Effective Home Remedies for Burns

You may experience small or minor burns at home, especially in the kitchen due to boiling water or oil. Minor or small burns are those that injure only the top layers of our skin, making the area painful and red. For any kinds of burn specially minor burn at home, quick usage of some home remedies will help you to treat burn instantly. Here are some of them-

Cold Water:- Cold Water is the first remedy to treat minor burn. Stop a burn from spreading by running cold water over the burn area of body for several minutes. You can also place a cold compress over the affected area of burns. 

Honey:- It is the most useful home remedy to treat burns. It has been shown to produce less scarring .Honey also covers the burns. Raw honey has magnificent antiseptic and healing properties.

Yogurt:- It is another pain reducer of burn. Yogurt makes a person feel better. But remember everybody should wait for minimum thirty minutes before apply this remedy.

Aloe vera:- Most useful and helpful home remedy to treat and soot burns. Fresh aloe vera quickly reduces the painful burns and often treats even serious burns with little or no scarring. You can apply directly the Aloe Vera gel on the burned place. Its rejuvenating and soothing properties will help cool the burned skin. 
Diluted vinegar:- It is the most common remedy to treat burns is diluted vinegar. Diluted vinegar is a  widely available and most useful household first-aid item for primary burns treatment. You need to cover the burn area of the body with a fresh cloth soaked in diluted vinegar. You should also change the vinegar compress as often as needed, especially if the burn pain becomes stronger again.

Banana peels:- If you place a banana peel on the burned area of the skin till it becomes black has proved useful for burn injuries of skin. It is also a helpful remedy to treat burn problem.

Diluted lavender oil:- It is remedy which help you to reduce your pain in the burn area of skin. A combination of vitamin C, Aloe Vera gel, vitamin E and lavender oil can work as a good salve that can be applied through the day.

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