Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Homeopathic Treatment

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is most common problem not only in the America but also all around the world. There are many homeopathic medicines to treat this problem. Generally an expert homeopathic doctor prescribes them according to the proper symptoms observing his patients. Here I am going to inform you about most common homeopathic remedies related this function.The following Homoeopathic medicines may prove beneficial Carbo veg, Argentum nit, Lycopodium, Cal.carb, China, Nat. phos, Robinia, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla etc.

China:- Most common homeopathic remedy for this function. The main symptoms of china are -
  • Vomiting of undigested food, 
  • Sour mucus, bile or blood
  • Tympanitic abdomen, with excessive flatulence 
  • Each food particle turns into gas.
  • Worse from eating fruits, fish, wine etc
  • Abdomen feel sore and tender, aggravation by slight touch and relieved by hard pressure and doubling up.
Argentum nit :- if you find the following symptoms then you can select this remedy-
  1. Suitable to person who have craving for sweets
  2. Painful swelling at epigastrium with a sense of lump in it
  3. Sense of being filled up to bursting ameliorated by copious eructations.
Robinia:- Most common remedy with Acidity symptoms.
  • Acidity with frontal headache
  • Acidity of children
  • Intensely acrid eructation with nausea
  • Plentiful vomiting of an intensely sour fluid
  • Acrid and greenish vomiting colic and flatulence, 
  • Nightly burning pain in stomach and constipation with urgent desire

Cal. Carb:- It is another fruitful homeopathic remedy. Here are its core symptoms-
  • Pressive spasm in stomach after eating with vomiting of ingests. 
  • Great weakness of digestion. 
  • Swelling and sensitiveness of pit on pressure
Carbo veg:- Most common homeopathic remedy for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Its core symptoms are -
  • Week digestion
  • Simple food disagree causing excessive flatulence
  • Abdomen is full to brusting point especially on the upper part
  • Aggravation from least food and relief from eructation and on passing flatus
Lycopodium:- Lycopodium has some specific symptoms. Take a look here.
  • Excessive accumulation of gas 
  • Gas especially in the lower abdomen 
  • Gas with loud grumbling and croaking rolling of flatus 
Nat. phos:- Another useful homeopathic remedy with the following symptoms-
  • Ailments with excess of acidity
  • Sour eructation and test
  • Sour vomiting
  • Yellow creamy coating at the back of the roof of the mouth and tongue
  • Flatulence with sour rising
Sulphuric acid:-
  • Ulcerative stomatitis
  • Ulcerative inflammation of mouth
  • Tongue red or bluish-red, coated with loss of appetite. 
  • Obstinate constipation.
Nux vomica:- The main symptoms of Nux vomica for this functions are -
  • Suitable to persons of high living
  • Acidity by taking coffee, tobacco, alcohol, quinine,
  • By taking highly spiced food
  • Irregular diet,
  • Overeating
  • Sexual excess
  • By long continued mental exertion
  • Having sedentary habits
  • From loss of sleep
  • Acidity with nausea
  • Vomiting
  • epigastric pain
  • Abdominal colic and diarrhea from eating rich and fatty food, fruits, ice cream tea
Remember the action of homeopathic medicine vary person to person. You need to visit any expert homeopathic doctor to select the proper medicine and power observing your symptoms.
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