute fever like typhoid etc) then you need to take only Lycopodium-200 (view details). Otherwise use the following two remedies-
  1. Selenium-1M
  2. Acid Flour-1M
Your age should be above 18 to take 1M power. It is a proven and effective for both male and female. If you are less then 18 then take 200 power.
How to take:
  • Take 2/3 drops of Selenium-1M, mix with quarter cup of drinking water and take it. You should take it twice a day in empty stomach. Details about - Selenium >>
  • Take 2/3 drops of Acid Flour-1M, mix with quarter cup of drinking water and take it. You should take it twice a day in empty stomach.
You need to give minimum 10 minutes interval between taking two remedies. Continue this formula at least 4/5 month to get better result. 
We apply this formula thousands of male and female patients who have direct hair loss problem. If your hair is responsible for dandruff it will also work fine. 90% people report us about the 100% successful result. I hope it will also work fine for you if your problem is not any Genetic issue.

Notification:- Please do not hesitate to drop your result and review in the comment box after applying this formula. Best of luck.
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